Casey Hall
Remember those old books asking "what am I?"
I would love to be able to ask that question.
But why can't I?
I can not say I love you
I can not let it be true.
What am I for hating y-o-u?
The trees sway in the mid morning breeze As the sun soars over the trees.
As the little girl opens her eyes
Only to find a big surprise
Right through from morning until nite
The girl will always have a smile of delight 
For this is the day of age and been bright 
As it is her first birthday with more hugs than nights
Siobhan Stewart
Sitting in Sadness
When the weight of my burdens gets too heavy, 
I look to find someone to help me.
I find that person and it works for awhile. 
However in time, they decide not to walk 
Not to handle them another mile
I need help that I can not find, 
so I try to hide from my troubles.
As much as I try , they always find me 
and by then they have double or triple 
therefore I will never break free.
Throughout my words the pain is heard, 
even if nothing is said  the sound of this pain 
Has an everlasting effect and wakens the dead.
Once I find the end of my troubles, 
I should hopefully see My happiness and my gladness, 
find peace and live again 
But for now, I sit in my sadness


A cloud

A cloud that floats above my head,

The cloud is nor alive, nor dead.

What one can see but one cant touch,

There is nothing as such.


It's not the things you do, it's the things you left undone. You left my heart empty when you were my only one. You cured the nightmares that kept me from sleep. And filled the space that lied so deep. I knew how you felt though the words you never said. I guess that's where i made my mistake because everything about you turned out to be fake.

Ashley N. Slayden

You walked me home through the pouring rain You helped guide me through many types of pain You were always there through thick and thin No matter what you were my best friend

I cant believe that once I thought you were the cause of most my pains Now I know its just that I didn't want to take the blame.

Andrea Christine 
Life is Short,
life is good,
make sure you don't waste it on drugs
The Sound Of Silence
By Misty Lee
I hear your Whisper
I hear your call
I hear your heartbeat
But I hear nothing at all
All I hear is silence
No word at all
I wonder what's happening
And you won't even call
I lie awake
And wonder why?
All i hear is one little sigh.
I pray and pray
For just one call
But guess what?
I hear nothing at all.
where did i go wrong?
I stared at your eyes, once more,
i didn 't found the love,i saw before,
you promised to stay beside me,
whenever i 'll need you,
then where are you right now?,
when i really want you,
why are things never the same?,
where did i go wrong?
when i look back at our past,
i found not love,but screams of pain
which is still roaring in my ears
i 'm feeling empty inside,
from the thought of being alone
i want to know the reason
why did it had to end this way?
where did i go wrong?
all the time, i believed that,
you were the one i was looking for,
you were the one i could depend upon,
maybe, because i thought i loved you
you left with a huge hole in my heart
a hole which is never going to mend
why can 't you always be mine?,
where did i go wrong?
if we are not meant for each other,
then why did destiny drew us together
i used to be so close to you,
but now we are miles apart
our so-called love is fading away,
and there is nothing i can do
why are you not here to love me?,
where did i go wrong?
tell me why? 
just tell me, where did i go wrong?
By Rosalie H.
I feel as though, there is a cloud,
Loitering above me.
I feel worthless,
I feel empty,
I feel lonely.. and angry.
I feel like a nobody!
..Maybe because I am a nobody,
A worthless existence!
A person no one notices,
No one cares about.
A person who doesn't belong.
If only someone noticed
The hurt and pain I hold,
Maybe if someone asked me
I might open up, and be ok.
...But no one has.
So here I am..stuck with this black cloud Loitering above me!


The gentle foaming backwash,

The roaring angry breaker,

The power that the waves control,

Could not be any greater,

The size of the waves may be scary,

And the sizes will always vary.


Have you ever looked in the Mirror and seen the real you not the one that is dressed to show but the face sealed below the face that shows all the scars unseen the one that tells the tales on told A vision of you now do you remember the real you or has that face faded away like all things do but if that face faded away how do you know that the face you see is really you or does the real you become the one dressed to show so now i ask have you ever looked in the mirror and seen the real you 

By: tyler the wolf


My school
By: Altaf Hanif

My school name is bear creek but some of the children are very week it is a big school which have many rule I think some of them are mule and some of them are cool, the computer they have are dell but the children are like hell, with no brain cell when they rang the bell all you see is shells in the hall way the teacher has to be the preachers when the children are going to their lockers all they do is keeping noise like the are playing soccer’s the washroom smell bad it make people mad while some people are sad some go home and tell there dad


Kara Martin

Friendship is as pure as the brightest shining star,
It may seem to fade away at times,
But it's still there trying to stand out among the millions of others.


by Janet Denise Thurston
I pull up to the light
beside you
our eyes meet
our souls connect
respectfully we drive
to our destinations
but our hearts
start investigations
could he be the one
could she be the one
It is possible that
love has begun
should we stop and pull over
or brush our shoulders
from the doubt we feel
time heals and reveals
what is true
what do we do? 


Tangled emotions
Emily Schembri
I listen to music,
To love life.
I listen to music,
To understand life.
I listen to music,
To know what to feel.
I listen to music,
To know HOW to feel.


I have wished of flying as a bird above everything i have wished of achieving the greatest honour i have wished of surpassing the biggest possibility i have wished of making the deepest mark in this world but most of all i have wished of seeing you till the end of this path called life



The Storm
jessica K.
The thunder rolls in
The clouds grow dark and heavy
Large drops fall
Low rumble of thunder
Everything grows dark and cold
Cold as ice
The storm is coming
Just Another Man
Harley Kenna
My soul is abandoned
my mind is awash
my brain is decaying
and my heart turned black
Like an open book
with no one to read
like an extinct species
With no one to breed
I'm one of a kind
and all on my own
born of the night
and destined to die alone
The end is close
i'm overflowing with fear
but nobody cares
they wouldn't even shed a tear
Juggalo Dream: 
By Storcy
Am I alive or am i dead
is this all within my head
am i asleep or am i awake
is this just a big mistake
i see the prep fall with a thud
hes lying in a pool of blood
he has my hatchet in his heart
now hear the sirens start
but i have nowhere to run
so i have to grab my gun
pigs are rushing down the hall
one by one they start to fall
when my bullets hit their face
i must keep up my pace
now my nightmare is all done
i have slain every last one
i grab my hatchet from the body
tell me do you like my hobby
now im running down the hall
were i made the bodies fall
i quickly run out the door
i am in a deadly war
i try to find some faygo pop
but i see a fucking cop
i grab my hatchet and have fun
opps i've killed another one
the preps all at hollister
im gonna have a bonfire
i've blocked off all the doors
and drabed some stuff for smores
i lit the building on fire
and watched the flames go higher
now i've killed all the preps
but behind me somethign krept
the pig shot me right in the head
now i think im dead
moments later i awake
this was all a huge mistake
i wake up in a bright ass place
and i have a painted face
there are pads on the wall and floor
even on the fucking door
i guess maybe
i am crazy
but i still know
that im a juggalo
Josh Ochu
i feel sorrow and pain
i let the blood wash off me in the rain most people cant sustain the sorrow and pain but life revolves around the "insane" 
i just want to be the same
and my blood stay during the rain
i feel sorrow and pain
Life is it yours or mine?
Is it dead or alive?
Do you know your future or so you not,
Have you forgotten? 
Or have you thought?
 Did you think about yourself? 
Or about others?
Have you thought about living or death?
Have thought of a good path
Have thought about yourself or not?
Have you thought about what you’ve done?
Did you have fun?
I ought to ask myself those questions every night 
If or not he moon shines bright 
My life will continue Day and night 
In darkness or light 
Whatever happens I will ask Myself the question 
Is it dead or alive?
Is life yours or mine?
I'm a bird with no wings
I'm a bird with fear of height
I'm a bird with a death wish
I'm a bird that prays for laughter but it always ends in tears
I'm the bird that ask for family but they always dye
I'm the bird that loves but never loved
I'm a bird with a broken spirit
I'm a bird with an expose soul
I'm a bird that will never move
I'm a bird with a broken wings




Sadness is waking up every morning mad that you didn't pass in your sleep.
Sadness is that fear that someone can see thru your fake smiles and laughs.
Sadness is being envious when you see sincere happiness.
Sadness is when your feeling guilt that never seems to go away.
Sadness is feeling like you'll never amount to anything.
Sadness is escapable thru Jesus.

Danielle Blackstock

The world awaits us, as we are shown on stage, to perform our deeds. 
And as we slip into the unknowing of the abyss, we slowly disintegrate. 
As we bare our skin to reveal the soul, the mirror appears.
We try not to look, as we stand naked between the edges of swords. 
The swords slash hard, we cannot even stand. 
But just as the eye catches the vein of life, the blood starts flowing. 
With a sheer might, the hand reaches out to the pool and pulls hard. 
The devil emerges with two faces and spoke in two tones. 
They said the same thing, “Deep in the abyss lies you, the time has come.”
The ground turns into glass, the darkness swallowing the surrounding. 
The devil turns his face, and the mirror emerges, and the hideous shows.
Silence consumed the last light, closing the gap between the lines. 
We reach into the darkness while the swords slice into the flesh.
The quietness deafened the shouts and screams, as we slowly tear into pieces. 
Blood turns into water, and the droplets explode into the air.
“May the last of you walk over the river of suffering…”
- Freeman H
Cheyenne DeLeiuen
Do you realize how much I cared for you, 
I really did, now I cut myself, to see the blood, 
to feel the pain, to express the anger, the only way i can.
You don't care for me,
you never did,
as long as you care for yourself,
who cares about anyone else.
I feel like shit,
you still don't care,
you made me feel my best,
you made me feel invincible.
I feel as if I shouldn't even bother,
to be me,
to be here,
because you still don't care.
I thought I loved you,
I surely was wrong,
I wished I never loved you,
you just keep breaking my heart...
I am the emptiness within you
I am the voices in your head
I am the air you breath
I am the monster underneath your bed
I am the sickness that you've dreaded
I am weakness
I am strength
I am the blood within your veins
I am the root of all your pain
I am hope and I am disappointment
kneeling at your door
Cant you feel me underneath your skin?
I am anger
I am joy
I am danger
I am safety
I am good
and I am evil
Rachel H. 
Where has everyone gone?
All I can hear is the lonely birds song.
Not even the sound of the calm breeze,
No laughter, talk, giggle or sneeze.
No whisper, nor shout,
There’s  no-one about.
No adult or child,
No noise from the wild.
There’s no-one around, what is going on?
Only the sound of the lonely birds song.
It’s quiet and calm,
Not a soul to be harmed.
No creature big or small,
In insect or animal.
Its getting late and still no-one to be seen, It seems everyone has come and been.
There is no noise of right or wrong,
Just the sound of the lonely birds song.
A new day dawning, prayers for a hopeful light, Yet nothing remains but fear 
and hopeless fright I wish I could explain the feelings held within, 
yet the only words I know translate into sin, 
No matter where I go nor the troubles that have become my strife 
will I ever be able to clearly state what guides me through this life.
Yet hold on too: I may, I will, I might.
That the dreams I hold dear will come true this blissful night.
Looking for someone
who looks at you,
But you are lost
wasting your time
staring at yourself
in the mirror.
Waiting to share a meal
with someone ,
and order wine
for two;
Would like to shop for clothes
so you can impress
the one who gave you
his card.
But you are lost
staring at yourself
in the mirror.
Ian Sturgill 
This is Mine! I remain, In this I reign!
This is Mine
Under soot, I remain; Dirt is here... This is mine.
What is here I can touch, Wearing this; This is Mine.
What I know, You can't know. You won't touch. This is Mine!
I have found, Made this clean. Made it Mine.
This is Mine.
What you need, I have not; I have only... What is mine.
This is Mine and Never yours; Never once, Never learn, Never feel, You cannot, I will not...
Back Away.
Now your caught in god wrath
Grabbed  the wrong path
Doing the devils deeds
Trying to ignore these pleads
Seeing the torture through our enemies eyes 
Hearing the pain of innocent cries 
You took the bull buy the horns 
But didn’t expect to get burns 
Don’t play with the fire Or give in to desire 
Or you will be the unwanted, the forgotten, and hunted

The Chore in My Shore
Gary Schafer, Jr. 

It seems like the same old thing every day When all goes wrong in every single way Show no emotion because that’s the end of you All will be visible and people peer right through There’s a better way for this…this I’m sure But it’s not an easy fix or an instant cure Grin and bare it, is it…fruitless yet economical Saving the sanity is key, but quite astronomical In this day and age when all is so fast paced Leaves me much wanting a kick in the face These words pulse with frustrating fingers Read between the lines where the feeling lingers No demands of sort to any, neither woman nor man Just some appreciation for doing the best I can


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