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February 20 - 29, 2000

Lifetime of Smiles
Gammy Penny J. Allen
Dedicated to: Z. P. A.

When I see you I see life again. Your eyes tell the future.

Your smile brings so much happiness to me, I can't believe you are

a part of me.

Lifetime of Smiles

When you are mad you smile, when you're sad, you smile.

Your smile brings so much sunshine into my heart I can't begin to

tell you what you mean to me.

When the angels are playing you are smiling.

When the angels are sad you are sad.

The angels up above gave you to us to keep and cherish from here

to eternity.

I hope that the angels will always smile upon you.

Your smile will brings sunshine and happiness to everyone you

meet in life.

May you always smile and share your beauty with everyone.

Love you!


The Wedding Friends
By: Denise L. Robledo

When we started out

Not knowing one another

We never imagined that nothing to come

Would ever tear us asunder

We always were together

Even when we were apart

You always listened close to me

When I spoke from the heart

We have been friends for many years

And now its your wedding day

So with that in mind, I guess there is

Just one thing left to say

I hope your marriage never ends

And there is love throughout the years

Just like our friendship has lasted

Through all the laughter and the tears


To My Love
Love Always, Warren Smith

To my love, I give you the world; I wish

the best for me and you; Since we are like

beautiful birds; Flying through the skies of blue.

To my love, I give you the moon; Your eyes shine

with the soft light; And your body glows, taking away

my gloom; When I'm with you in my sight. To my love,

I give you the stars; For you to take a wish each day;

for even when we are not in each others arms; We are in

each others hearts, where we stay. And I want us to be

together forever, with no end or start; And my love for you,

it will never be in vain...


"My First Kiss"

I'm gonna share with you a secret

One that no one else has been told

This happened quite a while back

I was only nine years old

I did not see her coming,

She hit me rather hard

As I just stood out there,

Playing in the yard

Was not sure what happened,

As I lay there on the ground.

I just laid there looking up,

At those eyes of brown

I moved and I dodged,

Each time she would miss

Oh, but she did get me,

It was my first wet kiss

I struggled real hard

And tried to get up

I don't know why I couldn't

She was only a pup



I would paint a thousand million sunsets in our forever

they would be so true,

but one stands forever marked a golden amber x in my mind.

A thousand songs I would sing of tomorrow's together

but each lilting melody would end in bittersweet sorrow, tomorrow.

With this day countless times I've thought of

you and your dawning brilliance

with your simple way of making me see (even before sunrise).

Where would I sit now if not for you?

A lone fallen star victim of myself.

If I could see a thousand tomorrows you would be in all of them-

a thousand sweet days I could kiss the sun

upon your lips and

fading stars would glisten strong in your eyes.

A trillion times your mouth would form the words that

were beyond me or my simplistic values-

I would love it.

Within me in deepest desire I long for you,

the kind of longing I've felt only at

a thousand million sunsets.

Ruthie Jo Livingston


Rhyme the damn thing...
by Wally A. Zard

To tell a story in a rhyme

Truly tests and transcends time...

Verbiage used and sentence length

Exposes weakness, highlights strength...

Syllables used verbs and nouns

Creates the flowing, simple sounds...

Streaming fragments to the ear

Make them very nice to hear...

The art was lost, that's understood

As for me, I'm not that good...

The masters of this art have passed

But left their mark so sure to last...

And even Edger Allen said

"Words may lie there, lie there dead..."

Make the pen and quill your stage

And raise your feelings from the page...



Disappearing, falling, and sinking.

Into the abyss I am alone.

Traveling many lifetimes,

though I will not leave my home.

Ripping, tearing, and shredding.

My memories scar my heart.

No method to this madness,

my thoughts soon fall apart.

Cold, abandoned, and empty.

My night sky has gone away.

It once called on me to witness,

the stars come out and play.

Crying weeping, and dying.

Devastated because I love.

My only comfort is that we'll meet again,

if there is a heaven above.

by Adam Clarke Roberts

i miss you Papaw.


~*drinking -n- driving
~~~ dedicated to: matt ceavers who died February of 2000
rebecca leigh dunlap

i knew this guy

it was all right

until that night

he decided to drink -n- drive.

i knew this guy

he was doing just fine

until he got around his friends

and decided to drink -n- drive.

i knew this guy

who had a life

until he got behind the wheel

and started to drink -n- drive.

i knew this guy

who ruined his whole life

and now he lies in the earth

because he decided

to drink -n- drive.

this guy i use to know

his name was matt ceavers

him and a few friends

weren't thinking at all.

sense matt decided

to drink and drive

he lost his life.

and its all because

matt decided to

drink -n- drive.


Mable B. Benton

My mind wanders constantly

constantly wandering


Constantly thinking



of all the things that puzzles me.


True Love
by k

True love is truly

difficult to find.

It is an indescribable emotion,

an unbreakable bond,

shared by two individuals.

Love is true when

a couple is willing

to accept each other,

to love unconditionally,

and to share their souls

with one another.

Real love is not perfect.

It needs work, effort, and nurturing.

There will always be

arguments and misunderstandings.

However, the couple has to

look deeper into it...

Realize that this is

what makes the relationship

much, much stronger.

When you find this very special person,

make sure he knows how you feel.

Never be afraid to say it,


Once you give your heart away,

trust that it will not be broken.

True love is believing

that this "one" special person

is waiting.


Remembering James
by Lanell

Golden hair, skin so fair,

Long lashes over blue eyes,

Mind bordering between genius and child,

Soft wet mouth, sweet body scent,

Gentle touch, I loved so much,

Starburst guitar spoke to me in lyrics,

Strong lean arms engulfed me,

A hug would be nice right now,

Why did I marry the wrong man?


My knees are trembling,

My heart is racing,

My hands are shaking,

My mind can't believe the fear the I'm facing,

I don't know weather to move forward or retreat,

I don't know if this is real, or just a dream,

Should I try to win, or accept defeat?

Am I losing grip? Am I going to fall?

Is this just the beginning, or the end of it all?

Diana Shivas


Wisdom For You
By John Stewart

My dear friend here's wisdom for you

Don't drink, smoke, curse or chew

There are other things that you should not do

Drugs will destroy and is certainly taboo

Let the Ten commandments guide your life

Obedience to God will determine your afterlife

Pray and read scripture often to reduce your strife

Follow these guides and happiness will be rife

Be righteous in life and you will find

Most will treat you friendly and kind

Seek God always, as you are inclined

You'll find happiness, eternity and peace of mind

Even righteous ones have burdens to bare

Easier it is since the Holy Spirit is there

You'll be blessed by your brethren who care

You will always have God with whom you can share


The Scars Upon My Soul

Loathing my life to the edge of unreal

Thriving around for something to steal

Where can I go, what can I do?

All of this, just because of you!

A shattered heart is all that is left

Leaving me with that, is what I call theft

I am hoping you could not see, but how could that be?

I gave it all I got, now I can never be free

I just lit up a cigarette, to calm down my mind

Thinking will there be, another one to find

I had my chance and spoiled it, that is what I think

I could throw myself in an ocean, and just let me sink

Can you see how much I miss you

In the bottom of my soul

There can never be a replacement

My soul has scars, made by you

It will never heal

And with this I have to deal

I still love you, and I always will

Time could stand still

I try to forget, but an image shines through

The image is you, and what we could do...

Henrik Rebnord


Time just isn't quality anymore,

you busy yourself with tasks,

I waste my boredom on the television.

I feel the distance between us growing-

I see the insignificant things that fill the void:

beer, drugs, infatuation, lustful thoughts, contemplated affairs, close calls-

do we care enough to yank the chain before the damage is done?

I am trying to patiently voice my concern-

you seem content in categorizing it as a phase.

The seriousness and the danger of our love's dissipation is not ignored by me-

I wish you were on the same page.

Sara Adams


To be nobody's girl is to be free

of chains and jealousy

which tie her down when she needs to fly

like a bird against ceaseless sky

without obligation

just an instinct to move

and every place is new and old

as she is ever changing.

Nicole Dawn


by Katie Giseburt ( age 8)

Butterflies fluttering up and down

Without making one little sound.

Making a rainbow in the sky,

They're so amazing soaring so high!



My thought runs

through the darkest corners

and it tries to forget

this feeling

of a kiss not given,

that hunts me night and day

this hurt in the soul

that at every corner

brings back yesterday,

this feeling

that doesn't want to die,

and remembering, is a sword

that cuts me through without piety.

Paula C. Jordao


-quatrain #10-
xorl jacky

out on

122nd street,

after the houses

go away


David Koepke


The rocket stage,

a perfect circle,

glowing edged, and


Into the sunset

brushed shatter of

the Himalayas.



Nature is such a marvelous thing

it causes the flowers to bloom in spring

Birds hatch and learn to fly

sapling trees grow and strive to reach the sky

Countless insects scour the land

while fish and crustaceans swim and sieve the sand

Mammals and man stand at the top of the tree of life

For nature man causes the utmost strife

The rivers sea and air are filled with his toxic waste

land is re-contoured to suit his taste

Forests fall to the burn and slash

rivers are dammed and the streams are full of trash

When all is gone and lost forever

what will be left CASH

Trevor Marrett



It started out so good

Like it was meant to be

Fate has a funny way

of bringing two people together

and then ripping them apart

I don't know why

But I think I would rather die

than to live my life without you.

God, tell me this is a dream!

I just want to scream

Why aren't you here?

I am lost without you near

days and nights seem so slow...

and lonely.

This heart is so torn

This feels like a dream

Will you ever hold me in your arms again?

I remember the last time

you said "this is the way things should be"

now you set me free.


i saw, as i was walking home a shadow behind me

out of the shadows stepped a tall dark stranger

i was entranced by his eyes and the aura around him

he told me to come to him and be his bride

i wondered how we would be compatible together

he told me not to worry he would take care of it

he came and said that what he was about to do wouldn't hurt

his sharp fangs sunk into my soft, hot flesh

after he drank of me i was one -- one what?

an Immortal a vampire i was in ecstasy and then the hunger

the hunger for blood and human souls

i was now enclosed in darkness for eternity

and i must say i love it to death

pixie angel


The Time Has Come

Finally, the time has come

The battlefield waits in longing silence

The warrior anxiously wonders

Is this the day he shall see Death's face

He straps his armor on tightly

Becomes one with cold blue steel

This eve, might it become his savior

Or will his life blood flow

Will his guardian angel embrace his heart

His fate no man may surmise

The trumpet charge is sounded

He rushes headlong into darkness

Many flaming arrows light the sky

Screams of war crying all around

Soulless figures cover the ground

Dawn brings an end to a hellish night

He stands among the breathing few

The shield to heavy now to hold

Though exhausted he readies his blade

In the distance, a few clanking swords

Daylight reveals the Reaper's deeds

The warrior will fight another day

He slumbers awhile in priceless freedom

So many young lives spent

Months pass, as kings lament

Words in anger soon they utter

His double edges are kept razor sharp

The battlefield waits in dreadful silence

Finally, the time has come

Calvin McChesney 2/2000


After Thought of Happiness
by Michael Gill

Many people go through life unaware of love or what it means

I was lucky and found a love that only comes once or so it seems

You came into my life and everything just fell into place

We were inseparable, perfectly fitting into each others empty space

I was yours completely mind, body, heart, and soul

Whether I fall in love again I will always belong to you I know

I remember the way we could complete each others sentences before they were done

It was like we were connected, not two but one

I don't know where you are or if I will ever see you again

But, in my heart and mind we will always be together until then

You always knew just what to say when all I needed was a friend

You stood beside me when I brought part of my life to an end

You were my support when it seemed like no one even cared

No matter what, my feelings, with you I always shared

Now you are gone and I can't help but feel so all alone

I wanted to find you but I think you had already gone

I hope that wherever you are none of this you have to see

I just want you to be happy and not worry about the emptiness inside of me


I watched a hungry mob of ravens

raid a caravan of migrating insects,

had flashbacks of when "Mama" was everything

I could articulate,

had a twitching eye and swore

mad things about how

when angels feed, they feed on human flesh.

David C. Vano


by aarsee

She sits slumped,

Her back against the wall...

No feelings, no emotions,

A needle in her arm.

She swears one day

She will beat this,

But she knows she never will.

So she still sits

Back against the wall...

No life, no friends,

A needle in her arm.

Sometimes she thinks about

How it all started,

Now so very long ago,

When her family

Made her sit

Back against the wall...

No family, no belongings

But no needle in her arm.

Until one day,

It came to her,

How to end

The emptiness inside.

That's when she first sat,

Back against the wall...

Not thinking, not feeling,

A needle in her arm.

But as her life

Starts to ebb away,

She realizes her mistake.

The emptiness was outside not in.

And so she dies, slumped,

Back against the wall...




Patience and sanity...

As time goes ever slowly by

I sit and wait

Hoping it will all pass quickly

Still holding onto what I have left

Sanity straining, patience slipping

Tired of all this that surrounds me

Wanting back the freedom I've lost

The need to walk amongst reality

Pride keeps me going

Time holds me back

Looking towards the future

Not knowing what awaits me

Facing oblivion without fear

Still I won't look back

I must hold onto my dreams

I feel the rage inside of me

Growing more violent everyday

Needing to let it out

Control is something all of us need

Yet no one really has

Still we try to gain control of our lives

As time goes ever slowly by.

Lone Wolf 28-12-96


Delilah Cried

She looked at his back as the guards dragged him off to be blinded.

The hair from his head was cut loose on the floor, some was still in her hands,

she soon would have silver, and lots of it, she was reminded.

She trembled just once and she brushed herself off to go make her demands.

His weakness was human, the touch of a woman, but money

betrayed him. He made the mistake of misplacing his trust, love is mad.

Before, when his secret was told of the lion and honey,

he paid with his pride and the shame made him bitter and angry, yet sad.

And now with his eyes and his strength he would pay much more dearly.

Delilah would laugh and in riches be glad that her bargain was cast.

At times she would cry and bemoan the deceit that had clearly

destroyed the great man, but it had to be done, and it's all in the past.

And Samson then suffered with patience for years as he waited,

remembering how all the wine made him sleep when she cut off his hair.

But drinking pure water and growing it back, he was fated

to bring down the pillars that held up the palace, and end it all there.



I love the way you look at me

I love the way you hold my hand.

I love the way you call my name,

And I love the way you kiss my hand

But most of all I love the way you

Say you love me and you will always

Be mine.


A Secret Told

There's a secret inside that nobody knows
I try to forget, but the pain never goes

I'm afraid to speak, I'm afraid to tell
I know what will happen, they'll put him in hell

Being the daughter of a rapist-woman beater is something I hate
cause everyone stares, and you never get a date

Tomorrow has come, now the truth must be told
No more shall suffer, for today I am bold

I know what I've done will tear the family apart
but someday I hope they'll take what I've said to heart

One day maybe we'll find love again
until that day comes, this is where it must end.



Dreams and Memories
By Lisa Groom

Each and every night I lay with you here by my side,

We sit and talk for hours as in each other we can confide,

You hold me close and whisper softly in my ear,

That you will love me always and forever will be near.

I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and renewed,

In the knowledge that last night was spent here with you,

But just like always in the morning you are gone,

And to the memories of last night I have to cling on.

You see it's all just a dream

They're not real, they're not true,

And all of these dreams are based on memories of you.

I know in reality that you won't be mine,

All I have is these memories to be with me through time.


Today's new light

Tomorrow's gone,

forgot yesterdays wrong,

today you have all day long,

to make mistakes,

to search inside your lake,

It's only your life you make,

And if you have a door check to see if it's a dream,

see the light or don't,

but make sure your eyes give off a gleam,

today's the day to be noticed,

to make okay for the wrongs of yesterday,

last night did you pray?

Stars circle round,

night seems bright,

a loved one held tight,

one day it will be all right....

By Craig Carda II


I Love You Because....

When I lost all hope
You was there

When I thought I wouldn't cope
You was there

When I so happy all I could do is smile
You was there

When I wanted to share my happiness, and talk for a while
You was there

When my world came crashing down
You was there

When all I wanted to do is frown
You was there

I don't know if I ever let it show
But I love you more than you'll ever know


You Would Still Rise
By Shazad Shah
Dedicated to J. A.

You meet every challenge and goal,

We see the future in your eyes.

And everyday we're amazed how strong you are,

Through all the hard times you would still rise.

Everyday life seems to get harder,

Yet you've always been the strongest link in the chain.

You're the inspiration that guides us,

Yet you still step aside and let us taste the fame.

It's amazing how you've always stayed focused,

never ever did you show the pain you felt inside.

You were always there leading the team by example,

Even through the darkest days you would still rise.

We have always felt warmth when our home was lonely,

And when no one was around.

Cause we knew that you were there supporting us,

Through the eyes in the sky you were watching down.

With a simple spark you alone created the perfect scheme,

Mall domination, the perfect store, better yet the ultimate team.

In order for us to be complete again,

We would like you to realize.

That we know you're a true leader and you would sacrifice yourself,

And you would still rise.



A rose will hold a secret love
To say as what the mind does think

The thorn is strength for love that is
To give the hope of tomorrow's come

The stem binds tightly the love which is
To hold to what is in the heart

But to the hand that holds the rose
The love is real the rose is done

Submitted by: Dave Conroy


Special Love

Your lips so soft and exquisite

Makes my heart pound so I'll never miss it

Kisses that make me alive and proud

It was me you picked from the crowd

My heart is yours forever

I'll never forget you, never

I trust my heart to you

with my heart in your hand, I'm true

Eyes that hold a twinkle, so soft and brown

Makes it all worth while

Never a frown

With your love beside me, I'll only smile

Spending my life with you

Whatever we do, its for the best

I dearly want to pass your test

Because my darling you're the best




too much crap in your

world to handle?

can't take the pressure

of life's scandals?

turn too love not death.

embrace life until your last breath.

don't look at the things that

make you dead.

look for the peace instead of

placing a thought of violence

in your head.

use music as a lifeline not the

anger you hold inside.

write your thoughts down

instead of looking for a place

to hide.

confront and kill that fear.

before that fear brings one more tear.

realize what is your true fate.

before you take your pain out through hate.

John Harrison


A Dream
Ekim Gilbert

I dreamed last night of a place I long,

A place I feel welcome, A place I belong,

A place where ideals are matched with action

A place that will always bring satisfaction

to people who strive to do their best

and people who really care about the rest

This place is simple, yet so complex,

nothing breaks, so nothing is fixed.

A place free from discrimination and race

These social restrictions never enter this place.

Hypocrisy and materialism are not known

and the stream of honesty is forever flowing.

A place where love is the only key

for everyone to feel content and free.

Then I awoke from this tremendous place

to realize this world was gone with no trace.

And I was left with what it seems

was simply an idea, simply a dream.

"The Power To Behold"

In the darkness of the night,

I find myself confused and scared,

Afraid of what tomorrow may bring,

And what tonight may behold.

A dream....

Or a nightmare....

Would be to common,

With a frightening brush with death,

I'm finally overcoming,

My fears that haunt me still.

I have no sorrow,

For my weakness is my own,

I have nothing left to borrow,

For my soul is almost gone.

Yet in the mid-night hour,

I am left to face it all,

Which will first destroy me,

My power or my fall.

T.C. Rogers



Even a rainbow Has no beauty
When a mind is stained

When shades of hatred Are all that is seen
A man's colour is blamed

Invisible man In black skin
His spirit out of sight

White woman With a red heart
Spirit shining bright

Who am I? Do you know?
By seeing me within

Or do you see And know me
By the colour of my skin?

Sharon Stuht-Everitt


by Gothic Rose

What is a whisper that runs through the trees,

And what is a song with a crisp melody,

Or the gentle laughter of lakes, so quiet and calm.

What of the wisdom found in the waves,

And quiet chatter that float amongst the breeze,

Or the silence that baffles everything mostly the leaves.

They are thoughts and nothing more,

But are they nothing these thoughts long unspoken,

Or do they give way to a world still unbroken.

These thoughts are better, there not of this world,

They come from a heart still littered in gold.

With wings of virtue they'll fly to you still,

But hardly heard are these thoughts from the heart,

For much to dismay they have fallen on our deaf ears.



The predators stroll,

From their lair,

Taking toll,

With savage flair.

The lions and the tigers,

The cheetahs and panthers,

Many shapes and sizes,

Each claim their own prizes.

The cheetah's lightning speed,

Helps it to feed,

The lioness' skill,

Helps it to kill.

But for all the predators,

The is one worse than them all,

He hunts for his own pleasures,

It is man and at his hands they fall.

Hazlina Shaik


The poem: you say you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders,yet your pockets are give an inch and take a think you're so enlightened living in darkness,can we show our hatred soon? you think the world is all there is to this strife,killing conversation with your glowing eyes. all your voices make me ask "have i mentioned i never did like your face?" can you climb outta the shadows and into the darkness now? will you lick my bleeding heart that i pinned to my sleeve? you say you carry the weight of the world in the seat of your pants,it's so heavy face is leaking into the floorboards. you look upon the sky so gray,without a hint of sarcasm you claim the world is your stage.performing empty rituals for all to see,i writhe in the bushes wondering what happened to me. A CERTAIN SADNESS CREEPS INTO MIND WHEN DARKNESS SWEEPS THE LAND. THIS CERTAIN SADNESS IS CERTAINLY MINE ONLY I CAN UNDERSTAND. i want to escape,you are nothing,you are nothing. empty...barfly...quick sliver....low strung...out...give in...nothing means nothing...daily rituals,empty exercises...i want to be...set free.

eyes most despised



I have a secret lover, hidden deep in my mind,

she's my perfect someone, that I try to find.

We meet at nights, when the stars shine,

and the moon above us, smile.

Even though she's just an illusion,

my heart believes she'll become a vision.

The first time we have ever kissed,

I felt an emotion, which I always missed.

Birds were singing love songs in the purple sky,

our eyes were closed, but she could still see me cry.

Even though I've never really touched her,

I know the love I feel, will make her real.



Burn Candle

Lap up the evasive breath around you

and sink into your melting body.

You are so controlled, kneeling to the elements.

Little hot spot, you can turn my walls

into a nightmare of shadows, and my senses

into an ancient awe, struck by the quest for


Why, narcissistic magician

must you make me see such flashes of horror

splashed over my face in the mirror-

pressing, flicking ranges of dark so that

my features

are some strange sight? You are constant

in your attempt for me to love you,

and oh, I do...

Without you, mystery would weep away.

Lesley Belleau

tonite the stars were crystals

sewn into the velvety navy sky

i felt like i was a figment of a crystal ball

someone's imagination

the stars were shining like eyes

nites like these are few and far between

the air was crisp and it smelled like winter

i wish i hadn't been alone

i spun around with my head back

seeking a shooting star

my eyes closed

i need luck at times like these

my lips trembled

i smiled upon orion's belt

and felt like i could reach up

and hold the stars in between my fingers

like pearls

the glitter blanket enveloped me

held me close and brushed the hair out of my eyes

the wind tickled my cheeks

the stars were crystals tonite....

and i wish i hadn't been alone.



Wishing On A Shooting Star
By: John Bergemann

If i could wish on a shooting star,

I know not what I'd wish.

I could with for as much as wealth and fame,

Or for as little as a kiss.

If I wished for a kiss,

I know not who I'd want if from.

It could be from someone famous,

Or from someone I love.

Those of whom I love,

May not love me back.

So if I wished for a kiss from them,

I would never get a crack.

If I wished on a shooting star,

I think I'd wish for a kiss.

I wouldn't want it from someone famous,

I'd rather it come from the one I love, YOU!


*The Thought*~

How was I supposed to know
That I would ever feel this way?

When I first felt it,
I tried pushing aside...

And now look at me-
I'm begging for it to stay*


Why I Love You

You are the first thing on my mind when my day begins, the pleasant thought outside a lot of pain when I take my nights end.

I hear your voice deep inside and it secures my wondering heart. You complete my life but it only makes sense when we are apart.

Only then, when you are away can I see the difference love makes. We are joined together through the soul, say you feel the same way.

I have come this far in my life with only you, sometimes it is the only feeling I can Identify or hold on to.

It makes me smile because I know the loves is being returned. It makes me cry because I'm afraid there's a lesson with us I have not learned.

Just wait and see the future, it holds many wonderful things. Nothing will be as before for I've finally seen your motive; you want the best for me.

In the end, our love can only grow more in our hearts. I hope you don't leave; I'm not going anywhere, because this is the fun part.

I love you.
Trisha Buries


Friday Night

We had plans that night.

You had an emergency...made a huge story out of it to.

Family said.

How ironic that intuition still works in this high tech world.

How funny that fate still bothers to play a hand in our dull lives.

I wonder how you felt when I tapped you on the shoulder.

What would you have said when I asked you her name and smiled?

Did it hurt when I walked away without waiting for an answer?

Or were you relieved?

Will you miss me I wonder, will I miss you for long?

Or will I simply miss your warm body and erotic touch.

I hate intuition... I despise fate... I regret my pride.

And you..?

You never had to lie to me.

You don't exist in my world any longer.




The dissolution is all but gone

A shadow in the window is the darkness of it all

The lights are going on and which is to see in the blackness of my own

The movement of our souls go on

The way home seems to be further as you go on

For no place is for all

The weight is heavy and living is to much in all

So I lay and watch the shadows move on

Dancing to the drums of my own

They fill the emptiness and ask

Is this were I belong

The feeling I receive is not so far along

And yet I still reach

My arms stretched out with hands that grasp for something to hold on

This feeling is never gone

Why am I never going to move on

Can this be my choice in all




hey mister

will you help me up?

will you?

you will help me up

wont you?

if you don't help me up

i think ill hafta choke ya!



Nights Are Cold
© 2000 DMarie (All rights reserved)

My days are long and empty,

my nights so very cold.

You left me here all by myself,

with only your memory to hold.

My arms ache to hold you,

my eyes to see your smile.

My heart longs to have you near,

if only for a while.

My mind goes back in time,

when your love was still so sweet.

My heart is waiting for the day,

when again we both shall meet.

Your memory haunts me always,

for you didn't say goodbye.

You left me here with so much pain,

and still I wonder why.

I love you as much as ever,

and guess I always will.

My love for you is something,

even time will never kill.


You've lifted me up and showed me it was okay to look down

I pray and thank God every night for the love that I found

I can face the reality with faith that each day will get better

And if it doesn't I just sit back and read your letters

You give me hope and brighten my day

You pulled me back when I started to stray

No matter what the way

You promised me together is how we'd stay

Day, months , and years go by

And you have never left my side

Forever is our future

No matter what problems may occur

Together we are lifetime partners

There will NEVER be another him or her

Our love is stronger than time itself

I live and die for you and no one else

Tonya Marie Redd


by Morgan Cottle (grade 2)

May is the month of my birthday.

May is the month of fun.

May is the month of flowers and birds.

May is the month of sun.


Kristen Bates

Standing across the room I watch you push a strand of hair from your brow,

Enticing me to learn more of the brow that it was being removed from,

I have to admit I went about it in the wrong way,

But you never even muttered more

than a word to me,

I had to get to know you,

I found out that you judge

too quickly,

I helped with that judgment ,

I was in the wrong here I admit

to that, but I cannot admit to your feelings

of disgust towards the one that

was watching stronger words were thrown towards

the psycho with the will to

make you fell as if you were under

inspection for something, but I let you

in on the secret, you need to keep that in your mind when and if you were to

ever think about me, it is hard for me to find the words to express the

sorrow I feel towards you, judging me before anything ever started



Beautiful as the sunrise

are the precious words

of my Lord's Bible!

They rock my soul

they bring peace to my mind

To worship or to pray

my secret is to love

with all the power of my being

and let me evolve

by the different presence

of this first love!

I can't leave

without following Him

I don't know how to leave

without loving Him


has already lost its sense

in this strength

of wanting Him so much!















"Because of You"

Because of you life is hard.

Because of you I am scarred.

I have a scar that will always stay.

I have to feel it everyday.

Because of you mom's bed and soul are empty.

Because of you she feels redemption.

Because of you we had to leave.

Because of you mom is alone in the evening.

We never hear from you not a call or a card.

Because of you life is hard.

-Gary Alan Garcia Jr.


My Soul
Stevie Nicole

There is a light in the horizon,

It is sparked by the vivaciousness of my heart.

It will fill me with life,

The liveliness that I strive for will be lit by the light.

I feel free and open to new opportunity,

The fire in my eyes and the spirit of my laughter are reflected by the light.

The window of my soul is open for your viewing,

I welcome your presence as I know that I am loved by you.


clouds soft. light hard. dreams from afar. faces, faces everywhere they look. bloodstains on the wall. you fight for air . no lights no sound. floating above, everything in focus. tomorrow never comes. yesterday a memory. no more your, wings carry freedom.

ghoul daddy


How much for your sister?
By Wallace A. Zard

She once was a vision, transcending space

All turned to see her, her velvet like face...

Her body was perfect, eyes of dark blue

Perfection so perfect, beckoning you...

I couldn't relate to what I had become

My heart was then captured, my brain falling numb...

I'd given her everything, inside of me

But she gave me nothing, and I couldn't see...

Blinded by beauty, caught in her glow

Knowing I'm falling, but not letting go...

Spiraling downward, soul in despair

Reaching to touch her, but she is not there...

Though she was beautiful, I couldn't tell

That she was a demon, strait out of hell...

She was the woman mom told me about

And wanted to hurt me, never a doubt...

I may have survived this, but I am not here

No longer do I have the courage I fear...

No courage to love, but courage to say

That I will then never feel tortured this way...


Look away...

I see them and I feel their dreams

I wait by the window hoping for more

All I want for them is destiny

I feel them working to care

A present of the lonely people

Your emptiness is buried next to my grave

Where is the end of all this sadness

A pause to look at greatness alone

Fathers cry as they let go of manliness

Who are we anymore

What is this love for

Writing to a sure man with a less than a potential

I'm sorry that you died, and no one came

As they walk away I ask where do I belong

*nathan R orton*


What A Joy
Jason 2/18/00

Although it was only once that we met

Your smile, handshake and the light in your eyes I'll never forget

It is amazing how just one encounter can impact a life forever

All the stories about you from you family I treasure

I feel like I know you well, indeed the memory of your life will live

As will your soul, to whom Jesus did you eternally give

Praise be to God, for allowing one fraction of minute to last

To this day and all the days that pass

I will never let your memory cease,

For I am just a stranger to thee

But you were a Living Bible to your family and friends

You have been more than an inspiration to me.



It's fabulous to have you

My everlasting soul-mate

You're the best thing in my life

And now I believe in fate

You are charming and lovely

Even better than a dream

Working together so well

We became my favorite team

Sometimes I become unhappy

And I tend to over-react

I take my anger out on you

It's wrong, as a matter of fact

And when you get furious

I'm inclined to throw a fit

Sometimes I will understand

Others, I'm a hypocrite

You have learned to bite your tongue

And don't even say a word

You don't want to start a fight

It's the best way, so you've heard

No matter what happens

I love you so much dear

It took me a long time

To learn to have no fear

You have come into my life

And showed me eternal love

Someone must be helping me

From the lovely skies above

I'm extremely overjoyed

When I'm spending time with you

You have helped me to accept

That my love is really true

In our lasting relationship

We've had many smiles and tears

You've made me exhilarated

Throughout four remarkable years

~Kelly Sterken


Kissing the Past

Dying love

Guiding lights

Friends forever

Through the night.

Weeping peace

Laid to rest

Searching for a humble nest.

Battling hearts

Idle minds

Filling space

Shadows decline

Breath in me

Death is within

Tears denied

Life ends.

Molly Katherine Walls


I stand at the edge looking down below, so far down, blackness is all I see.

The wind blows and I sway forward.

The blackness is calm, almost serene.

Inviting me to come down, down below to it.

The haunting wind, pushes me closer, my mind plays games with my eyes.

Then I feel something grab onto my hand.

Something strong and powerful, yet gentle and caring.

I look behind me and the sun shines directly into my eyes.

A silhouette is all I can make out, yet behind that are my family and friend.

The dark man pulls me away from the edge and walks me to the sun.

When I was safe, he embraced me.

As I pulled away, I got a look into his eyes, shining with love and relief. I knew who it was.

The more I looked the more I came to realize what he had saved me from losing,

A gentle touch, a charming smile, a loving heart, my friends and the skeleton of my family.

But as I looked into his heart, I saw the more selfish reason.

He had not only saved me, he had saved himself.

He saved himself from losing the one thing he could not bare to lose.

He saved himself from losing me.

I understood now and with that I loved him more.

The sheepish smile upon his lips was all the proof I needed.

I quickly kissed his cheek and took his hand in mine.

And together, he and I, left all the blackness behind.

Katy Hoaglund



Sitting watching no one

Lifting them up dropping them

The air around me is cold

I cannot see you anymore

Can you hear my words

Who am i talking to

What am i saying

When no one is listening

I can help them no more

I shant see them ever

I never wanted

To be the observer of no one



I Miss...

I miss your smiling face,

your gentle eyes.

I miss your tender words,

your silent embrace.

I miss you holding me,

touching me, lying next

to me.

I miss the little things

you do but most of all

I miss the way you love me

at night.

Starsha Leigh


Just A Kiss

Her summer was pretending that the light was not yellow like the morning sun,

And she walked where the water flowed like whispers,

She wished to fall inside, that time,

To be at peace and with joy, like the blue sky,

A part of heaven.

The steps that you take make silver puddles along the way,

They are iridescent and through them you can see flashes of the moon,

As if they are gates to the realms of burning sensuality.

The shift of your shoulders as you lean into the wind,

Reminds me of my hands, so cold to your touch,

How could I ever refuse to graze them over a Narcissus face?

No, no I did not turn you away,

But instead, pulled you gently in.

This was where we met, so high,

This is just a kiss, just a kiss you said,

Swift and pale, you were lit by the moonlight,

As we stood with no one to see us but the stars,

And I did not hesitate to taste the sweetness that I knew,

Hid deep down inside of you.

Courtney Worthington


Comfortable Undone
Matthew Crowell

I loved you so, with all my heart.

I felt like dying when we were apart.

For me there was you,

You were the only one.

Some how you changed,

You met someone.

Well my love did not end.

Instead of snapping, it will bend.

Somehow I've moved on,

Learned to have fun.

Not quite ecstatic,

Yet comfortably undone.


Come Out!!

Come out, come out from under the norms!

Who knows where you belong?

Come out, come out from under the plight!

Who knows what lies ahead?

Come out, come out, come out and fight?

Who knows what's in store for you?

Copyright 1997 vivian Coofer Darden



Wallowing in the darkness of the corner of my room, I sit there waiting.

Waiting for someone who will never come.

The icy temptation to ruin the lives of those who have ruined mine overcomes me.

I do what my mind tells me to,

not thinking of what might become of me, or them.

I become a storm headed straight for their souls,

destroying everything in my path.

I think not of their families or loved ones.

But only of the hell they put me through as they fed off my pain.

They deserve to pay.

Pay for all the times they scorned me and laughed at my discomfort.

Now it is I who is laughing.

I turn to my side to see who is laughing with me.

I see no one...I am all alone.

I am back in my corner now,

with nothing but the memories of those whom I have hurt.

I am proud of my work, and have no remorse.

My loneliness calls to me

I become one with the darkness, never to be seen again.

by: Alisha Zehender


Thank You....

You embraced me like a child,

but threw me out into the cruel world,

where I discovered hatred and jealousy...

You watched me as I cried out for a helping hand,

to come down an d save me from drowning in my tears.

You put my soul through deep lessons to be learned,

only to find me crawling out from the tidal wave gasping for air.

You coaxed me with fake smiles and self-righteousness,

leaving me torn on the issue of trust being nonexistent.

You threw a couple laughs and joy into my life,

so that I could distinguish pain from love.

You dragged me through a hell so hot that I was scorched by the flames.

You left my side when I stopped believing; I fell off the path....

But when I regained my strength; You welcomed me with open arms.

I doubted you at times, believing I knew better than you.

I cursed you for the things I did not deserve,

putting me through a hell that should have been given to fools..

YOU blessed me with a deeper understanding, given to wise men..

You enlightened me with a passion to live, learning that life's a lesson. to be lived.

You explained that I had to go through obstacles of torture in order to reach

complete bliss.

You granted me with strength, like a crown given to a queen.

I thank you for your passion, your will to love.

For you are the bearer of unconditional things..

Thank you Lord........

Tanya McGuire


Now That You're Gone

I loved the soft whispers of your gentle voice,

Now it leaves me with no choice.

You said you'd be gone within a day,

I can't believe its happening this way.

As the days go by, I hope and pray,

That God will shine down a beautiful ray.

Letting me know the time is right,

Your death won't be very bright.

I wake up and see the morning bright,

Now I know the time is right.

For you to take the steps into the world above,

Leaving me with a beautiful dove.

I see shadows on the walls as the days go by,

Could it really be you & why?

I 'm used to the fact of not seeing you're face,

But stepping in the sand and seeing a trace.

I'll love you forever until the end of time,

As my life ends with a true rhyme.

My life will be forever different,

Now that you're gone.

~ Rachel Ranta


"I Don't Know"

What brings us back, to this place?

What time has passed, is now erased.

Years gone by, it seems like none.

Remembering when, we were one.

It wasn't always simple then.

The walls were high, remember when?

The walls were strong, in the way.

Which brings us to, this very day.

Many roads with many turns.

Many times the journey burns.

In many ways, it is a dream.

It can't be real, it doesn't seem.

Many times, I sit and cry.

For my light, begins to die.

Screams that echo in my shell.

Feel trapped inside, this mental cell.

In my soul, a windows there.

Look inside, if you dare.

A candle burns, on the sill.

To guide you back, to what is real.




Leaped from the souls of determination-

no serene comfort, found-

'less mistaken for pride.

The hardened crust of failure-

breaks at the sight of redemption.

This heel pains-

the very thought of triumph.

To walk erect and feel alive,-

in the midst of agony, and strife.-

One breath of wind would calm-

your stare of fire,-that

burns holes in the souls of your enemies.

To forgive is the golden rule,-

but to remember is forever human.

To contain vengeance, dispel love-

and bury lies.

I show contempt without the shed of cries.

I repent to find my faith-

and sing to God, thanking him for this life.

I kneel and find my Paradise.

dawne evans


I sit and wonder.......

What it would be like to walk with you,

What it would be like to hold your hand,

What it would be like to feel you close,

What it would be like to be held by you,

What it would be like to feel your breath on my face,

What it would be like to kiss your lips,

What it would be like to stroke your skin,

What it would be like to laugh with you,

What it would be like to dance with you in the rain,

What it would be like to wake up beside you,

What it would be like to have you look into my eyes,

But the thing I wonder most about is...... you wonder about me too?

Olivia Giacobbe.


Wheels don't stop rolling

My face pressed against my hand against the window

As the smooth and rough highway rocks my head

I should sleep; they sleep, at peace in the backseat

I hold my fixed-gaze at the never-ending line between mountains and sky

As we just roll by

I want to get excited, or I want to sleep

I can not find a singular battle to fight

Or my peace, knowing life is right

Life is not in my control, I am along for the ride

Or did I choose for it to be that way

And now I can't get the choice back?

Do I want control

Or do I want to be carried to my place in this world

By someone who knows where that is

Deep down, in the dark of my head

Am I actually in control

Am I just leading these thoughts because I want self-pity?

Do I need to feel sorry for myself

To prove to myself that I am human

To prove that i still have my soul?

Is there something wrong with me

Or Is everything right?

Am I different for a reason?

Am I even different

Are others having these thoughts

Do they just do it with their eyes closed?

Where is my light in this world?

Does it exist or will I just make it up?

I will put it away, let the world roll by















Thomas Q. Carter

As we approach the crossroads in our lives

All of our hopes and dreams, burn inside As we open our eyes and make our choice

Deaf to the world and realities voice Knowing now, the path was wrong

Now we stand alone with everything gone Crying out into the darkness to turn back time

But only cursed to remember what was left behind We fight the worlds temptations, one by one

Trying to keep the faith in the father and son Taking step by step and day by day

Hoping and praying that we don't fall astray So once again when we approach the crossroads

We know now, that God will lead and we will follow ----------------------------------------


I don't know when i'm gonna meet him

one day i will

i know this

he lives just around the corner from me


i always see him


in the shadows


sometimes he's right next to me

and i don't even know it

there's even been times when he's walked

hand-in-hand with me

and i looked him dead in his eye

but i've yet to greet him

i've prepared myself to meet him

cuz i know i can't beat him

his will must be done




Raven Poe

The line observed

Its angles transparent

Like the fanciful dream of a sliding geometry.

It's the hint of curve that plagues me

of a slender and willful architecture.

It's the acute optics that pitch me downward

into a maze of unrevealed canvas

unearthed, unexplained

and spreading to the heart of oblivion.


Something About Her

Something about her tells me its right

She's perfect for me

She is my light!

Something inside of her

Which can't be explained

I must control myself

I must be tamed!

There's something about her

Which makes me feel weird

Well that doesn't matter

My head has been cleared.

If you look deep

Its not hard to see

I just wanted to tell you

That you complete me!

Andrew H.


True Nature

All bounding in it's angelic grace,

the wind, the trees all twined,

in the meaning song,

the pure smell that is absolute

the reality that this is gods offer,

to the whole of mankind.

The animals that duel there,

unaffected by the insensible acts of man.

The foliage that resides there,

encompassing the whole,

all interlocking in innocence.

john meilink



You give me pain,make me go insence,put my heart in flames.

You put me in a place of love.You make me think your an angel from

above. You take my soul to a safe place where no one hates.

You make cry,laugh and make me weak inside.

You are my best friend. You are my worst enemy.

You are my true love.

Brittani Turner


Beauty They Can See

Down By the lake I see,

The beauty in the eyes.

The dark brown eyes.


But for what?

The eyes speak. "Looking for enjoyment,

Looking for love, for something, someone, somewhere."

"Let me help you look for all of these wonderful things!

I am also looking."

"Looking for what?"

"Looking for happiness,

Seeking to find true love within a true heart.

To find something, someone, somewhere.

I'm looking to find you." find the blue river running through the ocean, the blue ocean

running through the blue pond.

That it impossible!

No, it's not. Look into the green,

Look into the Field Of Dreams, look into the forest and

Beyond the Jungle.

Then you shall see the True Beauty.




You said you'd always be there,

You said we'd never part,

You said you'd always care,

You said you had a heart,

You said you forever love me,

You said I was the only one,

If all you said was really true,

. . .then why are we apart?



Rhythm, without rhyme

There's a rhythm in my head,

Always beating, never ceasing.

There's a rhythm in my head, but

It's not mine.

Like an eerie melody,

Intense, disturbing, captivating -

Its familiarity

Keeps the time.

It's the rhythm of my heart -

A vital, sweet and life-declaring

Rhythm, poem, artform. Rhythm,

Without rhyme.

There's a rhythm to my life -

Out-of-control, contradictory.

Maddening! Deafening! Can you feel it?

It's divine.

-Gina Taylor


Last Stand

Internal conflict has no compromise

Just two choices, left or right

Avoidance changes nothing at least not in your favor

What are you waiting for?

When the fight is over and the battle is won

Where will the war be fought?

In you heart or in my bed?

No matter how deep you look into her eyes

you will never find me there unless her eyes are mirrors

which show your soul

There I'm etched like sacred memories too deeply rooted

to wash away

When all is said and done

Who will salve your wounds?




There's a tranquil sea in your eyes

And in your soul,

A justifiable love for one to


Feeling this raw emotion day in

And day out,


Never forsaking me,

Never waiting for me to fail,

A friend and companion.

But it doesn't stop there,


The light by my side,

And the sun on my horizon,

The one star in my universe that

Shines brightly,

When I dream, I dream about you,

When I write, I write about you,

And why I die, my last thought will be of you,


The one who showed me love,

The other wing on my spirit,

The one who showed me that anything is


And is it possible,

A love eternally,

Two souls as one strong house,

I hope and pray that this can be true,

You for me, and me for you,

And if on this plain it cannot be,

I'll see you in Heaven,

And hold you close to me.

Kayden Francisco


Joe is so very sweet.
I really love him alot.
Joe is so very sweet.

Samantha Warren



when the words

hide in fear

and surrender

to allow the tongue

to speak

more naturally

the night blinks by

and we are left

ecstatic and



into each other



like a book


by: gordan sunara



Felt the warm brush

of her arm

intermingling hairs

standing on end




while bodies long

for such release

Then space



follicles left gasping

nerves savoring sensory memories

shuffling numb


up a movie theatre aisle

Such moments

are precious


experiments in lust

Eric Voss


Jason Salisbury

The hell I go through everyday

Never ending, the dropping of my head

How long will I have to pay.

Everything I say is always wrong and makes me lay

in wait for shunning that makes me feel dead

It's the hell I go through every day.

I am more true to myself anyway

but makes no difference that they treat me like lead

How long will I have to pay.

Time moves so slowly, today

I wish I could just stay in bed

The hell I go through every day.

I try to be funny but am criticized without delay

Shut the hell up is what I wish I'd said

How long will I have to pay.

My day in school, it's I they slay

'Its all for me' laughing I have said

How long must I pay

It sucks, my HELL everyday.


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