April, 2006


You my friend
You let me know your struggles and your fears I let you know me too You let me in your secrets You let me in your pains I let you in You talk with out knowing I listen with much feeling You don't know I burn inside I kill for you You my friend have become a part of me I see you not only as a friend, but as second nature to me You don't know that I love you I do know I won't tell If only you knew what I feel inside.


Last good-bye
eddie white

We have smiles,
How many are fake?
We have friends,
With fake intentions,
We spend time making everyone happy,
What about our own happiness?
Fake smiles, fake friends
Happiness leads to sorrow,
Sorrow to anger,
Then things we regret,
Mistakes made,
Like a cut to the wrist,
Coz that’s what it takes to make people think, Life is a burden of twisted lies, And still no one cries…… I looked at you, Skin was cold, Lips were blue, And at last you’re free, I think to myself as you float to the sky’s.
But I know,
This is not our last good bye


~*How I feel about you*~
Jalisa Tidwell 

My hopes and dreams are with you

My heart and soul are with you too.

Sometimes when I talk to you my body shivers.

When I go to sleep I dream about what your heart delivers.

I love you but then again I don't.

I see you and I see what any girl like me would want.

You are who I admire,

The one that I adore,

You are the one that my heart longs for!


When I Found You
Elaine T. Sy

When I found You,

My life begin to leap, flickering like a star in the sky, A diamond on a ring, imperfect by it cuts, With the rays of the sun sparkle the true colours of my heart.

When I found You,

I see the light that escorts me through the world of life, Completed the whole I am.

When I found You,

I learned to smile without bitterness,

View life with perseverance,

Handle it with care and compassion.

When I found You,

My heart glorify Your Name, Rejoices through my pains, Testify the miracle of Your works in me.

When I found You,

Everything change, silver turned to gold, Live life with You.

Astonishing story of my life, now wonders by everyone because I found You... in my heart.


Soft and so delicate,

Are these hands that you hold,

Like angels with wings,

How graceful they unfold.




Sami and I can be the best of friends

while being the worst of enemies

No matter what though I can count on her being there for me whenever I need someone to talk to.

I trust that she’ll be there

whenever I need someone to lean on.

She knows that I’ll be there

for her everyday of the year.

Having her as a friend is the best!


Amy Kriozere 

In my dreams you are kissing me, wiping away the tears And in my dreams there is no heartache, surely there is no fear.

For when two people come together and build their hearts’ a home We see through eyes of wonder, where once we saw alone.

In these dreams success my love is not a power game Of always who’s on top and always one to gain; We’ll make our life’s own dance crowning Love the final truth, Forgetting lies and alibis, making peace from past abuse.

In my dreams together, we’ll share this golden sun Loving each for now and always, living holy two from one.

No need to feel despondent, God’s our greatest fan You know he blesses lives of those who fall separate from the plan.

He’ll send his mighty angels, to mend those broken hearts, to knit the tears that life’s aches caused and made us rip apart.

Though time on earth is but a blink we’ll touch life’s sweet reality because we’re strong enough to look for guidance and shout to make our plea.

For love is there to guide us glowing bright and glowing true - It's beacon shines the way for us - This love I'll find with you.


Let's play pretend,
and act like we are more than friends.

Let's play pretend,
and never come to an end.

Let's play pretend,
and build a house,
and live a life,
we know nothing about.

Let's play pretend,
and kiss and make up

Just like life,
was handed to us.
Let's play pretend,
over and over again!




I've never thought of my heart getting broken. By a guy, by family, by anyone

That was until I got my first boyfriend

Everything changed

I noticed my feelings getting deeper and deeper for him. I would cry when I had'nt talked to him in a while

He loved me, I loved him

There was no doubt about it

Until 6 months later, I IMed him

H had said: " I.......


Then i could tell it was coming

I said: "breaking up with me???"

And right there and then i broke into tears, for i had known my first relationship was over and i was left with a broken heart



Love is a grand thing,

Don't get me wrong.

But have you ever seen,

The evil side to love?

Love can hurt,

It can hurt real bad.

When it hurts most,

Is when the one you love,

Has apparently moved on.

It seems to me,

That love is the greatest thing,

Your heart will ever feel.

But as the time,

Love can make you your heart feel,

That its being smashed into the ground.

That's how I feel.

Love has ripped my heart apart,

And left it there to bleed.

Love has left me alone,

With no one there I feel I need.

Love has brought tears to my eyes,

Which no one else sees.

For you see,

Love is a roller coaster,

With its ups and downs.

Love is a flame,

That never seems to burn out.

Love seems as a storm,

It grows and it build,

Until it moves on.

But my storm,

I question,

Will it move on?

Now you see,

Just how evil love can be?


How do I tell you my thoughts?
How can I explain this madness you bring serenity here as I wait, my world is at peace

You touched me, you kissed me, you held me and still I can't let you know all the madness you bring
I relive every touch

I will leave you no doubt
what I cant say in words
I will blow your house down




I have a friend who is amazing

They are very close to me,

They have been my friend forever,

And I would be lost without them.

Kind, Loving, Understanding, Caring,

Words cannot describe what they mean to me.

Of course I have loved them as much as a friend can,

But recently, I’ve had to pull them closer,

and tell them it is O.K. to cry

For a friend is a thing I am grateful for,

And I don’t want to lose them.


Keepsake :
James P. Mac Donald

An Artist could never Sketch what I had in mind.

Or what you'd look like after so little time.

To be cheerful, beautiful and bright.

Only God knew you'd turn out so right.

To see you grow before my eyes.

This is something money could never buy.

I am you.

you are me.

Oh God ! How funny life can be.

Pretty soon you'll grow up, Heart, mind and soul.

There are somethings I really wish I could control.

Being five is such a special age.

This is something I don't ever want to change.

Being joyful and playfull thoughout every week.

This is something I really like to keep.

...And I think to myself. Is this a mistake ?

To keep in a jar like a keepsake.

To be able to open the container just once and a while.

To see my five year old angel look up at me and smile.


me flyingstar

I wanna be an angel and fly away into the sky,

I wanna see you everyday and pray for you to God.

You took me everything I had, you took my hope with you,

You've made me feel like no one could,

You've made me cry a lot...

Those words you said to your best friend

Have made a hole into my soul.

I feel my wings are broken now,

I know my voice is coming down.

You've put your knife into my heart

I've put my hope into your mind...

Now it's too late, now it's all gone,

You have your life, I have my own...

So go now, go and have no fear

Maybe my tears will disappear..

Goodbye my love and let me pray

Cuz in the sky I wanna stay...



Desired Wish
diana foskey

You are my shield

I am your spear

you are my mirror image

I am your watery reflection

You are my courage

I am your strength

You are like my sun

because you brighten

my cloudest of days

I am like the moon,

I will guide you

if you lose your way

and need someone near

when everyone seems far

like the stars

I see your eyes even

when I sleep.

It was your personality

that drew me to you

Out of a crowd of thousands

Your confidence and encouraging

words engulfed

and transformed me

Like a butterfly emerging out

into the world

You are my answered prayer

I hope that I am your

desired wish.

Because you are mine.


Lisa Hogue




Why compete for what is mine, how bold you must feel to wanna cross that line, Maybe you feel it's easy to do, but apparently it's you who needs to be schooled. See.... availability it appeared, opportunity you gave, but hey I aint mad at 'cha, honey.....its all apart of the game. See what you fail to realize, I'm in it to win, by any means necessary I play it to the end. While in passing it was you they came upon. Looking good, smelling good and I'm sure you know the rest of the song, But it's ok Im not in fear of it slipping thru my hands. You see, I trust 'em to do what's expected. Why?.... Because still he's jus a man. So I sit back and watch this case and for you it'll become jus a blur, But jus remember you've been warned...So please don't let the necessary occur. Please don't take this as a threat, but more like a guarantee, for if I didn't respond when you crossed that line, now what kinda lady would i be. So I'll say it again without a doubt and on this you can be sure... I love my man so back on up and PLEASE DON'T LET THE NECESSARY OCCUR!


What Can I Say???
FLyShy davis

What can i say

what can i do

with your heart will i play

will it ever be true

shall i make you cry

will i break your heart

shall i tell you lies

will you be that smart

how can i meet you at that place

when i have to talk to you in your face im kind of sorry but im kind of not i was the one who started now i cant stop why does it have to be that way im thinkings about why i said yes that day so just for now i will stay but if i leave "what can i say"


HE NIGHT THAT WAS OH SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sym Pearce

The night that he was at my side. His Big warm hand in my tiny hand. He was wispering sweet nothings in my ear. He was such a man that never was going to leave me. Oh that night was so swwet and like magick in the air.We were in such love it was like a true life that never ending. Oh how sweet was that night in moon light. He was 5'7 dark and had the most sexy accent in the world he was the best thing in my life he was the greats boyfriend I had every had............................ Now that is over he is no longer my boyfriend................ He is now my husband in this world and the next.


Amy Kriozere

My intention

A blank canvas seeking peace

But still slave to my inner ego’s wants and whims at short notice.

Contracting and expanding

Seeking without explaining

inner desires come to graze with no prior invitation the unconscious ego unmasked takes over my outer shell and in a frenzy I ride the rollercoaster imbalanced and emotional.

This is not the world of the working

Where everything is ordered and neat

And lunches are taken promptly at noon.

The heart has its own time clock

And if I dare to suppress its voice

A crying child awakes from its nap cross and unfed.

Do not suppress me, I am most important it says For I give you dreams and passion and sex.

And your instincts are wise because I exist.

Still, I must get along and we must marry if I am to exist So let us make friends that I may blend among the mundane and living. .

But the nights I give to you for dreams and intuition And the days I give to you for gut decisions Only you will hide in my bosom and have peace Yes I will listen to you and make peace So you will quiet down and hide in my breast Subtle breathing,laying low against me Accepted for who you are undying baby of mine And we will be friends, again.

we will be friends..


First Love
By Tha Diva Champaigne

You'll love 2 times and you'll love 3,
But like your first-it will never be
Never again will you feel that way,

The way of your first time,not till this day You'll never find a love like him,not like his And that's for sure,the love he gives it feels so pure He'll always be different from the rest,cause he was your first,probably your best You'll always remember him,your first love How good he looked,like an angel from above So don't forget what you've just read

cause your love will always be in your head



"Friendship in Bloom"
By Terra Guerrero

Friendship is like a flower in bloom.

It starts from a seed and then you add dirt and water.

It grows slow but sure. It may dry up but if you replenish it, it will keep growing and keep getting stronger and stronger. Sometimes something will come along and take a part of that flower and fly off with it but another part will grow in it's place, it may take awhile but friendship is definitely worth it when you would go through a terrible storm and still come out as beautiful as when you were planted with the tender touch of your friends hands. Maybe there could be even something alot more than just one flower in bloom. But a whole garden.


Karissa jones

everyone says they love ones that they are with for the moment but how do you know they really mean it that way how do you know you aren't being played how do you know that the person who said it wont want to break you heart dont be fooled by the way they say it.


when I
Jasmin Springer

When we were just friends we got together.When we were together I liked you. When i liked you I loved you. When I was there you were somewhere. And when you got some I lost you.


beth: jane

The love that I gave to you, is under the bed You sleep each night, with it under your Head

I’ve given so much, I want so much more

And now I’m willing to walk out the


The window I gave you, into my heart

I thought it would show my love from the Start

But it’s hidden away, you don’t want to see The love I gave, the love you don’t give Me.

My heart is aching, its scabbed and its sore And I’m finally willing to walk out the Window Our window The window.



Be Still, be still

And look for once

At all the joys

You left to rust

Be still, be still

Then you'll see clear

All the things

You once held dear

Be still, be still

Don't pass love by

Live forever

In memories time


Good-Bye Love
By Jennifer J.

The time has come to say good-bye,

I will no longer sit and cry

We must now part ways,

But I will think of you some days.

My heart may never mend,

But I hope I will be strong enough in the end.

As I remember all the memories we've made, Over time my love for you will slowly fade.

I must now let go of your hand,

And walk alone through this land.

I look back and think:

"But why did our love have to sink?"

We were just not meant to be,

But just now I have come to see,

that at last glance,

I wouldn't have missed the chance.


Rodneyshia Harris

I cry as I listen to the slow songs

I pray to hold you in my arms again

I try to make right all my wrongs

though it's sad that we can't even be friends You made me laugh even at the worst times You made me feel secure and love this life of mine I remember the day I told you I hate you It was a lie but I never got how you knew I loved being around you It made me realize that God does love me too To send me an angel with such grace I regret the day I told you that I need space I never liked to be alone You were always around to comfort me We were blissfully happy back then Now you don't even want to talk to me After all the things that I have done to you before I'd clearly understand if you wouldn't want to talk to me anymore But I just had to let you know that if ever I am to see you again I hope you can tell me you forgive me 'cause I can't live another day going on a pretend


Darnell Schmitz

They told you once i told u twice but some how i knew you wern't nice.
I trusted you with my love and care then all the sudden you wern't their.

I asked my self why i asked my self how then all the sudden my life went POW.

I found my self crying i found my heart broke,bu the inly thing i ciuld think of is tha i wished you would croak.

I'm hurt i'm pist oh nuts i missed oh gosh oh no here she comes if she knows whats good she'll turn and run.

Run run she Does so well run run she can burn in hell.Run run she does some more oh no she fell through the floor.


This is how i feel

I never knew your name.

I never saw your face.


I fell in love with your sweet words of grace

2 times pi or something

3 times anything.

i cant think of anything. when my head is clouded with you please listen to me.

o please. al i ask is tis and lease answer.

for i love you


Melissa burns

Baby i love your smile,i love your laugh When we spend the day togeather it goes by fast

When were together we spend each minute with each other But it shows how much love we share with one another

The time we spend together is in the outdoors we have so much fun,but you know there's even more

You're not only my lover but also my best friend You are the only one who is there for me in the end

When you look and see what other people are like together You know you and me are meny to be together forever

You are like the sky so beautiful it's true That's why when i took one look i fell in love with you


I kissed her lips...

I felt a bolt of bliss...

We looked at each other...

Thinking about no other...

I could feel the love in her eyes...

As a man would have for his life when he dies...



other than me
by Donta' Mason

Emotions for your love over whelm me.

In front of me you are, but it seems, when I reach out with love, far you are. I simply desire passionate love of yours to mirge with my life. Giving up so much which vary, to acceive one rush of trust in me to never hurt your heart.

In the search of shining as if it was a daimond type of love, you excellent gem, are the paragon of my eye. To fly is the easiest task. I view your lovely glance, and my heart touches the sky. Why? is the interrogative form I can not request. In the mist of my love, only the best is next, and only the copy of that will be attached.

I lie in the depths of heated suffocation, you my love, the cool fresh air I need, bless me with your creed. Render my heart not by shatter, I beg. Love me as if I was the only star in the sky when living in continuing night.


"I thought"
-Gwen Iguel

I thought I knew you well,
I thought that I could tell,
When you start loosing interest,
In me,your so-called princess,
But nothing rang a bell.

You check me evernight,
to see if I'm alright,
But the feeling is just different,
I can not make this commitment,
Thanks to all the fights.

I'm guilty, I admit,
Because I can't commit,
To who I thought I loved,
Forgive me, Lord above,
For love I can't submit.

Having no regrets,
Is what I will do best,
Forgetting all the times,
When Love was such a crime,
My heart I'll put to rest.


(Cate Espener - Mar/06)

You say you ‘wanna stop the moon from shining But you haven’t got the time The train, it’s doors are closing And you’re running far behind Yeah you’re running, just running Tho’ you don’t know where You say brother, can you wait for me He says sister, we don’t care

And you wonder why you’re fighting

An unnecessary war

When all you really ‘wanna do

Is keep the wolf from your back door

What happens to the dream

when it’s been drained down to the core

So, I'm running, just running

But I don’t want to anymore

‘Gonna find me a river, in a valley so green I’m not looking for foregiveness I’m just looking for a dream Where my feet can touch the earth And the water feels so warm Gonna find me a place To protect me from the storm

And, if I could find a way

To have my dreams delivered to my door

I’d just post me a sign

That reads deliverance is here,

I’ll be waiting by the shore

‘Cause honey, keep you money

I’m not running anymore.



I thought that we were the best of friends Looks like I was the damn friend I thought a friendship was between two people You used me for what I had I couldn’t see it in the beginning When you needed advice I would give it If you needed money you could have it What was mine was yours But you started to take advantage of me And that shit made me angry How could you treat your so- called best friend like that?

But now I know I was only your best friend for what I had When we went out I would pay for everything Like I was your damn man You always asked for this and that But then one day I came to the conclusion that I our friendship was Unhealthy


Secular Virtue
by Effie Blake

i could love you

in the absence of light --

black and seductive.

you could hate me

in the sheer presence of light --

white and evaginate.

we could be ambivalent towards one another in a cast of light -- gray and consummate.


i just want you to be honest and

to want me like i want you

i don't want all these reasons

to think different of your better side

spill your heart to me baby

so i don't feel like you lied

every song i ever wrote for you

can never add up to how i feel for you nothing i can touch nothing i can say and nothing i can do can explain how much i love you

so this is the diary of our lives

up and down like a roller coaster ride

but threw every tragedy and ever mis-hap i want you to feel like your sleeping on my shoulder

With out a worry in the world

threw our love and our lust

i will do anything i can in this world

just to gain your trust

Chris Chase 


 "love not those u love..but those who love you"
Nalini Ramlogan

in my heart there is a feeling

of hurt , pain, anguish and turmoil

i feel like my soul is slowly bleeding

and as the blood forcibly flows through my veins my mind and body is feeling the strain

my eyes are being drowned with these tears that wont subside my legs have buckeled from the weakness in my knees if a wind blows it is sure to take me into the breeze cause i'm light as air , as in my body my soul no longer wishes to reside

that which had kept me happy and free

has now locked me into the horrible feeling that i know everyone can see for that face which was once always beautiful , bright and content only now shows hurt, pain, anguish and resentment.


Breanna Bastion

I sat there

In the midst of dark

Reminiscing on all our memories

With a blank look on my face

I stare at your picture

Holding on to it tightly

I wipe away the tears

That are streaming down my cheeks

Faster and faster

I lay your picture down

Leaning my head against the wall

With my eyes closed

I keep hearing your voice

Saying I Love You

But, it just won't go away

As I open my eyes

I see a shadow

And I hear you say, I Love You


Ever since we met in the month of January I always wish to celebrate our love anniversary
Hafiz Khan

At the very beginning of the day
I like the words " I Love You" to say

You looks very charm like a moon
I wish to marry you so soon

With your help I can build like a tower
That is why I had choosen you as my lover

In my mind I can see your smiles
Though you stay away with me lot of miles

At all times I lost in your dream
Gives me a sweet taste like an Ice-cream

You never break my loving heart
It is unable to join each and every part

I am in love with you blindly
Accept my love very kindly

Like Adam and Eve together
Our love remains forever!















There's one day in my life,

I will never regret.Just one special day, I will never forget.

The day I met you,

Your eyes so blue.

In the end,

Looks arent everything,

but you seemed to have,

your own unique trend.

You stood out from the crowd,

Without being loud.

Once I got to know you, From the beginning, As a matter a fact, I'd known you almost all my live, And never known, imagine that!

You used to be depressed,

and got into drugs,

anyone could've guessed.

I wanted to reach out,

And let you take my hand,

But when you were flying high,

You would probably never land,

Untill now, this very moment,

You say to me;

"If it werent for you, I would never have known it, known that there is such a thing as love, And you've shown me that it's a precious as a dove, Inside I feel so proud, And privelliged, But I will never say how I feel out aloud.

you are beautiful to me,

And I hope you can see,

The emotion I have found,

Inside of me,

I see a dove and I think of our love,

And what it's bound to be,

I see the younger, quieter people,

And think of how id used to be.

I look at the past see the beginning of you and me...



 Lakshmi Rajagopal

I could wait all my life
To spend only a minute with you

I could sit beside you all my life,
not speak a word
But still die as if I had the best conversation in my life

I could engage in a rage of tempers between us
But, still spend the next minute
With the freshness of a new found love

I could stay away from you for years
Never keep in touch
But, feel your presence
just as it would mean when you were near

I could look into the mirror
And see you



By: Kumbah Sarnor

I imagined your love wuz all i ever needed and wanted 2 b complete I waited for your luv with hope.

I fantascized our hearts would beat as one and our thoughts would b in sync.

You made me believe wat we had wuz luv but...

wat gud is luv if it makes u cry and

wat gud is luv that makes u feel pain?

Wat gud is luv at all?

If only this so called luv could bring back wat we used 2 have and make me feel wat i used 2 feel Now im confused and lost and only painful memories cloud my thoughts.Now i am alone even with u by my side.The times we laughed and layed together have vanished.We were convinced wat we had wuz luv but...

wat gud is luv if it makes u cry and

wat gud is luv that makes u feel pain?

Wat gud is luv at all?


Ntobeko Nicol Ximba

Wait for me love, wait for me

`coz the first time comes only once in a lifetime dont lose that chance to experience that devine experience superceeding all experiences love wait for me

Dont give your gift to he who dont deserve but serve to protect and preserve that most intimate secret love wait for me

The Lord made you love to be beautiful inside and outside an untouched undesturbed and undiluted beauty from your very first day dont give it all so easily away love wait for me

Wait till its real,till you feel all love revealed till you`re sure its true and till that holy union love wait for me

Our time will come when we can fully explore each other open all doors and worry not about precautions but untill that time love wait for me,

Love,wait for me, patiently, expectantly untill our time is due `coz untill that time love I`ll be waiting for you


i walk the line end to end

maybe you will come again

my hopes, my dreams, your in them too

now i am turning blue

because of you i turned away

you were my hopes and my dreams

but now i know that wasn't true

in the end it will always be YOU!!!!



In my eyes is your picture,

On my lips is your name,

In my brain are fond thoughts of you,

But in my chest there is a loving heart throbbing endlessly for you.

From the time I was born,

And I have grown

Sick and tired of people who have always worn, Masques which I've torn and thrown, But my eyes never saw your face with one, Like your face in its natural beauty, There is none.

By nidaa Saleh


Chidozie N. Ihebereme

Your heart for me will never break,

guided like chicks by mother hens.

We’re tendered like lakes by ripples

caressed by the wind, buried in such

wishes that you’d someday realize

that my heart for you is a soft, soft

quilt; supple as nipples of a chicken


Your heart for me will never break

My frozen fingers forever are warm.

Like the sun does to the frozen sea,

So you have finely defrosted me,

Revealing such life that someday will

Make you realize the freedom we have

To fill the world with love and children; Two or more…

Your heart for me will never break

For your volcanic calm never burns

our friendship winged by bird plumes.

That’s why we fly; we fly so high

amid the singing stars in our ears,

seashores licking our eastern sun

coloring us with the blush of a childlike child.

Your heart for me will never break

For the moon never shines in golden rays but keeps a night like our comely days.

That’s why your looks devour me so,

dying to live forever in your deathless heart.

With you I’m soiled by laughter, such joy likened to my heart for you as soft, as soft quilt.

My heart for you will never break.

Today, there’s no woman in my heart.

The doors are shut; the rooms are dusty

the breath is gone; the bones are rusty

I am only waiting and writing for enigma, for she who’d in future posses my heart, lighten up my soul, and stay forever and ever.

By then, “my heart for her will never break,”

For nothing truly ever breaks in true love This I write for you, whoever my love might be.

“This I write for only she.”


Falling into you
jennifer, robbins

and in your eyes i see ribbons of color

I see us insideof each other

I feel ,my unconscious merge with yours and

i hear a voice say, whats his, hers

I'm falling into you this dream could come

true and it feels so good falling into you

I was afraid to let you in here now i have learned

love can't be ,made in fear, the walls begin to

tumble down and i can't even see the ground

I'm falling into you, this dream could come true

and it feels so good falling into you

Falling like a leaf

Falling like a star

Finding a belief

Falling where you care

Catch me, don't let me drop,Love me

don't stop

So close your eyes and let me kiss you

and while you sleep i will miss you

im falling into you


Melissa Odell



The Only Thing I Could Say Is Sorry
Joules Castillon

Oh how I missed the love and care

The once you showed the once that's there I always thought you were sincere But hey, guess our love disappear

It's hard to move on

Difficult to go on

Not easy to be alone

Nor to have someone along

How I wish that this love would mend

The hurtings I feel so tensed

It burns like fire how ice would end

Shatter my heart, my emotion was rend

I tried to live life without you

Though it would be so blue

But I am missing you so true

The only person I thinks is you...


Happy Birthday Van
Thierry Tambe

Flowers begin to mature, everything calls for spring Yet a shiny and handsome angel just came from heaven “Your attention please” as a sign, he flapped the right wing Then ecstatic, he shouted: Today is March eleven.

Somewhere, sometime as you leap

You’re more than a friend, someone I want to trust Somewhere, sometime you simply sleep But still you care, even though I’m dust and rust.

Beautifully made with authentic clay

Know, thousand miles away there is man

Whose heart and soul just want to say



 Pure White
                          There was a place
                             so long ago
                          where Nature cried
                          in morning's glow
                           Now no one knows
                          why tears were shed,
                           for love and joy
                            a Shaman said.
                          Her cries were heard
                            from up above,
                          what filled the sky
                          were tears of love.
                          When she was done 
                          night was falling,
                          she dried her eyes,
                           God was calling. 
                            Earth was quiet 
                          and all would know,
                            her frozen tears
                          were pure white snow.
                             by T.L.Finch     


Loving you is too hard to do;
Breaking my heart into
I have not been unto you
Yet I know I should stay away from you
I've loved many times before
Every time crushing me to the floor
Falling so hard and fast
Every time, my heart gets thrashed
Thrown out the door
Every time before
Causing me pain
In every possible way
I love you with all of my heart
But I am afraid to start.........
Loving you
If you're asking if I'll be with you...
The answer is forever.
If you're asking if i'll leave you...
The answer is never.
If you're asking what i value...
The answer is you.
If you're asking if i love you...
The answer is i do.
lena dombrowski


Floatin' in the wind 
Living a life long journey
that was never meant to end so soon,
Now that you rest in peace
left us with so much disbeleive,
We all know you are never missed,
bring us the inner bliss
of memories we are yet to release,
Things in life are never a surprise
eventually we all learn to survive,
Days, months, years has passed
without you it makes us sad,
Given the last of what you had
makes us want to take your hand
so we can remember how much fun we had!


When we were together I loved it as I did you When we were apart I couldn’t wait to sleep so I could dream of you Now that my heart is broken and you are gone Sleep has become the enemy Because I dream of you What used to be a great dream has now become a nightmare What I wished to happen happens in my dream The arrow is stuck in my heart And all efforts to take it out cause me even more pain I shall live for ever with this scar in my heart And the great dreams that I call nightmares

Jesus Navarrete


my heart belongs to him

my heart belongs to him

cute, intelligent, and tantalizing,

frustratingly tempting, sickly sweet, and clearly overpowering, baggy pants, bandannas, and jerzeys, manipulative smiles, peircingly good looks, i love him, does he love me?

i can't eat, i can't think, i can't sleep, still, ilove him and he will never know, my heart belongs to him


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