March, 2008

guess i don't expect to write without incident
but those guys stole my bicycle!
whats the price of a guy's bike these days anyways?
their bastards!
i don't know how to play this game
i don't know the rule of thumb
i thought that when i became a poet
i'd make more friends
by Myra Clarkson
A sense of hope comes with the Spring
the air is warm; sweet songbirds sing
The earth turns green and flowers bloom
new life emerges from Nature's womb
The balmy breeze gives my soul a thrill
and melts the memory of Winter's chill
I hear Creation clearly say
"Rejoice, be glad; it's a beautiful day"
It seems my strength has been renewed
my dark thoughts change to a cheery mood
My woes and cares to the wind I fling

as I succumb to the magic of Spring




                Duy Bui
Birds are the artists of the sky,
Crooning a different tune, from
Corners to corners, from roofs
To roofs over New York City’s
Narrow alleys, crowded avenues
And hushed piers of the East and West
They sing so much like a blues musician
With his Saxophone blowing into the sullen
Wind a tune of the night, upon 
The sarcastic environment a song
Of courageous love, and into the
Wintry souls a natural prayer.
Sometimes I listen to their echoing
Calls in the pubescent morning,
and caliginous evening. Though too often,
I fail to see the perennial beauty they
Paint with their Shadows upon the yellow
Sand, when heavy footprints ambulate and roll.   



        by Thomas E. Sobon         


I lost a sock.  Where did it go?

Looked all around and I don't know

It's mighty strange.  In fact it's queer

How could a sock just disappear?  


I know I put two in the wash.

I even watched them as they'd slosh

When all the cycling was done

Two socks went in.  But out came one


I searched the drum not once but twice

Each time I searched it was no dice

I was puzzled and confused

How could my sock have been abused?


I searched some more.  And I was mad

Where was the blasted sock I had?

I scratched my head.  I even prayed

Where art thou sock?  My nerves were frayed


The sock I lost and cannot find

Is driving me out of my mind

It disappeared!  Did it dissolve?

This mystery Sherlock couldn't solve


  Your Valentine

Written by R. Garcia for Daniella.


As Valentines are for lovers,

the depth of my heart for you is golden,

for no exaggeration,

nor candy,

can be arranged in this heart of delights.

I love you,

therefore I celebrate with my soul,
that which you have given me.

We have stumbled,

as all lovers transcend the tribulations.

We have fallen,

but arose to a beautiful day.


My Valentine for you is a poem,

written from my heart,

from the soul,

that we may never part,

in a world that consistently parts.

My box of delights,

Is the commitment of love,

that I cherish,

that cannot be substituted by a gift.

The taste of sugar,

Is my soul bathing in the light,

of this wondrous love.


If things could say,

what it is we all want to hear,

I would silence,

this which I adore above all else.

Your genuine love,

whose honesty cannot be challenged,

by objects of desire.




The pain inside,

so unbearable

The tears I cry,

so heavy.

You, not talking,

such sadness.

You, ignoring me,

such insecurity.

You, not seeing me,


You, not answering,


Where are you?

Come for me!

I need you!

Embrace me!

No more without you.


I’ll fight for you.



The Law of Love
Love me without fear
Trust me without doubt
Kiss me without hesitation
But handle me with tenderness
For i havea very fragile heart
So don't break it to pieces
For this world's riches
Don't compare to the love that i feel for you inside
Honour me for what i am
Cherish me for what i have
Correct me when i am wrong
And if ever you see me doown
Rise up and make me strong
And please remind me not to frown
But to smile and sing a special song


after baraka's preface to a twenty-volume suicide note

Harold John L. Fiesta

Nights walk with feet of rocks
For those who stare back
At death's disbelieving eye.

I do not fear
That the world shall forget me,
Only the famous sometimes do.

I only fear the loss of my memories

It is with this thought
That hurls me into action
To open memory's cluttered dresser
And pack a few favorite
For the coming trip.

The journey is swift and necessary,
And you must not fear that end:

A sleek passage
Which is devoid
Of bumps and potholes

A path so straight and clear,
Unlike life's curvy and stormy roads

But once you have set your mind on it
Fail not to remember ---

There is no going back.


The Lyrics of a Shoe
By Ray Lewis

Roses are Red and Violets are blue Of all that you are, can I start with your shoe?

Damn...that shoe! So strong and steady So supportive and silent..did I say SILENT?

Feels strange to  get touched by something so simple 


I sware it felt like that Damn shoe could talk Calling me, urging me to simply take a look

If I wasn’t mistaken, that fine little thang winked at me At least I got a chance to touch it, handle it for a moment

Hard to concentrate with that thang staring at me and me at it


Damn… that shoe conjures up images of walking..soo sassy, Dancing..soo sexy, Stomping off..soo angry and my my my

Flirting…Damn that shoe sure knows how to FLIRT!!! What impresses me is the weight that shoe carries

The home, the job, the kids, the bills..amazing it can still stand!


Wish I was the last thing you slip on before leaving home, like that shoe


How I envy that Damn shoe, The sole that protects you from harm,

The frame that fits you so perfectly, The heel that calls attention to those pretty legs

The straps that hold your ankles ever so close, Even imagined it on tiptoes reaching up for an embrace


Sure hate to see that shoe leave! But maybe, even for a moment I could be that Damn shoe?


This Tired Hand  by Justin C. Gelinas

Don`t let go,

Just hold on.

Please grab tight,

If you don`t you`ll be gone.

Your slipping away,

I hear from you less.

Your far from my view,

Now my life is a mess.

I`m reaching out with my hand,

For one more chance.

As I look to the sky,

Hoping for one last glance.

I can`t believe that I`m here,

Why did I stay!

I should be at your side.

On this very day.

From the first time we met,

You had my back.

Now I sit at home,

While your under attack.

You were there for me,

When I needed a friend.

If I needed help,

your hand you would lend.

Why did you go!

It makes me so mad!!!

Wasn't I a good friend to you?

Did I make you feel bad?

I prey every night,

That you are okay.

I`m still reaching for you nick,

I hope you`ll be back to hold on someday. . .

This poem was written about and is dedicated to my best friend N. H. You were always there. for me.



Living my life day by day
Everything caught up and I got a price to pay
I go sleepless for days thinking about it all
One second I'm up the next I just fall
I keep on climbing till I reach back up
Looking at my life and all I've messed up
These pains I get feels like I've been shot
My heart is like a target and they made the middle of the dot
But even through that I still don't fall
I keep my strength and get through it all
Sitting here just saying I feel like dying
But for now I'm just going through my life test
Don't think ima pass n go on
I feel that I've don't to much wrong
I try to fix it but stuff catches up
I know I've messed up
Like I've said before it's just all a game
One step forward is two steps back
But the problem is, that first step is what i lack...........
-Brian Escobar
sorry that i do not have a title for my poem


My Father Broke My Leg

            G David Schwartz        

My father broke my leg

I’m sure he didn’t mean to

He just went rolling back

Then picked up a little stream to

And I was lying behind him

Watching television

When he came crashing in on

Me and my good leg

And I nearly had to beg

Please dear father roll the other way   

I’m missing the end of Lassie, that’s all I have to say


She wanted to feel whole again
Not feel the pain
Along her ribs
Or hear the fibs
Or downright lies
Or have the blackened eyes
Or broken teeth.
She wanted to have done with grief
Not fear the turning
Of the door or burning
Sensation in her groin.
She wanted love like others had
Not sex turned bad
Or feel abused
Or sexually used
But tenderness like mother knew
Not the black and blue
Or moody punches
Or random kicks because of hunches
He thought his mind contrived
Those sickly thoughts of one deprived
Of normal sense and being.
She wanted to feel whole inside
But never felt it and so she died.


                 by Louie Lawent 

(author of "The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man And The Universe)"
I don't see God in a cypress
- his beard as a mountain slope
I don't see God in continental drift
- in Mother Nature's braindead clock of consciousness
but I may see Him as its winder
I may see God in the intricacies of my incomprehension
I don't see God in the computer simulation of our sun's inaugural journey
I may sense His handiwork, but the Divinity of motion stops me short
I may see God in the big bang singularity
... I may see me as his anthropic principle witness of
the ungodly improbabilities of the galaxies' formation
I may see God in entropy's precision
... I may see physics' proofs as God done better than unevolved theology
I don't see God in the eyes of a descendant of interstellar dust,
the predecessor of the monkey
but I see God in the genius of a formula to put monkey in my face
I don't see God in biblical passages that crucify Father Time
that contain missing narrative links
where multiplication is the product of fertilized mirages
... I would only see laws of physics in an extraterrestrial being
but I would see God in any supernatural ghost
I may see God as the reality of His hypothetical
I may feel God as a tap on my shoulder
as an abrupt scratch on my cheek
as a voice that yanks me from the tail end of a dream
I may see God as one of assorted failures
as a God without omniscience
as a God who sometimes throws it and sees what sticks
I don't see God in prophecies that require Armageddon as route to Rapture
I may see God as reward for man's moral progression
I may see God in my doubts



By: Clayton Moore


I spent my whole life in my room,

Never daring to try the new.

Where has that gotten me?

Now I sit here in this chair,

Crying over what I once had

But now lost.

If everything can change in the blink of an eye,

Is life not just one big staring contest?

The world around us is changing,

It changes while we sleep,

It changes while we wait.

The world is changing

And that’s the truth.

We can fight it,

We can try to stop it,

But we will never learn to accept it.

And that will never change.



By Jameel Heath

Playing atop this mound of clay
Gazing across at the ages I must slay
Following clouds that drift on west
Stumbling west to find my day
In the Sun, chosen one
Picked up the fire now time to run
Aside for the younger son, apperently his time has come Red moon rising in the east Whilst on dead fruits I feast The next red moon will ride the western gate Marks two years before we meet our fate And the flood pours down to wipe the slate When the age of involution ends And evolution lies in wait.


When I dream
By: Marshawn Woods
When I dream, I dream alone.
In my dreams I'm with you.
My dreams are bright, when dreaming about our future together.
Do you dream about me too???
My mind often wanders and doubts become nightmares,
I ain't scared cause its nature that makes us human.
In your dreams, I hope you see a good man.
A cool friend, who in truth you can stand the rain with.
Be in cars, buses, planes and trains with.
Me, the one you wouldn't mind staying with.
To put it plain as this:
I haven't felt this real about dreams in a while.
Had to call you up to tell you how I feel.
Cause' many nights I dream alone.
Dreaming that you were here.


Jessica Rouleau   3-6-08
She woke up with a cool sweat in her palms
To the kitchen, a drink her nerves to calm.
As she stares out into the dark abyss,
She thinks of times past that she now does miss.
Times when they used to walk along the beach,
Times that were as sweet as a summer peach.
Now all that she has left to think at night,
Is what she reads in letters... of the fights.
He is not at home, and she needs him so,
Seeing he's safe, is all she needs to know.
But since his country has called him away,
All shes got left to do is hope and pray.
     Pray that he will remember her smile, her touch
     Then perhaps these nightmares won't happen as much.


Alyssa Blackford
Petals fall from Tulip's eyes,
casting winter upon my soul.
Whispers whirl within weeping dreams
for that fatal, final toll.
Ice chills life's beauty.
Without love wonder's provide,
heaps of ashes replace the heart
where yearning for the lost reside.
Bring my Elysian Fields
and sow this battered heart.
To surpass eternal tragedy,
avoid the craters of the dark.

love abides
Marla DiGiacomo

little moments of bliss

stored cell x cell inside

awakens a new reality

and to it love abides

with quickening desire

it burns all red fire

the light of love divine


Sergey Merkuliev

A simple melody of time

As if from pieces is arranged

Music is seeping out through cracks

Not wetting feet is flowing out

To past’s basements stepping down

You are becoming higher & higher

As if from the sky-scraper’s roof

A looking kid sees


The rivers edge
Taking a walk on the rivers edge
Sunshine bright and not too much said
Of course, I am alone
A breeze wrestles the leaves
It is fall and then some fall.
Darn that I fall too
the water bubbles
Some Hawk above for the hunt
some bugs speak
And I am lucky for a song bird or two.
A longing for peace
As I walk along
the river flows
photography not straight
I now conjure images
in the blissful warmth
of our sun's light.
Little am I understood
foot stoops in our mind
and the river continues
too flow over my self pity
Fall colors erupt
measuring my life
And I soak my feet
on the rivers edge
May I smell that you cared
that you took from me
something I never had to give
Rich in your fulfilling body.


The Day We Met
by:  Deanna Doehler
The day we met, I saw something in your eyes.
It was almost as if we had met before.
There was no hesitation or lack for words
And I knew right then, It word turn into more.
You looked at me, and I looked at you,
and we both felt something down deep.
I could tell right away that I was in love
And one day your heart would be mine to keep.
We spent many a night in the dark corners of a booth
Lusting for each other every chance we could.
Our love was forbidden for years to come.
But we were destined to be together, I knew we would
As time went by, and our feelings grew strong,
we had a need to be together.
You promised me that you would make things right,
So that we could be in love forever.
More time passed and you kept your word,
And everything felt so right.
We announced our love to everyone we met,
I never had love that felt so right.
Years have passed and here we are now,
Our problems were too much for me to handle.
You live there and I live here,
Our time burnt out, like the flame of a candle.
You were always so loving and good to me,
And I know I did not treat you right.
 I decided to leave you for a quieter life,
as I disappeared from your life into the night.
Not long after I left, you met someone,
You called her ‘just a friend”
I never understood what you saw in her.
and I knew because of her, it would lead to our end.
Now here I sit, pining for the love I once had,
with the man of my dreams in my heart.
But too much has happened,
and I think we both know it has come our time to part.
You hurt me with lies and you betrayed my trust.
And my heart has been broken… you know.
So if I really do love you, and you really love me
Then you know as I do, we must let each other go.
You will be in my heart, forever that’s true.
Because if I ever loved anyone, Anyone was you.



The One

with silky strands and flowing colors
i weave a lavish life.
the souls i weave with my thread
flow in and out of time.
i introduce you to your love
and take away the pain.
i weave a life full of grief
and anguish in a soul
but all i know is what you see
through your mortal eyes
for i'm the one who wakes the sun
and weaves the sands of time.

Jacklynn D Hall


Habit hunting
Naveed iqbal

Habits that features the sense of being..
Loyal to the hands of nature…all friends… Are the seeds of trees and oxygen… Are the future having past in heart… Are the bouquets of roses in senseless desert Why don’t you show on map of world This colorful scheme of seasons..
Open, liberal and passionate ..
Think before to destroy,
At least a destruction measurement..
But remember..
Destroying these habits could be a social art An art for what ..a society for what..


cerah raelin



Diversion is their key
Less freedom for you and me
New World Order is on the RISE
Mind control, taser us, hypnotize
A Sovereign Nation cannot exist
Unless our people stand to resist
The fleecing of our fathers’ land
And illegal wars on foreign sand

Our born rights dissipate
Corporate media regulates
Brittney Spears, she’s our bait
MARTIAL LAW…Anticipate
Bread lines control population rate
White Dick and Bush masturbate
While deciding four millions’ fate
Bilderberg, they know the date
And who’s the next they’ll assassinate
The People’s Candidate!

Patriots get your troops in gear
Never mind the election year
It’s our cause- raise your arms
Protect our nation- save our farms
The Elitists want extermination
Of the middle class population
To control Mother Earth’s resources-
OIL and WATER via military forces

Russian Troops- they are here
Camouflaged by UN gear
The Illuminati will give the sign
The blind sheep tow the line
The borders fall and Liberty weeps
A Fascist world—democracy sleeps
Eyes wide open- it’s all laid out
One currency – the devil, no doubt
Revelations confirms it all
The Land of the Free will soon fall.

Find your cause, stand your ground
Hunger, disease, despair around
The Beast soon offers his sign
Granting placement in the line
Of false truths, bread and wine
Resist the opportunity to feed
As Satan certainly laid the seed
The Freemasons’ occult with the deed
Of leveling Earth with their greed

Break free from the lies
Of the wicked wise
See with your own eyes
Witness truths they despise
Deaths- their blood money buys
The corporate guys
Rockefellers and ties
Murdoch- devil in disguise
Media mogul Monopoly size
Misleading masses
Freedom Dies!



First Love
Jeremiah Cromie

 The only sense I feel is pain

I cannot place it for it is a cloud that surrounds my body

Will this pain I feel haunt me for life or will I walk with a limp that makes me strive for nothing less than perfect

When in the pursuit of something that does not exist in the world but the world itself you must love

Time does no care, time does not wait, nor does it count the seconds

Time cannot be wasted for it is free

This pain I feel takes time

The only thing I can truly count on


Lone Tree

               by Frank Shepich

               Millions of people pass, every year
                                         This lone tree;

               Yet words, with voice, never spoken
                                Eyes glaring
                                           But I will dare;

               I will speak, only, with silent words
                    Cherishing private pleasures
                                       As others before me;

               Who am I to speak for someone?
                    Their pleasure may differ
                                         From mine;

               Let them discover
                       Like I
                 For I feel selfish today.


by Corey Silver


I  know not life

I live in pain

I run from love

I drown, i fall

The pain endures like an eternal oil

Stick on me, become me, beat me, kill me

Hurt me once

Cant see

All a blur

The embrace of a spirit, a soul, a life

So mysterious its beauty untamed

I lived

A touch

A smell

A glance

A smile

Take me to the beginning not the end

I fell, i fell off the side

As a man, a boy, a child

I fell, i fell


Life gives us lemons,

size and tartness, life’s fruit vary,

some used for lemonade,

some so sweet,  the result a square,

Remaining… fruit bestowed once squares of past consumed


New Lemons arrive

Crates of fruit set before us,

Staring into yellow shapes with pain filled eyes,

all in close proximity to minds disposal,

yellow wisps whirling down,

mechanical sound a gracious melody,

echos in the deep sink of life,

weight is lifted through the sweet, soothing sound


Surely this is the answer



Yellow fading, site less menacing

mind begins to calm,

mouths corners angle toward the heavens


Surely this is the answer


A knock at life’s door,

a gift of despair,

yellow as far as the soul can see,


Acceptance resisted to no avail,

despair now in the hands,

looked upon with utter defeat,

shoulders slouch,

shallow breath ,

eyes close upon swelling pools


New eyes open


Glancing down into yellow filled hands,

mouths slight angle returns,

walking as yellow dilemma is peeled,

permafrost garden of the past before us,

earth is broken,

seeds fall between anxious fingers,

eyes wide with content,

sun above,

watching harvest grow into squares of future,

Life gives us lemons.


Mary Ellen Poirer



by Ruth Walters


The man with white hair was very funny

as he asked the sales girl to measure his tummy.

I could see the look of sexual pleasure

as he held up his hands so she could measure.

I measured him up as she measured his waist

and he flushed a little and his eyes did water

as he realised she was the age of his daughter.

Then I took his hand as we left the shop

with him still looking a little lost

and we popped into a tailors shop

for alas ‘twas his last resort, poor sod.

The tailor there was very respectful

but made short shrift with the measuring tape

but I’ll never forget the look on his face

as the girl in Selfridges measured his waist.


I’ve been waiting

For my coming back

Since I met you


Marina Vitagliano


I Walk Alone
Riven G. Silver


I walk alone

destination unknown

seeking knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom


I walk alone

not to music and song

but the tune of my thoughts and perceptions


I walk alone

wondering, seeking, searching

for someone to walk beside me


Connie Carter


The world is so big

I could fit in a zip bag

And scatter to sea


white crescent falls
torn from the edge by
insistent teeth

Dan Horwood



To Lynelle/Changes allowed:
Mark Ledl
I think about you from time to time
without any reason without any rhyme.
I think about the path you took
and sometimes beg to take one last look.
Its hard to see why you do things, unusual as they are,
but around every corner you seem to raise the bar.
You make it through things unheard of by others
and defy all the things that were taught by our mothers.
I really do wish the best for you but I do not see it in the stars
but I'm sure you will make it.
I promised my love and professed it to you
its not something that I usually  do.
I just want to say that I hope you are fine
and want you to know that I think about you from time to time.
Whatever life hands you and which way you choose
you will make it as sure as the sunshine.
I thank you for the smiles and thoughts and feelings
that you have given me for a lifetime.


so much more
time is shifting
time is counting
the days you have
the days you lived
like all other eyes
watching you sleep
the moon tells a story
of your life slept away
what a weary life
no more sleeping
no more counting
there is only the push
the run home
        can't you run any faster


Danger from a Safe Distance
Alexandra O'Mallory

 You did not break my heart

You reached in with your fist

Shattered my chest cavity

And wrapped your slender fingers around my beating organ

You wrenched my heart from my chest attached and throbbing

Beating, bleeding and begging

And you crushed it in your hand

With your angelic smile playing around your lips

 I shot you between the eyes while you slept that night

 Never hurt what you do not plan to kill my love


The Monarch's Touch
By Tamara Beryl Latham,
Her scepter raised in majesty, she dares
to rule this sacred, jeweled, Kingdom though
dark eyes of Kings before her, and her heirs,
gaze down on her from portraits.  Does she know
or even care what they may think?  You see
she rides a horse as well as any man,
then dons her crown and welcomes Dukes to tea,
while scrutinizing every battle plan.
Elizabeth!  This gown of dignity
that flows, the river Thames reflects her grace,
her confidence.  Behind doors privately,
she smiles back at the chamber mirror's face,
then states in perfect English, as she should,
"Elizabeth the Second, you done good."


The Song of Selves
Austyn Njoku

Listen to my lore
And be made new
With rich and every hue;
I come to you -
With heart and whole
To wed harmony to your soul!

Our world seems nice and gay
When we keep caution
Right in the way –
But my words are wonders
With wisdoms you lose
When you choose to be
Not free like the poet – me!

And I come to you
With heart and whole
To wed to your soul
The wit and genie of Osundare, Okinba
The wisdom of Whitman and Emerson!

Listen to me then
And new be made
With the song of ourselves!




Heart Upon My Sleeve



Wretched casing failed to shield

Donned upon my sleeve, my heart disintegrates

Sweet adoration blisters my soul

Distorted perceptions pierce with dismay.


Fallacies linger in the air that I breathe

For this masquerade is all that is genuine

In came a tornado and uprooted my dreams

Consuming my character as I reminisce of you.


Transparent and torn-- I will never surrender

Gaze into my eyes and taste the truth

The undeniable fire and passion between us

Inhale my air and let me breathe for you.


I hunger for you--validate my spirit

For I will hoist the white flag against my will

Throw in the towel; yet love you still

And remain crumbled in a ball, shattered inside.

 By: Sarah Elizabeth Felger


Victor E C Crump 
The weary face
Lined by years of care
For another
Long since passed away.
The raincoat, the handbag.
Across the table dull eyes look into mine.
I try to strip the away the years
To find the   essence of her youth.
But it’s not there…...
I have the advantage, she has none.
What hopes she has
And yet there is no hope for her.
Just dreams.
She reads rejection in men’s eyes,
Every   time.


by Feterika Sao
You should not hide your eyes
They speak the voice of the soul, verbal words, they cannot hold.
What if you had no sight from birth?
Close your eyelids, the touch, the smell, The taste of the mist in the air
They are your eyes too, why would I place?
Obstructions in the way off
The Cool Bridge
To my soul



Sarah Felger

One last breath…the time has arrived
My future whispered “the end is near”
Hateful dread, selfish betrayal
Why did you succumb?
For it was you--the reason, why we perished
You were the cause of immeasurable misery
Once our safe haven, now our hell
We have fatally endured the wrath of your blood.
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray that Jason does not beat
Or find the knife in the drawer,
The sledge hammer…before the dawn.
As I prepare my ultimate thought
I think of all that I’ve been taught.
I pray to God to watch over us,
While we attempt to sleep with him amidst us.
Numb to the world-- high as a kite
Desperation has spoken, can you hear my plea?
Never had any friends; never fit in
Lonely soul with nothing to lose.
Dig us a hole, thank you very much
Shame on you for not heeding my advice.
So much to live for, so much love to give
Horrifically, I swallow and kiss my son goodbye.
Damn you to hell; I told you so.
Toxic presence manipulated once again.
As I prepare for my final breathe,
I exhale deeply and prepare for a fight.
The night’s blackness wears such a mask
Normalcy disappears with the shut of an eye.
Be sure to keep one eye open, in the midst of the night.
Arm yourself carefully, and intelligently I pray.
And you won’t fall victim to what I fell for today.



Old Pens... Again
A. Sean Gellatly

Old pens of history
Dusty friends
Some carry shadows of days long gone
Never to be repeated
Yet the ink has not retreated

These old pens, my friends
Carrying times forgotten
Memories as well untrodden
Time of now, then, perhaps again
Shades and colours
Some fade, some grow brighter
Some are just the same
Yet not to be repeated

These inks have not retreated
To no celebration treated
Just waiting timeless
For the next moment gathered
Dusty friends



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