Of the night,.. of the sky,..

Of the things,.. tears we cry,..

from the dark,.. into the light,..

from the haunted whispers sight,..

Of the dream,.. of your mind,..

Of the things,.. we kill in time,..

from the hands,.. life we destroy,..

from the trembling soul,of a little boy,..

Of the heartache,.. deep inside,..

Of the silent fears we hide...

Tina Witunsky Copyright 1996


Abtract Crap

Power Rangers are too violent

Barney is too soft

Pizza is like tomatoes

Ice-cream is like fire

It's getting late into the morning

and I am still not hyper

Lollipops are too sweet

Gum is way too sour

Soda is like water

Water is abtract

What the hell am I trying to say

Ah well

Who cares



Capital Punishment

I walk down the street with my trench coat on
The twelve guage loaded
My wife is gone.
If I do what I want to I will go to hell
Go to jail recieve my capital.
Capital Punishment.

If you mess with me you will die
Send me to the chair and I will fry.
Send me to a modern hell
Go to jail
Recieve my capital
Capital punishment

As you can see crime don't pay
Killing doesn't make my day



Just the sound of your voice makes my heart cry tears of joy.
Just the sparkle in your eye makes my heart want to fall into your hands.
I get so confused, but with your words of love I understand.

I'm glad I met you and danced with your touch.
when I see you I realize I have never loved anyone this much.

Forever is what I want, but thats to faraway,
right now in this moment is where I want to stay.


Time folds over itself

and we think we have

done these things before

sometime before.

Then time flattens out

and we realize that we

have never done these things

at all, it was all a dream until

we do them and feel

like we have done them before

sometime before.


The cloths i wear to conceal

my nakedness only reveal

it by their material and

mere presence.

The mask I wear is made of

the thoughts I try to


I cannot hide because the

shelters I create are

made of the contents

being sheltered.

Jim Morrison Jul '96


Damned to Life

The words do not come; silence prevailed.

And in loves loss, my heart was impaled.

To be without love is to be without heart,

and without love, this world we depart.

The scars that are left by lovers untrue,

could never compare to the scars left by you.

For when you died, I died as well

but my soul has been left here, between heaven and hell.


A Poem

The sweetness of her face

beauty of her eyes

tender touch beyond belief

all of her beholds me.

Cry of love apon her lips

a tear of joy splashes her cheek

travelling past the city crowd

to where the night has spoken.

Although the touch so light

and words so sweet

my heart she has broken.

All the dark night

all the stars bright

this small passage of my love

a token.


By: Tezla


does it seem your dream has become a farce

upon the countenance of moonlit forests

do the tears well up in your soul

as they surpress your words

and chill the heart

and sting like the fire of a thousand hearths


Open eyes are my

All but I see

Wicked is this shade

Of neon pink.

Disappears the smoke

And rises nowhere

Too hard so breathe

Thick this thick air.

Swirls everywhere are the

Different and shades- I think

Visible the only thing

Is neon pink.

You stare in the eye

And a castle's in the back.

Must you swim the river first?

Don't drop your pack.

Open eyes still are my

But no longer can I see?- I think

No think there is to see

But neon pink.


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