Open Mic
April, 1999
Part Three

Welcome to the Poem to Share Reading. The following are the newest poems. May you enjoy!

Up-dated April 19, 1999.

The Reader

They found him in a little nook

Taking a well-deserved rest,

Reclining with his half-read book

Lying, open, upon his chest;

With glasses sliding down his nose,

His nearby glass of wine ignored,

A perfect picture of repose,

He, on occasion, softly snored;

And as he quietly took his nap,

His breathing rhythmic as the tide,

His kitten curled up in his lap,

His dog asleep there by his side,

His butler, maid and chimneysweep

All left the room and let him sleep.

Wilk Van Buren




I'm glad you let me see

You're not good enough for me

Yesterday you called me

To say I'd get no sympathy

For something that wasn't my fault

You didn't care what he did to me

We used to be so close

Please define sensitive

I shared everything

But you could never give

I'm glad you let me see

You're not good enough for me

You need to grow up

I'm not going to buff your ego

Cause that was my biggest mistake

How come you were always so shallow

I'd listen for hours

Just hearing you complain

I'd fake interest

Holding in my own pain

I'm glad you let me see

You're not good enough for me

You said you'd never hurt me

I'm bleeding from your verbal abuse

You kicked me while I was down

Now of me you traduce (Meaning: speak badly of)

I'm glad you let me see

You're not good enough for me

(c)Christa Alyssa 99'



Golden rays of warmth

upon a bare finger

The waves of tranquillity

stare into the depths of my eyes

Color mirrors blue

Do you seek the promises of tomorrow?

"I change by the day", comes the whisper

Every moment is different, yet so same

Eventually there is no tomorrow

"I set I rise"

What is it that you see?

There is a difference between me

and the world of the great blue deep


I have seen the fields ablaze,

A blaze with hate and rage,

A rage form a mysacistic age,

An age of technology and power,

A power that corrupted it's wielder,

A welder that weakened to greed,

A greed that consumed the world,

A world that sought it's own destruction.


By Adam Belshan

That which is beauty, that which is fame,

That which is strength in a delicate frame.

That which is power, that which is will,

That which is love the heart holds still.

That which is promise that which is plea,

That which is rooted so deep into me.

All that's eternal, all from the heart,

All this is mine till death do we part.



Pity for the childs smiling ignorance

Hate for the lucidity of love

Die let that life burn

Die it's my turn

Go on dying

Go on crying

Kill carnality

Aphonic perfection

The flames rise high

Burn deep screaming

For the diamond to split in three

Memories of beauty possessed

Feelings regressed

Die die die die

In my heart you will die

And so will I



He climbs

The sheer rock face

And flails as a grip gives

Way. Fear not, the ground is not far



by Barbara Petersen

Questions occupy creative mind,

Soul gives knowledge of what we find.

The beauty of God's love is seen here on earth,

Of all of God's beauty given through birth,

Life is a beginning, A starting, A new,

A gift from God for all to review,

Blessings to all that all come to be.

God loves us completely for all eternity.



getting out of bed.. what a thread...

to be there on time, hearing of the latest crime

a driver stealing, the dispatcher dealing

with to many calls, but not enough cabs

tempers are flying, nobody laughs

my sweetheart is trying

to manage the difficult, considering transfers an insult

counting down

ready to go home

after 12 hours

to be devoured

by me with love


once upon a time

she stooped & plucked a dandelion

she pursed her lips

and sent the whirligigs flying

each carrying a wish

she was younger then--perhaps naive

but now she lacks the strength to believe


Unbreakfast, Please

(An Unpoem)

Unfry my eggs,

Or unscramble them, please,

And mix in some unham,

And uncheddar cheese.

Unbrew my coffee;

Unsizzle my bacon;

I know it's unusual

This meal we're unmakin'.

Unsqueeze my orange juice;

Unheat my oatmeal;

I'm not uncertain

This unmeal is unreal.

Untoast my bread,

With unbutter and unhoney,

And I will unpay you

With my own unmoney.

Wilk Van Buren



I never really loved you,

That much I can say.

Although I would have went out on a limb,

At any time on any day.

you made me feel so special,

you really made me glow.

Because of you my heart was full,

Astray I would not go.

I gave you my all,

All I had to give.

And with one single call,

I felt too stupid to live.

As time goes by the pain goes away,

And I know that we were not meant to stay.

I realize now that love has come and past,

But I vow that that love was not my last.

As I look back it's so obvious to me,

I saw all the signs,

But blind I chose to be.


The Prison of the Stage

The crowd holds the strings to a life

you can't control,and all you do is follow them

and hope thet don't let go.

You look out at the crowd staring at the

stage, and you try so hard to see them as their

calling out your name.

You try leave a spot light your prison is

the stage, but everybody flocks to you and

you wish they'd go away.

The day is finally over now as always you feel

dead, you find a quiet place to go with the

amps ringing in your head.

The crowd hold the keys to a life that you

don't own, with all the people watching you

gripping at your soul.

by Aaron Michael Avey


He cries in the night.

He coos in his happiness.

My baby is gone.

I hear the cries,

I can see his face.

I smell his skin.

I see women with their babies,

and I think,

my baby is gone.

I wonder what he would look like,

or how he would feel in my arms.

I long to see him,

to feel his heartbeat,

but my baby is gone.

He never had a chance.

He is now an angel in heaven.

Because before my baby was born,

my baby was already gone.

Hope Mosqueda


: Silent Love

I love him

But I do so silently

I search for something in those mysterious blue eyes

The windows to his soul

But I find nothing

His heart doesn't belong to me.

He holds me in his arms

and my insides turn

I yearn to shout it out

To give myself to him

To allow all the feelings I hide inside

become demystified

But I am aware doing so

will only push him away.

So instead I keep quiet

and fight my urges to let go

And I continue to love him the only way I've ever known...



Sadness Contemplated In Solitude

Like sadness contemplated in solitude,

Thoughts are burning inside me,

Engulfed in seductive

Mermaid's song.

Like a woman in a bottle,

Floating on Magrittian cloud above me,

My soul is locked inside this

Restless body.

Like long forgotten tranquillity,

Almost approachable in front of me,

Desires are dissolving into their own loneliness.

Like books on shelves,

Like women hiding themselves,

Enslaved souls cautiously dancing, embracing

Like lives that happen and then

Predictably un-happen,

Desperately keeping sanity on hold,

Our souls surrender to sweet

Torments of Farewell.


he Stumbles

He left her with a black eye,


Withered on the floor,

And he gagged her so the kids

Wouldn't hear

>From their rooms next door.

When she finds her feet

She stumbles,

Falling back down to the floor,

And in her mind she vows

That he won't do this anymore.

She swears that she'll be strong

(One more promise she can't keep).

She won't let him do her wrong

(But she knows she'll never leave).

And when the night comes

She stumbles

Back into his arms again.


I'm sitting at a Burger King

That majestic palace filled with the evidence of the world's most ignorant

I'm in pain

Silent and alone

Yet I'm surrounded by philistinian kinsmen that fortunately can't read my mind!

Why does life create people to judge?

Why does one judge even if they don't want to?

Even when you swear you don't judge certain groups of life's people,

You are still judgmental by not making a judgment at all

Or rather you are making a judgmental statement.

Why those people don't you judge?

There must be something about them that makes them immune

You see I've grown up in that "special" era

There are so many "special" kids, talented one's, smart one's

I'm so sick of hearing about kids who think they are smarter, more

philosophical, "special" kids created solely by their parents!

Every parent upon the conception of a child hopes that the genetic makeup will

go haywire and create a Beethoven out of their fetal matter.

Mediocrity has become a term to loath, vomitous in putrid pink tones

And we wonder why suicide rates climb!

Every one of us at some time has compared ourselves to someone else

I am more intelligent than you...Yet I want to be you as well!

So I'll go on asking myself the questions that rip me in two-as will many,

Because even self torture is more peaceful than realizing-

Well, your not Beethoven, and your not Sylvia Plath,

And I'm not "special or DIFFERENT!




The explosions thundered world round.

No hiding place...

...No sheltered face...

No greenery would lay above ground...

While ears burst blood from the mighty sound.

A hand gripped at hearth radioactive

While corpses were littered about...Inactive.

The endless sky colored in an orange hue.

Lost were horizons shaded in delicate blue...

...And this lone woman dying,

What was she to do?

As muscles under seared flesh involuntarily contracted...

The wind raged with a heat nearly unbearable

Her flesh torn like clothes, hung unwearible.

Yet, she clawed at the earth, desperate for shelter.

Oblivious to the pain man's ignorance had dealt her

This target of society, had brought an end too terrible...

"Oh, what have we done!?"

She spoke aloud, yet unheard.

Unaware her swollen tongue made

her speech unrecognizably slurred...

Was all the world gone?...

...Or simply hers?

She finally reached an area that had once held many trees.

reduced to charred and broken stumps

to never move for any breeze.

Her eyes held no vision and thankfully so.

Twas a mercy her God had the heart to bestow.

...She had no will left now

except the will to let go...

Her hands clasped her belly ruefully beguiled.

To drop sadly back to the hearth, defiled.

For it no longer mattered that she bore with her a child.


...No matter!...Not in a world like this!

A world, she was glad,

her babe would never see to miss.

For she knew soon the world would grow dark

under the nuclear kiss...

...A world who's needs man had denied.

Inhaling deeply she mournfully sighed

Consciousness left as she gave up and died

Never again will the hearth bound wind

carry with it a baby's cry...



One night I could not sleep

My mind does not let me be

Alone in the dark and restful

How much I long to fill...

My vacuous heart with what it needs

It cannot be fulfilled or free

Until I find what is wrong with me

Realizing the futility of laying alone like this

I get up from the safety of the softness and warmth

And take a pen in my fingers

Not knowing what to do with it

Watching it as if it will launch into action

And scribe out a solution...

To all the ailments in my life

Instead I drop it...

And allow a spot of ink to be soaked up

Quenching the paper's thirst

I attempt to further fulfill

And write out this poem

Not knowing what it means

Just an outpouring of something deep inside

To which a solution I still seek


what can a dream be

more than a dream

some say yes

others disagree

who knows if dreams are destined to be

only time will help one see

in a dream who knows what is real

is it what one knows or what one feels

what can a dream be


The Valley of Man-Made Lies

Mountains may be lofty and high,

But valleys carry the waters of the sky,

And as we bless the grandeur we perceive,

We fail acknowledgment of the blessing at our feet,

For were we to ponder upon the mysterious valleys so meek,

Our wisdom would only curse us and weep,

And as humanity blesses the mountains it perceives,

It breeds none other than superstition and greed,

Frustration transforms to turmoil as we construct illusional patterns of power, honour and fame,

Neglecting to harmonize perfection by name,

For who else but the `illumined' hold the keys to our blame?

"That" whispers an angel "was the prophecy of them that once came."

So as we tremble in guilt and quench our thirst from the valley of man-made lies,

A touch of inspiration quickens us as we receive once again the waters of the sky...











a stem of mint

plunged into a vase of water --

the limp leaves hug the rim










































Up in the tree

look it be

a bird's nest

with its babies at rest

a robin i think

or maybe a fink

o well, it is pretty

doesn't look very gritty

i will go look and see

what is in the tree

oh, the mother is coming

while my heart is drumming

and i can see it's tall

but what if I fall

it looked great

at the falling rate



it was a small kiss

a touch of eternal bliss

but it will never happen again

because my lover would sin

she fell down a well

and now she is in hell

i will not see her again

because she had to sin


The touch of his toes speaks volumes
(linda erskine-white)

We had a fight yesterday,

My lover and I,

Of indiscriminate thoughts,

Flung words and tears,

Of mistrust and shadowed feelings,

Words hung carelessly,

Accusations a blanket

Wrapped around our legs.

We sleep in pairs, usually,

Our toes touching to say hello,

An eskimo kiss in reverse,

Whispering sweet nothings,

In greeting

And the only way

I could express my anger and sorrow

And hurt and fear

Was to inch my toes,

Myself to the edge of the bed

And maybe then

He would know how his words left me cold.


I look at you , a young white or black woman

Then I realize things people wouldn't understand

You right in italics and bold letters

That are unique to plan

Some teens are looking at young brothers

Like a piece of dirt or sand

I saw you lift your enemies spirit

By holding on to there hand

The same ones who thought of you as a can

To small for feeling and nobody cares

But I sea the way helpful people stare

At many people to observe their abilities

To do more than illustrate some type of fertility

I am a Dream in a world only few see

So next time you see me in action or being free

I want you all to know that you haven't knew me

If you want to live surrealistic you haven't drew me

Well if you think your ideas of me are correct

You well never know the truth out there

But if you learn to clear your mental deck

Your know ledge will be prepared.


The state of my heart that I will never know

is how I could have loved you so

After olny a few days you decided to go away

You made the decision

of our division

I do not truly know what would have come to be

the only thing i am sure of is

that you acted childishly

You were the dealer in our game of cards

I thought you would have treated me like the queen of hearts

Now I have came to a final conclusion

that you will never see

because you don't know what you had done to me

by the way you ended it so absent mindedly

this makes YOU the state of my heart that I will never know

Just because I don't know if I would have loved you so.


my mind takes me to places the world could not provide

inside i am safe i am not yet born

i can paint with my words a picture and once in awhile you are inside

lookin back at me wondering if this ride ------ever stops

up and down we spin wholehearted and half empty do we really know each other?

i look at you one more time before my eyes rest on a dream

and the night closes the world

will you want to breathe my breath tomorrow?

or will i be alone?


What if the world came to an end,

and everyone died women, men.

What if the world just came to a stop,

and everything stopped you like a cop.

What if the world was peaceful and safe,

and nothing was harmful, not a trace.

What if the world wasn't bad,

then we would never ever be sad.

What if the world spun out of control,

and we spun until we hit a troll.

What if people of the world never worked,

and money grew on trees, just like leaves.

What if the world never got dark,

and we slept in broad day light.

What if the world was filled with clouds,

and we rode around on them in crowds.

What if the world popped,

and all of us dropped.

What if the world never ended,

But I know it will, I'm still splendid!



Open the door beyond your soul

where life's love and spirit flow's

and look upon the world once more

watch in wonder as eagles soar

listen to yourself, the lions roar

the sound of life thought nevermore

it is not over

your not yet done

open your eyes into the sun

and drink in the brilliance of lasting breath

succumb not to blissful death

for each new day a trial of pleasure and pain

take time out to enjoy the rain

listen to the clock

tick tock tick tock

time will beat us all in the end



In the gloomy haze

and forgotten dreams of yesteryear

i seek you out

for there is no other and

there are many who stand by and by

shivering in the cold

but is your sweet embrace that i please

and warmth that i hold

in storm and darkness

from fiery mountains tops

to unholy pits of happiness

it is mother that killed christmas.


Now and Then

You cried and I cried

You laughed and I laughed

You talked and I listened

You listened while I talked

But now

I talk while you ignore me

You won't talk even though I'll listen

When I cry you laugh

When you laugh now I die.

The fun we had will always be remembered

Never forgotten

Taken away by no one

No matter what you have turned into

I will always be there for you

Until the day I die

Even if in your heart

I am already dead


The Bend

I remember...all the great times, the daytime fun, and nighttime rhymes.

It was great! The best time of my life. Tomorrow...I couldn't wait! Someday, even your wife.

Dreams come, Dreams go. You said, "Forget 'em," I said, "How low".

Pieces cracked and fell to the ground. Had the travel bag I packed and said, "See 'ya around."

Down the road I went, trying to see through the shapes bent, everywhere, surrounding me.

A river flowed down my face. "Beautiful," I was told, with a perfect waist.

Never will he say nice or harsh things, directed my way, as if having wings.

"I'll get over him." I tell myself soon, as if I'm on a limb, reaching for the moon.

The next week flew. I felt better, and breathed a "Whew!" Then I got a letter.

It was from "him". "I'm sorry," it said, as if I were a light bulb dim, to believe what I read.

He expected me to call, or write a forgiving word, maybe meet at the mall, or send a little messenger bird.

I looked at the familiar writing, and realized I missed a great friend, so I did the right thing by inviting him to meet at the "bend".

The bend is a little place, near the spot we met, and memorized each other's face, for long hours we set.

We meet in the late of night, and hug and forget, that there never was a fight. There, for hours we sit.

It never again would work, our relationship was an end, but our friendship had a quirk, meeting at the bend-again!


Behind the barbed wire

there are field of green,

and in these fields I am a child that plays.

Through the mesh I can see the trees,

free to blow in the cold autumn wind.

My soul is the small cloud

that floats like a dream in perfect blue....

By John Haydock


Twilight is here, our day is at end;

It's not easy saying goodbye to you friend.

Who knows when, if ever, I'll see you again?

A feeling of sadness has truely set in.

All I can do is to wish you the best;

From the time you first read this, and for all of the rest.

I'll miss the way you sparkle & shine;

the way that you softened this hard heart of mine.

I'll miss your soft voice, your beautiful green eyes;

your silky brown hair, and the shape of your thighs.

I'll miss your sweet smile, the smell of your hair;

the touch of your hand that told me you care.

I'll miss you in ways that you'll never know,

but I understand now why you have to go.

Never forget the times that we had;

Though it was short, it never was bad.

Think of me often, as I will of you;

Remember me when you're down and you're blue.

I'll cherish your memories from now 'till the end;

It's not easy saying goodbye to you friend.


A cry breaks the silence

A cool dark descent

What once seemed to be from hell

Now seems heaven sent

A deep damp void

So cold

So lonely

Why can't I communicate

Why am I so lonely

Full of despair and grief

Now all that's left is my cool steel relief



By Brandon Micheal

Fallin from grace

Stricken with grief

Here is only pain

There is no relief

Heart ache and sorrow

Are all I'll ever Know

Desperation and loneliness

That never seem to go

Sorrow and solitude

The only comfort, the only refuge

Emotions that fit

All that appears loose

Is really tight knit


Through the Sky
by Myra Aquino

Through the sky

Blinding darkness . . .

Great lights to guide me

Oh, what a feeling!

May the stars I look at night,

Spread their beauty

And may they do not a drawing;

But rather a creation,

That we may all see

As the wind caresses our face,

and we look into the night,

In the great loving sight,

May we be together,

Forever and ever . . .



Clear bleed eyes


raindrop lenses eventually

into pavement crack lives

and wet birds quiet

oyster blue bowl skies

Have tasted Neptune steam songs

Ocean dust, eventually

a soaking cook of eyelashes

I remember the songs

on this wonderful stage

the land

Fine dust filmed it too

under a run of water

like ...



Why is it easy to hate?

All the things we cannot compensate?

Why is love so hard?

Peace away so far

Why do we walk with grins

That hide our father's sins?

Why is Evil here

Pushing away her sincere?

When the dirty deeds are done

When the rolling train stops its fun

Will he bother to see

What he's done to you and me?

If the calm is after the storm

Then why is there no reform?

If it's a matter of unity

Why'd you take her virginity?

My dear love, I am here

My dear love, I am near

Tired you have become

You gave all and took none

With a warm world so cold

With young feelings so old

I'll be there

To calm your worst despair

In a time of needs

Where blood surely bleeds

No more shall you weep

In me, you shall sleep


Taken away from my mother...torn from my bloodline and replaced by an imposter.

I am introduced to a new torment.

Bruises of hate, sadness, and fear now cover my body.

Consequence of the new arrival.

MY face laden with tears and questions.

Still...the tormentor keeps on.

I cry out for someone to hear...someone to see my pain.

Suddenly exhausted and can run no more.

I feel my life slowly slipping... being drained away.

Choked until the air has left my body...until all that is left are thoughts of

you and your words.


You said she would love me.



To think of you

Is to form a smile

A thought of happiness

To last me a while.

Never could I forget

The love you've shown to me

You are more of a hero

Than I could ever be.

You've been called a shining light

And with that I must agree

I hope I've given you

The same joy you've given me.


•****OUTER SPACE****

In my own place with tears on my cheek, I think to my self and know I cant speak. Am I being selfish thinking too much of me? Cause I feel like a shellfish in this universal sea. I better watch out for what I wish for, Because I couldn't ask for very much more. Sometimes I wish on the stars, and wish I could go that far. I also wished I lived on mars, Would I still se this far? That is something that I'll never know and I'll try not to let my feelings show. And I hope nothing is out of place As you see me dreaming in outer space.

kristi Ledingham


The One

Eyes that glimmer with the warmth and passion of a stars light.

Like a shooting star, traveling through the heavenly night skies, piercing my

heart and touching my soul that lays just beyond.

Your eyes sparkle with the softness of the sweet unspoken words of your heart.

Knowing our paths have crossed, and destiny's finally fulfilled.


footprints...and the fall

a man can walk in darkness and not stumble,

only the drunken man in the bleakness crumbles.

with twilight's dawn and the dance of the devil,

on the journey home the moon casts two shadows;

only to reunite beneath the blanket of sleep.

jack fell down and broke his crown,

not a push or a shove there was no one around.


Dan Youngs













I was a star

I was a rockstar

I was what you wanted to be

But couldn't

I had the moves

And i had the looks

There wasn't one thing i didn't

Being cool meant not even trying

I looked at you trying to be cool

And laughed every time you failed

Nothing could hurt me

I had the world in my hands

But something went wrong

I dropped the world

And fell from my royal throne

I no longer had the moves

Or the looks

You passed me on the street

And didn't even look up

I felt like i was falling

And every time i tried to grab hold of something

It was you loosened my grip

And you know what's sad

I never got back up

Yeah I was a star

I was a rockstar


by: John Ron age:13

nature is exciting

and it's relaxing

watching the stars

in the middle of the night

the pleasant clean air

the wild animals

running free

the flowers the rivers

they all help you relax

nature is just free

no one there to

bring you down

no civilization

it's just free


I see a darkness against the wall,

when I trip, it also falls,

when I sleep, it is still,

when I awake, it also will.

When I try to touch it, we don't seem to meet,

but always connected at the feet,

in the night it follows me,

in the day it takes the lead.

We're always together, day and night,

till someone has to turn out the light,

and even if I look high and low,

I still won't find my lost shadow.


Mother Natures Children of Today
Created By April & Kim Johnston

Mother Nature comes to call

all boys and girls

Short or tall

Voices Changing

emotions raging

Couldn't she be a little bit easier

on us all ?

Mom & Dad have had enough

This Mother Nature's

making things tough

P.M.S , hair , and stuff

Too many changes from

month to month .

it will all work out, 'cause

She knows the way,

to make men and women

of the children of today .


Strength Versus Courage
~Km T. Bryan~

Possessing strength it takes to be on your guard, and backbone to let it fall down. Stalwart it is to conquer the odds, Never your courage surrender but with frown. 'Tis noble dynamics to be for certain, Though enterprising to voice your own doubt. The stamina to fit with all who comply, but more valiant to have YOU stand out. Strength you show to feel their pain, Yet more confident to be feeling your own. Fortitude be it to hide your woes, More courageous to have them be shown Stamina it is to endure an abuse, Have the resolute to stop it for good. Dynamically on your feet stand alone, Lean on another's mettle if you should. Taking strength to love yet another, Courage better to accept love in return. Be it not your vitality to survive this life, show your bravery as you live and re-learn. If not too tightly holding of your courage or strength today, may the world grace you with ersatz patience, as you live your today's life astray. May the wind carry your brief solemn voice, whispering words to a friend that's not there. That you are capable of accepting their self-less gifts, heir strength and courage they share.



Loneliest fruit under the question mark never falling

Coat hanger sun

fishing in the shadowfice

a dragon smiling like the morning

and three shirt buttons on vacation

from the last fight

Loneliest bottle top under the day,

lady grass and insects in her bed

and trolleys waiting for crabs in the carpark

gotta get home, nothing said

Thumb nail time

etch me on your table

and permit me a chair to reach that star

me and my guitar

gonna feed the shadowfice tonight

what's said is said


Party OF Two

I was setting alone at the bar thinking of you

When the Hostess called out Conley party of two

My head started to turn I didn't know what ot do

We use to be Conley party of two

She was cute but not like you

I would die to be Conley party of two


Single Note

Sometimes I feel as if a single note stays in my head forever

And a twirling feeling is not always a good one

It spins too fast

Stop Life

It's too dizzying a roller coaster

I can't handle it

I feel sleepy

Let me lie down

Close my eyes


But no

I can't rest I feel a buzz in my mind

It shocks me to awareness

A single note in my head forever


Ode to Thee

A planet so pristine

Thy universe unmeasured

The beauty of a brothers love

He shared with us his treasures

The tree that softly sways

Our harmony in laughter

the spirit burning bright in me

promising hereafter

Daylights warm renewal

nightfall's gentle breeze

turn my thoughts to Thee my lord

And brings me to my knees

Tend your sheep I will

As Thou has done for me

For all that's good and all that's love

My grace it comes from Thee


Loving, Falling, Dying

I close my eyes

And then open them only to see you standing before me

You hold out your hand, waiting for me

To grasp onto it

I go to grab-

You pull back and let me fall...

Then you laugh in my face

Tears flutter in my eyes as I fall-

And scream I love you

You run to the side of the ledge hoping you'll be able to catch me

Before it's too late...

Then you realize it is-

Your love is gone, always and forever


Silence Is Sound

Like the deep roar of thunder in this still starless night,

Causing a commotion of a soft subtle kind,

The feeling of knowing that whenever around,

You are fearing that you'll break this frail silence with a terrible sound.

With the wind up in the trees and whispering so loud,

And the branches all shaking and touching the ground,

the snow falling softly into a velvet white blanket,

And always still fearing you'll break silence with csound.

Until one day realization dawns dim yet so clear,

While walking in shadows and tiptoeing softly

Until you listen to silence a little more closely,

You realize that silence is just a really loud sound.

So you smile so softly and realize its true,

There's the person you love and now you know what to do,

Walk up to that person no longer afraid,

Place your hand on their shoulder and utter a sound.

Then you realize that their is yet another sound,

One that you would never expect to be a real sound,

And the sound they reply with is a smile,

The most amazing sound of all.



I thought I was over you

and that I could be strong.

But then....

I saw you tonight

and I became weak again

You always do that to me.

I miss you now

more then ever!

I'm watching the moon outside my window

I wonder,

where is your moon tonight?

Is it where your heart is,

high above the sky

in total darkness

impossible to reach?

Yes, with sadness I grieve you


this will be the last time

these will be the last lines

I will ever write for you.


Could've Would've

Are you having trouble sleeping at night?

Covers tight? Nothing right?

Cause I'm out of your life

Scared to call? Pride may fall

Starting to loose it all?

It's a long hall

back to lonely street missing me sleep

body so warm, skin smelling sweet

You're a man but you want to weep

I warned you I would leave someday

Plenty of words now you're wishing you could say

"I'm sorry I'll change"

I'll be the man you want me to be

Promises Promises

and even willing to get on your knees

Thanks for the attempt

but...I'm afraid you're exempt

from my life at this time

Remember the good times

because you were the bad

and don't you ever forget

what you could've would've had.


I alone stand here

not wondering about what she said,

staring through the shattered thoughts beside me.

I lost my self through those days of youth

when one meant many and nothing at all.

I've been perceived as a kinder hearted soul

waiting for the one whose time is taking my dreams

of independence away.

You look into my soul as if to find yourself.

I'm lost, I can't help those who desire another

mans possessions, feelings, and sterling silver independence.

My freedoms are free from my feelings of disarray.

I can't help but feel lost in my own sick desire

to be noticed


"Just Some Hoe"

She smiled at him, Because he looked at her

He asked her to go out with him, So she said "Sure"

He said, "Keep it on the down low"

She said, I won't let anybody know"

He hugged her when they said good-bye

She let out a content sigh

He gave her a ring and said, "I promise"

He left her with a kiss.

He promised forever he'd stay

So in her bed they lay

Now she is asleep and alone

She doesn't even know he's gone.

She went up to him and called him a liar

He just stared at her.

His friends asked, "Who is that" "Do you know"

He shrugged and replied, "Just Some Hoe".



The sun sparkles

within harmony to the moon.

The gentle wind,

becomes the violence of a typhoon.

...Death to life...

...Joy to strife...

All within one will bloom.

...As one touches one

to touch another.

Spanning the differences

strangers become brothers...

My prayer to you,

sister, brother, earth,

Feel your sense opf value

to the full extent of your worth...

...For we are embryo's in the womb of life

kicking for birth...



White light dances through the sky

the cool breeze bites at my cheeks

sky glows sharply through the black depth

a rain drop lands gently on her cheek and

races down the tight crevice of her dimple

intermittent tears of rain chase each other down her face

one drop clutching for life dangles and shakes

in the earthquake that is her quivering lip

as the light darts back and forth the drop is no more

in an attempt to fill the void left by the deceased drop

I gently press my lips to hers

the earthquake ceases

an understanding of the previous fight for life overcomes me

as I too am afraid to fall



This gun in my mouth

Is only there to insure

That the hole in my heart

Where you cut your way out

Will not bleed me dead.



I was thinking of poetry;

I should have wrote it down;

Because my love for you

has such a wondrous sound;

I forgot my poetry;

My heart became so blue;

Until i realized;

The poetry is you.



and it will

(Red) burst flame

and oh how the eye

catches the hands cup (not

too near) let it breath

grow and strain for the life back

ward withered and still it will

die for an inch to be

ware the dance of life

does ignite and you

either burn or

find Will to



Autumn colors fade like those

photos in the album, the warm

summer sun, breaching down to

kiss my face. The stars fade

under a blackened sky, your warmth though

still fills me, And as we walk

down the street, I want to know

that you find me irresistible; I don't

have to pretend with you, finding hope

just reaching out, wanting, lingering,

I love the way you smile at me, I love

the way you touch my skin, you understand

so much, The sun rises, reflecting beautiful

colors across the sky, cool air traverses my skin

I'll take you when you come to my door.


Letting Go

Try letting go

the old stories

those of regret

and lost hopes

only to find

they fall back

into your shadow

as the sun escapes

into darkness

They are let loose

to run across your mind

caught up in remembrance

they find rest

behind the eyes

time builds upon the skin

and your heart

sinks into yesterday

while your soul

yearns for tomorrow



I don't even care you say

It'll always be this way

not much brings your mind to a flurry

everything is gone or blurry

You're all fucked up

You're out of touch

Everything is much too much

maybe someday things will change

but right now it's just very strange

You don't understand yourself

you don't even want to take care of yourself

just keep positive they say

do you try? every day?

but it's so hard to stay the same

and play everybody else's game


The rhythmic lies that came from your hand

I had to return myself there

The empty cavity you left behind

You breathed your breath of silence

As you spit on the plastic

A blur of you existence, your lines full of fear

Of your antagonizing dreams

No promises kept gold

But kept like glass that you threw stones at

And you cried when it shattered my heart

Into my now blackened illumination of sprit



by: Bob James

Scared and cold,

first night on the street,

your body hurts,

from your head to your feet,

You miss school,

not the work, the friends,

thinking what you'll say,

when they ask, "where you been?",

Got a dollar fifty,

every penny gotta spend,

make a wrong move,

BOOM...your life comes to an end.


Looking Glass Girl

Through some trick of will

she becomes reflection

she molds herself

to his dreams & expectations

such that when he looks upon her,

he sees his vision embodied;

and loving his vision

as he loves himself,

he loves himself more through her:


the perfect mirror



Waiting for Trouble to Come

Waiting and wondering what will they do...

Do they come and torment you?

Drag you off to an unknown room?

Make you clean with a mop and broom?

Charge you, Barge you, Bankruptcy?

Hope it doesn't happen to me...

Tickets, Fines, Fraud, and Shame..

I was only playing a stupid game,

but now the time has come, so long,

Why did I do that thing wrong?

No warning signal, just plain straight,

They haven't come yet, but I must wait.

Oh my god, here they are, go!

I can't, I knew, I'd have to show...

They'll tell me I'm bad, maybe worse....

They'll stick me with a genuine curse...

Kick me, Hit me, Fine me to tears...

Pull me out of my home by the ears?

Will they come to call my name?

Put me in a stock, filled with shame?

Will they punish me, even ban?

No, not possible, cuz' its just the UPS man.


Hope In Ruins

My lover's words were as if empty trash bins resounding in my head Clanging and Banging

as they were buffeted down the boulevard which was now a road to Despair OR

but per chance(with a faint glimmer of hope)a highway, NO a Super highway TO

OPPORTUNITY; a chance to FILL those bins with and RID myself of all the by-products of

dECEIT,lYING, and wRONGDOING which have spilled before me AND

to cap, seal and cart those bins off to be buried under the emotional MOUNTain OF

HOPE, to strive for honesty-above all; to feel the soft caress of intimacy and the peace of

true commitment, unencumbered by expectations and unclouded by past histories.


just foe the sheer joy of BEing; to have the mundane be realized as a source of and a

by-product of Love, yes, a fruit of Love; and then


all to be rolled into a continuum of TRUST and BELIEF that, indeed, there IS a Love which

overcomes and conquers ALL;

a Love that is unspoken, unexplainable and unfathomable UNLESS you are in its' midst and


to then curl up in its' embrace and just.......BE.......LOVED and LOVING


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