Part One

Up-dated November 13, 1999.

Steamy Desires
Arlene Joy

Hot and steamy.

I crave to taste you.

Passionately and slowly.

Savoring the moment.

Your aroma evokes me.

I am consumed with desire.

Longing for more.

The perfect cup of coffee.


by Christopher

Fall washes over the sea green forest with no hint or warning of its arrival.

What would an elm or a hickory do if it knew pieces of it were doomed?

Like soldiers on the battlefield under distant fire the leaves fall before the frost.

Twisted and discolored they lie like dead warriors on a now silent field.

No warning shot to alert, no forgiveness only a quiet undignified end.

Lying on the ground their prideful uniform fades to the color of dried blood.

As with the cannon fodder of the common soldier they fade into memory.

Winters wind moves them about and scatters the remains so none may remember.

Now there is only cold waiting for the next rebirth, the next battle, the next death.


She draws me in, then blows me away,

pushing me back, she invites me to stay.

The strength of her anger almost rivals the beauty of her calm.

Her rhythm is perfection.

She changes daily, yet remains the same.

The will of her soul, too wild too tame.

She lifts my spirit, and my body as well.

Taunting my heart with secrets to tell.

As the sun starts to set she continues to play,

knowing no difference between night or the day.

As I start to leave I can't help but stare.

Of all my past loves, she'll always be there:


by: Greg Woerner


Angels & Peace Harps
Rick Premo

Under the clear heavens,


those dauntless,

to that of ageless music.

The caressing of her long strings,

the music of lights souls,

talk through you.

Wood lectures her song,

to those who care to hark,

to be shown the modus.

It perks healing of the soul,

the obscurity of music,

keeps us in new.

Music that tenders peace,

utterance of the soul,

is that of a wraith.


"Midnight of Day"
Amy Sarah King

Stare away

into a black night

an endless sky

falling with forbidden dreams

that connect the stars

like silky thread

attached to my heart

to form a picture

of ancient absence.

A shooting star

rips the moment of peace

of thoughtlessness

I could share with no one

Beyond the clouds

of uncertainty

I rest my eyes



Why wars in our world?

When would we stop wars?

Where is another word for war?

What would end wars in our world?

When would the wicked ones

Stop winning us as to war?

When would we stop weeping from wars?

When we can weigh our word

And with wisdom mend our fences

When we can weigh our chances

And with wisdom weaken our warful utterances

And in a warm way win with words

Why wars in our own world?

When would we put out the fire of wars?

Where are our generals for peace

Who will with wisdom make war cease?

What will make our wise ones win with words?

When would the wicked ones stop winning us to wars?

What wars can win is nothing but bullets

Pain, unwelcomed wants and unnecessary needs

What words can win is something more meaningful

Than battles, tanks, riffles and bombs

Why do we have to wait for war?

When we can willingly wake with words

What war can win

Words with wisdom will warmly win!

Adebo Jude © 1998 University of Lagos, Nigeria.


In shadows of past

my grandmother has no face,

my grandfather?

mother as child,

father as baby?

they are no longer -


stored in mom's heart memory

dad's archival nightmares

a hearts gravestone

is it possible to love?

In her face is despair

there is nothing left


person, place, or thing

just shadow-memories of

names, birthplaces, a hand-made sweater

of those killed

of those still wandering this earth?


the funeral

out of control

a 60 year old funeral

Remember Elektra -

and why she went mad

shadows of that madness here

by Linda B. Jacobs


Child of mine, holding you in my arms knowing that nothing will do you harm child of mine once in my womb you are now grown up and have a child too child of mine you came to me with love you are truly an angel from above Child of mine you have gone through life and now have found your lawfully wedded wife, child of mine not a child anymore its now time for you too start your marriage and open the door.

By: Danielle, Dbuzdor


I am Women hear me Bitch
Chanelle Raboteau


you say you want an aggressive woman

can you handle one

you're a sissy looking, matching clothes, mama's boy.

you don't want an aggressive girl

you want a girly girl with a small butterfly tattoo on her back

you wouldn't know aggressive if she kicked your ass

well maybe you would know then

you think that you know what you want, you are young

you may know this time, but as soon as a pretty girl walks by

your type is now whatever she is

you can deny it all you want

but you rather be with somebody then alone, scratch that anybody.

just so you won't be alone

but you actually want a girl who agrees with you, but aggressively

aggressive is the butterfly tattoo covering her back

yelling across the kitchen "where's MY dinner bitch"

you don't know aggressive

you don't want aggressive and aggressive sure as hell doesn't want you





















David Riley

It's bleak when I'm without you,

It's bleak when you're not there,

It's bleak when you don't respond,

It's bleak when you don't care,

It's bleak when I can't touch you,

It's bleak when we can't see,

It's bleak when miles divide us,

It's bleak when we fail to be,

It's bleak when we miss the sunset,

It's bleak when we miss a date,

It's bleak when you don't write to me,

It's bleak without our fate,

For now life's not bleak.


Purple Infection
Cris Austin

Spectral out from the attic,

hang'n on youth like static.

She has a bad gut feeling

that it pollutes him daily,

like unfriendly guest from

the fallen valley.

Now all you non-listeners, listen.

If your worlds a disaster.

"To have control is to be controlled"

Awh, I'm sick of the mess

that nobody believes.

I'd like carnations and

fresh tulips you see

and for my berth garden

where I'm buried and reborn,

I'd like white roses that

bloom with out the thorns.


Cyber Union Saxaphones

(an improvised jam)


Instant Gratification Telephones.

As heard on my id jukebox.

I just saw a poetry web page. Ha Ha Ha

Me? Express myself on this effortless device?

Who dreams of an enlightened tomorrow here?

For this is not progress, as it is a place.

A place with an exact location.

Now our compulsive need for options and variety has been given geography.


We've all been given validation.

You want to know me? Check out my web page.

I'm mystical,

I'm an adventure,

I'm 14th century Gothic with dead flowers in Blue Jeans.

I'm Will Smith, I'm Pam Anderson Lee

You'll see,

Check out my web page.

I just colored in a picture. Wanna put it on your fridge?

Nah.. Come see it on my fridge.

Check out my web page.


Instant Gratification Telephones.

As heard on my id juke box.

Why sleep when you can count electric sheep?

Douglas Edward Wortel



The countryside is such a lovely place

The fields so green, the sky so blue

The hedgerows full of insects and bees

Tall shade giving trees

The birds that sing so sweetly and twitter

Footpaths where it's pleasant to walk

Streams that glisten and glitter

Flowers that give a sweet scent

A place where it's nice to picnic

Where you can walk your dog

But remember the countryside code

And don't forget to shut the gate

Take your rubbish home

Don't leave the countryside in a state


Barb Moore

With one act of generosity, you have eased my burden.

With one act of kindness, you have restored my faith.

With one act of friendship, you have gladdened my heart.

With one act of love, you have lifted the melancholy of my soul.


I'm A Rhymer
Red Baron

A strange thing happened to me once,

I fell in love, and that's a hunch.

Every moment was spent with her,

It all comes back to me, in a blur.

I wanted so much to catch those thoughts,

And pen them down in rhymes of sorts.

Showed it to her and asked for her views,

She said the rhymes were forced, and gave me the blues.

I looked back then, at masters of yore,

Saw them rhyme, and cried encore.

Now, all my words come out in a line,

I rhyme at will, and have a good time.


-Kimberly Kuiper

I life's treasure is what so many people seek but will never find. Many people think fo their life's treasure as jewels of gold, That is why it is sometimes never found, because they are liking for the wrong kind of treasure. Sometimes now matter how hard you search you can't find it. You can't find this treasure by searching alone or by earning it with good deeds, Someone will offer it to you plain and simple. This is the gift that can only be given to one person to another if it is meant to be. This one gift that I speak of is the gift of unconditional love from one heart to another. It's the most powerful gift that can ever be given as well as the most valued of all. Unconditional love is the one and only thing that can save a heart from being forever broken. When the gift of love is given to someone they will be eternally grateful if they accept to take it. Words cannot express the wonder of beauty of it. You will wish that you could make time stand still as you hold the one that you love in your arms and feel their heart along with your own. As every single day passes by you will find that you need each other's love more and more. As the years pass and time takes its toll you will still be able to stare into each other's eyes and remember the treasure that you share and never grow apart. Your arms will always be open to that one person. And when you're with them your world will never be cold. I have found my treasure in another heart. I wasn't on a journey or a search, but I was given the gift of love still. I for one believe that you don't always find love, sometimes you just have to let love find you.


The Critic

There is no critic like the critic I can never escape.

The critic inside me. The only true critic.

No one tells me how badly I've failed.

No one else motivates me more to strive for perfection.

No one else strikes me down so hard when I don't achieve perfection.

It is the one that makes me creative.

It is the one who tells me I'm not.

It is the one that makes me need the most intricate comprehension and makes me realize anything less is failure.

But in all, it is something inside me and I can't tell if it is something to be cut out of me or promoted within me.

Is it to make me and build me or break and kill me?

Will it drive me further to places no ones ever been or drive me insane and make me motionless outside and in?

Author Peter Bennett 17 years old 11/19/98


Duston Chupp

Blanketed in the pale light

Of the chilling fall dusk.

The land stretches out below

Like some beautiful painting

On the canvas that is the sky.

It's breathtaking out here

In the land that i call home.

A river below

Winding it's way

Through the foliage.

Like a snake of glass

But just beyond the trees I glimpse

The towers of industrialism.

Breaking the beautiful horizon

Like two tall sentinels

Sadly soon the land below

Will team with people

Grass replaced by concrete

Victims of human progress.


I Am
Dorothy Callahan

I am a lemon with a twist,

I am a dewdrop full of mist,

I am a child filled with bliss,

I am but a gentle kiss,

I am invisible but I show,

I am a burned-out lamp that still does glow,

I am bold though you may not know,

I am a horn that does not blow,

I am used but still brand new,

I am a mystery without a clue,

I am false but forever true,

I am me and also you.....

I am a flower that's opening it's buds,

I do not fight with fists but with hugs,

I am a push without a shove,

Creeping oh so softly, I am love.

I am deaf but I can hear,

I am afraid but I have no fear,

I am forever constant throughout the year,

I am smart and my actions make it clear,

I am with the doll that was thrown in the corner,

I am at the funeral standing next to the mourner,

I am with the boy that's rejected because he is a foreigner,

I hear the cry of the boy saying his prayers,

I see the hearts of millions set up in flares,

I taste the bitter words and the nasty stares,

I can hear the little girl and feel her tears,

I am with the lonely man living in strife,

I am in touch with the husband who lost his beloved wife,

I am stopping the man that is holding the knife,

Creeping oh so softly, I am life.


What is our flag,

tis skin and bones,

that rest beneath

some marble stone,

or an unmarked site

in hallowed ground,

where no life

can be found.

Knights and warriors

they became,

a piece of cloth

bespoke their name,

within the soul

of mortal men,

may you always ripple

in the wind.

Vivienne Clark


i stood back against the wall

the sunset behind me

orange it was

with glowing fire

i hold in my hand

a bowl of glass oranges

a bowl of glass oranges

paying tribute to the sun

the bricks hold me up

as i offer my produce

to a sky which still remembers

adam and his apple

i offer glass oranges

to a sun with no faith in


for humanity

has no humanity left

and i deemed my self a demi god

or demi-size god

or should i say goddess

or goodness

or should i say?

that was the last time

i whispered to moonshine

whispered at starlight

wished on a star

the cops came and took me

peeling my oranges

dipping in coffee

the last peace of humanity





-lane spear

I fear the looks in people's faces

when they look at me.

Black waters of severance flooding-

I have come apart.

An energy within has died,

leaving a waste of flesh

suppressed and dead.

What is this hell that I must swallow?

Burning my insides-

charring vain essence.

They see the girl so polished

like glass,

her uneasy eyes never resting

upon another souls face..

for there is no comfort there.

She is so refined they say,

as though it seems her outer beauty,

comes from within-

but we know,

it does not.

We know the truth,

she and I.

you sense lunacy

and call me beautiful..

I fear the looks in people's faces

when they look at me,

I fear their thoughts,

I fear their feelings-

I fear what they see.


The Homeless
C. Lawrence Malmquist

Lonesome debris drifts

on a cold ocean. Flotsam?

Jetsam? Who can tell.


That forbidden night
Josie Randall

I remember

that night

you were but

a boy I

but a girl.

We had no idea

what we were getting

our selves into.

I begged you

that this would

get us in more

trouble then not,

but you insisted.

That night

ended with barley


You got up and

went about your business

for life to you

was and is one but one big joking adventure.

I was left with a


when you didn't

come back

after that night.

And scared

beyond belief

when I became


When I was

six months

pregnant you

stopped by and mockingly

asked me to come

with you.

I told you I was pregnant but you

didn't understand.

I can hear your

laughter in our son's

voice and see you

in his eyes.

I haven't seen

you in months

and fear you'll . . .


True Love
By: Sabrina Lee

When I look into your eyes the pain in my heart stops and dies.

When I hear your voice in my ear, I thank the Lord that your

always near.

When I feel your hand in mine I wish that I could stop time.

Every minute, every second of everyday I yearn to hear the words

you say.

I love you more than you know, all I want is for our love to grow.

You loved me once, you loved me twice, I know the third time will

be nice.


Dean-a Billows

I once had a dog named Bear

He had fluffy black and brown hair

We were the best of friends

but everything good eventually ends

One warm day the first of May

Bear was let out to play

He ran across the road to see a friend

not knowing his life was soon to end

A car came driving down the street

and a dog his friend he did meet

I heard a yelp and started to run

there went all of the fun

He laid so helpless and bleeding all over

in a way our friendship was over

I prayed to God every night

in hopes he would set things right

But my dreams never came true

but Bear do not worry someday I will be with you

Until that day I will miss you with no end

my dog and my very best friend


Jeannie's Guy
Dedicated to my little brother: C.J.
Copyright 1996, Written by: Jeannie Seaver

He waits for me patiently, then greets me with a kiss. A smile, a hug, and a "How are you?" or

"How are you?" are things I'd hate to miss. This wonderful gentleman is of

pure and fine design. He lets me know every day, how much he is mine. This

very fine looking man, could never be replaced by another. For he is not

just any man, he is my little brother. He thinks he is all grown up now, and

big as big can be. Shh! It's a secret, you better not tell! This little man

is three. It is sadly mistaken that he is a spoiled brat. Then again, he

really is. But, I can handle that! The fact is that he is growing, right

before my eyes. Tomorrow he'll be turning four, that is quite a big

surprise! I know we will have our rough times, and shed quite a few tears.

Some day we will forget all that, and remember the laughing years. Yesterday

is gone, tomorrow is forever. The little boy fades, but the memories never.

Here, real soon, this young gentleman will escort his queen to prom, taking

plenty of pictures for all to see, then bringing them home to mom. She will

choose her favorite one, then set it next to the other, the one of the

little three year old, who is still my little brother. No matter what

happens, or how much time passes by, things always change, but he will

always be Jeannie's Guy.


"Lustrous Perforated Cellophane-Wrap Under a Boot"
Adam Brant

My life can feel itself thumping in my brain

And I can always say "it's the last time",

But it doesn't mean that I can truly change my ways.

When I think of women my mind's a crotch

And I shame my guilt with a look of disgrace.

I can honestly say, "You've unmasked me and my way."

Venture yourself down my sacred corner.

God's a whore there-

And she sleeps like no other.

That's not to say he's the best lay or anything...

I'm sure this all sounds absurd.

Come now. Beguile me with your way.


South Central L.A., also known as hell,

Where just the trigga can kill a n*gga, cuz their bodies are frail.

One bullet to my friend's head, I have to call the police,

I have to admit my friend is dead, those n*ggas don't believe in peace.

My friend's lying in his blood, a lonely tear in his eye,

how can I still have faith in God, if He let my best friend die?

It's just like that in L.A., but I gotta survive,

and I think the best way for that, is with a forty-five.

I went down to the gun shop, I got a glock instead,

I doubt my son will ever find it, hidden under my bed.

I'm going out with my friends, I told my son goodbye,

just one bullet killed my son, in the blink of an eye.

But the reason was mainly, cuz i never told him "i love you",

"Maybe we can meet again, son, in the heavens above you".

If I can see him again, id give him a hug, and his hair i would stroke,

I decided to shoot myself, right before my son spoke.

He says "I know you love me, daddy, God says don't die for me yet",

in those words that occurred, I will never forget.

I remember my son, every night when I pray,

it's just a typical day in South Central L.A.

Submitted by: Sacred Gemini


Life is....

By Richie Santos

Life is hell,

spent in a round cell,

waiting for that final bell.

Life is perplexed,

like sex,

always complex.

Life is a locomotion,

of crazed emotios,

that gives you day added commotion.

Life is regression,

caused by oppression,

which causes my depression.

Life is sorrow,

of all the thoughts borrowed,

that will yours tomorrow.

Life is that game,

that never could be explain,

until after death came and was slain.



Across the room my eyes fly scared.

I see the shadow of death in the night.

No one here to save me from fear.

And turn the wrong to right.

Loneliness two-steps across the floor

And darkness dances my final fate.

Solitude has come and taps on my door.

And death in blackness, my last date.


michael emilio

i dream of naked souls fumbling into each other.

total abandonment of thought

and other distractions.

we bathe each other

and are born again


regret and sin are

only words

buried deep beneath the earth.

but we soar on new wings

and together are



Unwanted Saliva- dear Jonah
Alix. A Smith (c. 1999)

I crawled into the cellar of Death

Death Licked me clean

And threw me up

Out of His Belly

For I lay now in soil

And not in the stomach

Of a Whale.


Home coming
Toraj Anarestan

When I let this moment go

another moment opens

falling into the world of other

I find myself freely falling

backward into

where I came from



by Amanda Menifield

In times of despair and loneliness, you brought me joy and comfort

In times of darkness, you brought light to my eyes

In times of discouragement and anger, you brought encouragement and happiness

The times I doubted you, you proved me wrong

Now, I know I can give you my heart without feeling pain

But in times of pain, you brought me soothing

The times I was ignorant, you looked beyond that

The times I didn't think things would work, you gave me hope

The times I cried, you gave me a shoulder to lean on

The times we fought, you turned things around

The times there was something bad, you made it good

With you I know that all my dreams and hopes can come true

You are the one person I love and trust

Now I await for the time we will be together forever


Fall From Grace
- Amanda Cobb

The grandeur has fallen from grace.

the elite discarded,

shattered by the reality

that their status means nothing.

Now they worry,

for in the real world

personality is what counts

and their egos destroyed that long ago.


dedicated to crissy and do u?
by: Lisa-Marie

What happened to the past

the friendship that we shared.

All you do is ignore me

and act like I'm not there.

I miss the way we used to talk

the way you listened well.

Whenever I sought for your help

advice you used to tell.

You always made me smile

whenever I was sad.

You always knew just what to do

you never made me mad.

I do not know what happened

and it mustn't continue on.

I need your friendship dearly

I can't cope when it is gone.

You mean so much to me

I need you by my side.

I need you as a friend right now

I won't let our friendship die!


By: PRichards

When we are lonely

no one can hear our plea

that cry for attention

that's there for all to see

Do we all get lonely?

I think maybe we do

there is a time in life

when a little loving is needed from you

I hope a friend will call

that they be lonely too

then maybe we can talk

and get rid of these moody blues

`cause friendship is a wonder

the feelings` good inside

when loneliness is banished

and you have someone in which to confide


Lonely Sunset

by Stardust Wunch

The sun sets,

The sky becomes a blazing fire,

A beautiful show,

One of which my eyes never tire,

The stars start to shine,

As the moon begins to rise,

The sky brightens,

Right before my eyes,

So peaceful and serene,

A flourishing sunset sky,

So profound and beautiful,

Yet it makes me want to cry,

Something is missing,

Something isn't right,

I guess I miss you,

I know I love you,

I wish you could be here on this beautiful night


when i found out he was getting engaged (at last)
Mariah Young

The stars shine in his eyes

but not for me

his heart beats in perfect time

which I cannot feel

there is music in his words

that I am not able to hear

I have pined for him secretly

I have seen meaning in all his movements

I have been true

to the promises I made to him

I have waited

there are no tears for him

there never were

only that ache somewhere inside me

that I can never quite place

I don't mind that he steps

on my cellophane heart

and I'll make sure

he'll never see my glassy blood

that cuts as it courses through me



I want freedom, I want the clouds, but there you are on the ground. I want to soar, I want the sky, but there you are on the ground. I used to be happy, you were my world, with you I radiated, I felt secure. Then I changed, I matured at last, and our relationship, went downhill fast. I was no longer happy, we always fought. We almost broke, I pondered the thought. I saw the crumbling of your face, when I told you that I needed space. I see your eyes filled with pain, for the moment I wish we were the same. Hopefully through this, we'll both land standing, and together as friends, we'll reach for the stars.


"Eyes Like Richard Gere"
by Lisa Arellano

Why do I continue to run back to you

When I know how our story will end?

And why do I keep on believing you

When you tell me she's "just a friend"?

Large brown eyes, Just like Richard Gere

That's the only reason, I want to keep you near

Your smile sends my heart past 50

Even though it's an evil grin

My mind tells me to believe you

But my heart knows where you've been

Large brown eyes, Just like Richard Gere

That's the only reason, I want to keep you near

Maybe one day I'll be strong enough

And leave you in the rain

Then I'll find another guy

But with eyes like Kurt Cobain

Large brown eyes, Just like Richard Gere

That's the only reason why, I want to keep you near



Cruelty is capital on this damned Earth.

Children are cursed from the moment of birth.

Cursed to grow up in such a way

Little hope in finding a better day.

They have no choices to make, their fate has been set.

No courage and no hope leads to their death.

The few who find the strength to go on,

will find a way to right the wrong.

Enveloped in fear and weakness, and so they go,

But the few who are strong will always have hope.



Looking into your eyes,

I wonder.

Why is it we're here?

You were the only one who could understand me.

Yet now I withdraw.

A solemn tear falls to the ground.

Now that I have shunned my only friend.

I notice myself, feeling alone.

For that is now what I am.


Then they gather round, my head spinning, feeling confused.

Then, I realize, you've died.

And now, I truly am,


Slip! Slide! Banana's

I once slipped on a banana,

and flew into outer space,

I once slipped on a banana,

well solving a detective case.

I once slipped on a banana,

and tumbled down the street,

I one slipped on a banana,

and landed on my feet.

I once slipped on a banana,

and stumbled to school,

I once slipped on a banana,

and landed in a pool.

I once slipped on a banana,

and traveled to the past,

I once slipped on a banana,

and ran really really fast

Maybe if i stop slipping

on these stupid bananas

Maybe if i stop slipping

O can put on my pajama's


I saw a blind man once

he was reading a Playboy

and told me I should be a model.

by: Jade


















It seems like nothing ever gets easy,

Some people become better while others become more sleazy,

I don't know how much longer i can take this change,

You've either become more normal or even more strange,

Everything changes so fast,

It seems like nothing good will ever last,

I want this bad dream to end,

I want to wake up and find that i'm with a friend,

Once i figured out where i belong,

When i actually became more strong,

I got pulled away,

God knows i wish i could stay.

Submitted by: Danielle Haley


Forsaking Nathaniel
Jessica Cook

My mind is allowed to wander

contrary to what you might think

My perception of you grows fonder

with each passing day

Oh, the lies you tell me

with no regard to what I feel

You absence sets my mind free

because your honesty is not real

But you know I will believe you

For the sake of keeping you near

Your presence is unyeilding, though

My thoughts are not free to be my own

So I try to conceal them

to what you would condone

Believe me, I have will that is strong

but you cannot handle that thought

So I'll keep it under layers of innocence

that have been long ago lost

And they stay that way until

the imminence of your leaving has lost the force it holds now















Spring sprung...
Andrey Kneller

Spring sprung so unexpected

From melting snow

I stood in awe

Observed perfection of its flow

So flawlessly performed

Each pitch connected

Played by the notes

Reformed in form

So worthy of great words

And yet neglected

My soul alone became affected

Pecked by the rain

In gained commotion

Grain after grain

I drained emotion

In proper fashion

Gentle motion

In passing rage

And raging passion

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Late Summer Afternoon


the orange and brown leaves testify.

Your time has come.

I, collapsed among the gnarled roots,


Your stiff limbs crack,

your weakened trunk shudders,

pounded by the wind.

I wither, also,

coughing bright blood and blackened lung


with moldy leaves that litter the ground.

Skeletal hands,

skin stretched pitifully over bones,

reach out to touch the dry,

disintegrating bark.

Decayed flecks fly off and sting my eyes.

I wonder, do you feel


coughing your leaves?

Do you cry, too, watching bits of you

fall away?

Gasping for breath,

liquid pouring through my nose.

The fading sun begins its setting.

Darkness envelopes me.

Die quickly, Tree, and cover me.



You told me always to be strong,

You never saw me cry.

But when I saw you laying there,

a tear fell from my eye.

I knelt down to give you one last kiss.

I just wanted to say goodbye.

you were my one true love.

Why did you have to die?

You're making me think harder though.

Thoughts that life flies by.

So live your life to the fullest.

You never know when you'll die.


Frozen Over
©1999 Brandon A.

eyes grow cold,

a blank stare,

turned to stone,

no soul...

eternally frozen,

dark freezing death,

complete silence,

life, faded away..


"Maximus John"
by CHO



vroom on chair o-pair

i feel the tear.

powder chair


"Go to the Dentist"
B. Yee Chee

oh my sled

in the winter

i ride thee upon the winter

i jump you on snow

i frost on nose

the hose

everyday my monster finds a rose

i chose the rose

rear molar

it must be pulled from the sleds mouth

it is pulled

the end.

oh. the molar grows back. i cry for my purple sled

he fears the throbbing molar.

i eat the tooth

it is meat.

he is content. the molar is dead. molar of the clouds and mud

i clout

a shout

end. end. start.

dart in the dark



Inside you

As the night goes on

the darkness fills the room.

A day yet passed and a new one,

coming soon...

The memory inside you and the future

yet to guide you...

The soul beyond the distance,

as for you to fill.

It's your dream, it's your will.

An endless passing day, your life

has made a way.

The pain you hide, the love you seek,

it will lead you to your needs...

It's for you my friend,

this life...this love,

if you find it,

you find...........

God above.

- Elise Marie Eikeland -


I have loved and I have lost,

My heart and Soul T'was the Cost.

Weakened By Sadness,

Brutalized By Rejection.

Ripples in the Water are my life's only Reflection.

Afflicted I am, and Cursed I must be,

I've lost all I had, I lost what was Me.

® John McCleskey


Watching you wake from your sleep

My love, how sweetly you slept,

my soul grew stronger,

with each breath you took.

Each time, barely moving,

you drew in life through the darkness.

I watched and held you so gently,

and as our morning broke free,

your dreaming face smiled.

And yet, still sleeping,

I watched until your eyes opened,

and I saw that they were full of joy.

Bright, burning and love full.

You smiled at me, I kissed the smile.

We were love and became of one, once more.

Till in turn, gradually slipping,

into a dark pool.

Warm, calm, of safety and love,

I became the sleeper.


by Amanda Marie O.

Alone in this over populated world

Alone with just my thoughts and the pain

Alone in this over populated world

Alone with just my going insane


Prelude to a Fight.

Here I am

There you are

With sight and sound

Our brains do spar

Locked in combat

From near or far

In the open or in a car

With our eyes, We burn holes

Into heads, Into souls

Quickly scanning for a fear

To break them down and shed a tear

Rip'em up and Spit them out

Before we know it, We start to shout

Tempers rising, Words do flare

Beyond a Hope Beyond a Care

Now we stop, the words are done

now i FEAR the FIGHTS begun.



by M. Greene

I'll never forget you my love,

this i swear.

I'll hold you in my heart my love,

and cry in pain.

I wish to talk my love,

and for you to hear.

I know that you would my love,

and that is what i fear.


Wait Until the Night Is Over
Michal Goldstein

Wait until the night is over,

Wait to walk out in the bleak

harlequins of night, Seek

not fortune, nor love, nor life in this

ephemeral tempest of malaffection,

there be no joy, no bliss

in these waters, only a vague recollection

of a Dying Light, in the last cove

of a child's mind there lies a Grove

of Heaven, a mind of utter peace

in such sweet and soft release

from Time; A last sonnet to daylight

enveloped in this infinite eternity of thought,

Catch what will you can here, what brought

you to this? What strangely curious motions

took your soul to these dark oceans?

Wait Until The Night Is Over,

Wait, child, until these shadowy boughs are gone,

Wait peacefully for the coming of the Dawn.


Two Flowers

Two flowers,

One of pale sublties;

The other vibrant in hue,

Vie for my attention.

Their scents are quite different,

From the sweetness of morning mist;

To the heavy aroma of night fog,

Two extremes of similar origins.

As the season passes

And a choice as to preference is no longer possible,

One must perish to the wasteland of memory;

While the other will seed itself into the fertile heart


Jude Adebosoye Ogunade(c)1999

I will be the shade from the scorching sun

I will be the oasis in the parched desert

I will never like others from you ever depart

I will be with you always from now till ever

I will be the umbrella from the raging rain

I will be the balm to soothe every prickling pain

I will with love redo all that has been undone

I will with attention adore you in my heated heart

You are the shadow I see even in the dark

You are the footsteps that has trodden my track

You are the footprints scattered all over my path

You are the rhythms the rhymes and the joy of my heart

I will capture comfort and present it to you with love

I will arrest affection and imprison it in your heart

I will get all the past pains and replace with greater gain

I will always, always, always, honour you with my all

Your love now treads the whole form of my all

Your affection arrests all my heart with love

Your attention has centered now on my concentration

I'm lost, lost, lost, in the labyrinth of love for you.

Let the sunshine in thy form continue the warmth

Let the shade of thy thoughts continue to calm

Let the beauty of thy form continue to impress

Let the thoughts of thy heart deliver me from distress

I will be all to you all in my all

I will be all to you all that I can haul

I will be all to you all with love

I will be all to you all in all


Delight In Hurricane
by Kate V.

Where once a skipjack raised it's web

To catch the wind in desperate songs

The joy among the blowing sounds

Was enough to disguise what did go wrong

And the throat that sang away the wind

Was sore with distressed projection

Through a ripping cold and water unclear

Inside the neck of sick interaction

Undying love for pulling these ropes

And battling the air that burns my face

Has put me out to sea again

Though thick and fiery, I'm not misplaced

Calm the storm if by my hand

Is a flag of white raised high

Avoid anchoring any port for now

My home is the greyest sky


Herman bugeja (malta)

Today I will make the land shake

I'll take an atomic pea

That changes life from day to night

It's drinking from my stream

It's killing my best crops

I feel like a puppet

My body shook tonight

I took a couple of atomic peas

I felt breathlessly free

I turned into a dry desert

That freezes when its dark

And everybody walks over me

It's like nothing happened

The next day everyone recognized me

The paper headlines made me

The prince of the underground


I dreamed I was a graceful dove, soaring through the heavens way above.

With the wind rushing beneath my wings, I saw so many wonderful things.

The crystal, blue oceans, the fresh green trees, the snow-capped mountains, how I felt so free.

Unfortunately this sight could not last forever, for as I soar higher, things blurred together

But then I could see stars shinning brightly, all year round, daily and nightly.

They brought such a glow to the never-ending sky, and I saw all the planets as I passed them by.

I feared then, that I might possibly fall, because the earth was so distant and so small.

And then I woke up, that's all I can tell; but I know for sure that I will remember this dream well.

Submitted by: angl74722


Windows of the heart

In her beautiful eyes you can't see no lies, you can't see no hate, you can't see selfishness because there isn't any, in her eyes you can only see the sweetness and pureness of her soul, because her eyes are the windows to her heart. If you asked for something she would give it to you, because like some people are born to sing, she was born to give.

Her eyes reflect love, they reflect honesty and sincerity, her eyes are as clear as the sky, and beautiful as a rose, and fresh as the rain and playful as a dog. But now her eyes must close, and every time you want to talk you won't see her eyes, only her soul.


behind the door w/ my shadow
Kassondra fay

standing in the darkness

behind the door with my shadow

my mind is telling me to face reality

but it is too cloudy

the sun never shines

theres always tears in my eye's

there is no time to come unwinded

this shadow is fear of failure

to be with you i try to

but instead i always hide behind you

help me hold on

lend me a hand

I'll stand beside you

if you will make me understand

how to control my life

without you as my man


When You're Hero Falls.
Emily Williamson

When your hero falls from grace

All fairy tales are uncovered

Myths exposed and pain magnified

The greatest pain discovered

You taught me to be strong

But Im confused to see you so weak

You said never to give up

And It hurts to see you welcome defeat

When your hero falls so do the stars

And so does the perception of tomorrow

Without my hero there Is only me alone

to deal with my sorrow

You're heart ceases to work

And you're soul Is not happy at all

What are you expected to do

When you're only hero falls


The day is remembered

The day is remembered, and quietly kept

no need to remind me I shall never forget.

We would walk together hand in hand

I shall always remember, you were my man.

We would talk all day and all through the night

The day is remembered when we had our first fight.

You are not forgotten, but you are gone,

I will remember as they play our old love song.

The day is remembered and quietly kept

no need to remind me I shall never forget.

The day is remembered, when you found,

The day is remembered, when you were put under ground.

By: kaycluv17


Missin you
Stephanie Starkey

We gaze at the stars,

imaginary ones will do,

What-ever it takes just to be with you.

Wrapped in your arms, our heartbeats combine,

so close together, our souls interwine.

Together all night as one,

that night may be over,

But we've just begun.

My love for you grows,

with each passing day,

I never thought it possible,

to love one this way.

We've been through it all,

good times, and bad,

And everyday we've spent together,

is another blessing we've had.

Our love is so strong,

it will stay through the years,

It will in in the laughter,

and brave though painful tears.

You are gone now,

but remain in my soul,

Left with thoughts of you, my heart remains whole.


Only 4 Months

You know you're so beautiful and I love you so much.

I get that tingly feeling inside with every sweet touch.

I tell you everyday how beautiful you are,

Better than any girl I've ever seen by so very far.

You might just think that I'm playing some kind of mind game,

But if I could change it, beauty would be you name.

If beauty was money, you'd be richer than Bill Gates,

If beauty was size, you'd be 100 times the size of the United States,

If beauty was knowledge, you'd be smarter than Albert Einstein,

If beauty was heart, I'd know because you have mine,

If beauty was power, you'd rule the world as queen,

If beauty was a miracle, you'd be a wonder no one has ever seen,

If beauty was fame, you'd be every day's news,

If beauty was a mystery, you would have all the clues,

If beauty was a game, you would win without having to try,

If beauty was a sin, then you can kiss heaven good-bye,

If beauty was a crime, you'd be in jail for life,

If beauty is in my future, then you'll be my wife,

If beauty was a question, then you would be the answer,

If beauty was a disease, yours would be stronger than cancer,

Where beauty's in the dictionary, your face is right there,

And if beauty was a picture, of yours every day I would stare.

I'm so glad that I have you, and that your beauty is mine,

Four months have gone by, and I think we're doing just fine.

I feel like you're mine forever though the months are only four,

But I want it so much to be so, so much more.

We do have our ups and downs every now and then,

But as we make up, our love is stronger times ten.

I knew from the start that I need you to complete me,

With only four months gone by, I made no mistake for I can see.

You had me at 'Hello", so don't ever let go

Of the love we have, don't even let it slow.

Are you for real when you say you want me forever?

Cause I'm not playing when I say I want to be together.

Believe it or not, but don't ever forget,

That I'll love you forever, and I was yours since the day we met.


Instrumental Love
copyright (c) Joyce Brown 1999

Spooning bodies measure time

in swing tunes of long ago.

My hips stroke rhythms upon

your tympanic belly as you respond.

I feel your heart beat,

beat against my back

as you caress my breasts.

Let me pluck your thigh

like an upright bass,

chord your ivory ribs.

Your tongue plays soft sax

melodies on my neck.

I slide upon your form,

a trombone teasing out notes.

My voice hits notes of ecstasy

against your trumpet moans,

the slow bump and grind of

hips moving to jazz phrasing.



I cried myself to sleep last night,that time you said goodbye.

They try to tell me it's not my fault,I couldn't change in time.

I can't go back to yesterday,oh boy I wish I could.

I would turn around,I would change my life.Just like I knew I should. But I can't go back to yesterday,I can't go back,

I know.Days change,but feelings don't.I know my feeling for you won't.I know we shouldn't have done what we did.

We shouldn't have gone to the jive,I shouldn't have let you drink and drive.

I was out of it myself,I couldn't say no.So I let it slip by.

And this is what I get,I guess.For being hesitant.

My love is gone,my love,so strong.I'm getting even.Just for you.Even though you wouldn't want it.

You'd want me to live my life.And die when it was time.

I've got the knife,I'll make the cut.And see you once again.Just once more.

Cuz I can't live my life without a love,without someone to care.

I can't live my life without my best friend,someone who's always there.

There's blood all around me now,all of it is mine.I'm in horrible pain now.

But I'll see you in good time.The colors around me are fading.

I close my eyes and see,this beautiful little picture.A picture of you and me.

It's worth my life to see you again,It's worth my life to know,you love me and you forgave me.

And I can't wait,for Justice has been shown.

Do what you want with your life,but just don't drink and drive.


Sad Hearts
Donna Huckerby

A love as vivid as fire

and as cool as ice

a longing for such a love

that upon it's thought

a tear that runs silent but represents

a thousand lovers

for it is lost

no love as such will ever come

to those whom ache for it's arival

and love only for the hope that it will

pain that fills a heart

with sadness for it's loss

for a love

that cannot exist

for a love

that dreams make

for a love we lost everyday

to a world that cannot live

without you


My Dear
Sandra Dyer

You are so sweet, you are so dear.

You make me happy, when you are near.

You make me laugh, you make me smile.

You make my life, all worthwhile.

It must be fate that sent you my way.

I'm just glad for that day.

When you're not here, I feel so sad.

When I see you, I feel so glad.

I never thought I would find such love.

I know now that you were sent from above.


My Love Belongs
-Christina Fischgrabe

I'm caught within a pool of shame,

with shattered dreams I am to blame,

In memory of love and lust,

never again to be of trust.

Holding on I can't let go,

In majestic visions long ago.

Intimate passion at once subside,

Only somber in untrue tides.

Dark and cold my world has gone,

But only to you my love belongs.


mary chase..11/5/99

alone in a vivid world sometimes you feel captured, lost unattached, thrown here not brought here left instead of loved your purpose remains distant ,he never seems to find me. gathered among them, crackheads in uniforms, blaming it on the music this world distorts the children's eyes . the boy looks around for his idenity, it was taken to long ago the technology generation produces the most potent chemicals. they were never warned , or was the danger inviting. I almost tripped my life away but my roots saved me, we must rise above find the pride and the innocence unravel with the wind but always know your name


On The Side
by Ashlie Demers

Use me up and walk away

The mouse cheats on his cat when she's at bay

Don't say you love me, I know you don't

I won't chase if I know you won't

But anytime you need to mess around

Just _ _ _ _ me up and kick me to the ground

When you hurt me it feels like bliss

I've never loved anyone like this

Just leave me here and let me cry

Crush me so hard that I choke and die

But before you leave kiss me again

Nothing's sweeter than this kind of pain

I'll always be here like a stolen toy

Is the deeply kept secret of a bad little boy

And anytime you need what she can't give

Remember you're the only reason I live


sara wallis

When I'm feeling lonely, a little blue

I close my eyes and think of you

Hopefully you'll stay, hopefully you'll stay with me

Just stay here, stay all eturnity

Another person wants you, she wants your gentle touch

Please don't leave me, I love you oh so much

You say,"I love you and I'll leave you never"

But does that mean you'll love me forever?

You're so sweet, my teddy bear

You're only mine, please don't make me share

I hate sharing, you're meant for one

That's got love and kindness, I might be that someone

I 'll love you in my heart and head

And I'll remember everything you've said..


Remembering the Past
Shannon Marie Whitted

Seeing you for the first time since we parted,

has made me realize that I'm broken-hearted.

I know that everything was for the best,

but now it's time for the real test.

It's time to see if our feelings are still the same

or were we just playing a childish game.

When I said, "I Love You,"

my words were true.

Your words had no feeling

and now my heart is healing.

I know you said it because you knew you could,

and just to make me feel better, you thought you should.

I'm beginning to wish that you never did

because you were toying with my heart like a kid.

I know that I've lost you,

but I can't believe that it's true.

We gave up something that we both had,

what happened? why did it go bad?

Goodbye doesn't mean I'm gone,

but I need to stop holding on.

I need to stand on my own

until I feel that I have grown.

You and I both need to see

how it feels to be free.

You have accused me of being a child,

even though you acted just as wild.

I'm truly hurting deep inside,

you can't see, it's something I hide.

Outside I may seem alright,

but I'm slowly dying night by night.

I'm slowly learning to deal with the pain,

but my friends keep saying it's all in my brain.

They don't understand; they have no clue,

because they've never been loved by someone like you.

I remember what it was like to be in your arms,

you kept me safe from everything that harms.

It was obvious that true love was not for us,

we couldn't leave without a fuss.

Even though you still hold a place in my heart,

for now we must be apart.

Don't take this wrong; don't feel blue,

always remember that I love you.


Sir Yakob Beauman

whence flowers sleep

and moonlight craves

the other

and you

my darling...


Thy hand restored

to a crimson resolve


Hast thou forgotten already?

I'd die a thousand

no a million


desecrate me no more

for I cannot take

the pain

nor the sorrow

nor the anguish

of thee


By: Nikki Baird

Life is death if death is life,

With pain our saving grace.

Through hurting them and hurting us

The truth will take its place.

The orgiastic sense of lust,

The face of death revealed.

The true peace we allow to those,

Whose death through us is sealed.

Eternally we live and breathe,

While masking our true face.

And with the lives of those we take,

We weave our bloody spiderweb lace.

Though we walk on through the light,

In darkness we will always hide.

To secure the groom we took,

When we became his bloody bride.


The Beauty of Dreams
-Laura Mitchell

Your life is full of endless dreams,

and they're not as far off as though they may seem.

You should always set yourself a high goal,

and reach for it with all your soul.

Everyday you are given a test,

which is to see if you've worked your best.

You can have all the success in life that you want,

as long as you know what to do and what not.

Everyone is unique in his or her own special way,

and you show this everyday.

If you believe in yourself, than you will succeed.

Believing in yourself is a definite need.

You should always do what you know is right,

and your life will take off like an airplane flight.

All of your dreams can come true.

If only you know what it is you must do.

You should reach for the stars,

and your life will improve by far.

Your life is full of endless dreams,

but they're not as far off as they seem.


-Sean Tyler

I lose it all I feel I fall,

I've run into this flaccid wall.


I must break it all.

But who's the one,

who will make the call.

So what if it hurts,

I'm not supposed to feel.

Who cares if I BLEED,

they told me that I'd heal.

Break these gates oh please, oh don't

you lock me in.

I've come here to start, but have

yet to begin.

Am I the end of something,

completing nothing at all?

I lose it all I feel I F





Summer's Past
-----Mark Flannery

When summer's flown

like all the years I've ever known

The days grow shorter and the nights

go longer than any I've ever known

There's a coolness in the air

and there's a catch in my throat

and a soft fine mist blows everywhere

Like memories of the past

and the things that don't last

there's a longing in my soul

the depths of which I've never known

for all of the summers past




I'm in love with guy which don't understand

to me, he's the greatest man

I love him so much

but he's the one that I can't touch

why i sit here and sigh

i wonder about this guy

I feel like I'm about to fall asleep

but my thoughts are to deep

tomorrow I'm stayin' home & in bed

I can't get him out of my head

when he goes to my school

I feel like a fool

I am in love with a guy

but very soon,I'll have to say good-bye

I can be lonely so long

but could I be wrong??

I see him sometimes

to me he's so fine

but if he doesn't notice me soon

I feel like he's far away like the moon

I can see him

but I only do when everything goes dim

I talk to him and stuff like that

why do I feel like a mouse sneaking past a cat?

I guess I'll have to say good-bye

because I'm in love with this guy

if he doesn't ask me out

then I'll have to go out with this other guy, no doubt

so this is good-bye my sweet

in my dreams that is were we'll meet


Lonesome Angel

A beautiful angel, draped in sadness...

A restless soul.

Imprisoned in her golden glow...

Her thoughts and memories hold her captive,

In forever space.

Trapped in her own mind's seclusion...

Never able to escape.

Tortured by evil and pain...

Long tight arms from Hell hold her,

In their tightest embrace.

Her torn, golden wings...trying, crying, dying...

To gently return her to the heavenly skies.

Blood-drenched nightmares

Darken her soft, smiling eyes.

My angel's voice...a quiet, silvery shimmer.

Is now transformed into hard, painful cries.

As her soft, mournful whispers are carried away...

The wind becomes a subtle, hurting howl,

Above the mad, darkening clouds.

I cry for her...I cry with her...I cry.


Tammy Pemberton

Morning falls

On this faraway place

Where we all go to play

Some come out

One way or another

Soon we must all come down

Leave this dream

Return to the coma

Otherwise known as life



Oh, the warmth felt

from agony and bliss.

Sick, like a new born baby,

cold like the Father's embrace.

Burning like gentle sunlight

on decaying skin.

A multitude of colors,

considered polluting the river.

Water, sangre del mundo,

is drowning me.

Reciprocal compassion, not to,

but from a companion,

long forgotten.

And I feel alone,

and long forgotten.


The Repetitive Offer
Jess Lippold

My head hurts

from your lies,

Most elegantly told.

I search for a smile

among the damp streets

Oww, I've hurt myself again




But alas- I once again

reach out to you.


Mirror Mirror....
-Jessica Rose

Silly little counterpart

How did you grow so vain?

I can't see your reasons

so how can you complain?

You've acquired no true basis

for your reluctant disdain

And all your "normal" beliefs prove

Is that you're conformed; the same

So leave me little counterpart

before you go insane


Sweet Misery
By: Anita Berg

A day that shines as dark as night

The black in your heart while your eyes shine bright

A sweet pink rose with thorns of pain

Lips that smile when you soul is slain

A candy coated razor blade

The will once strong begins to fade

Green oasis mirage that's only sand

A burden so heavy you can barely stand

Cold blade in your belly when you're kissed

The scalding passion you can't resist

A mind of reason verses heart of lust

That cries in the night "You must, you must!"

A grim life sentence with no parole

The madness inside you can scarce control

Ancient ailment with yet no cure

That brings untainted pain so pure

And so this is the irony of love

This is sweet misery



I want you more than you want me

And it makes you powerful when you're not here

Cause there's nowhere I want to go and no place I want to be

I just need to have you here - I need you here with me

I'm completely at your mercy when you're not here

I've waited by the phone and you're message is clear

It's like I need you more than you will ever need me

And I'm barely afloat, I'm drowning in you're sea

My feelings are fading for you again

Until next time we're together and were swimming in skin

Then I'll miss you for days, for days on end

And that's when you take control of me again


Just a letter

taking dictation for

the floating seconds by

notation of decay

stretching meat

and recognition


of the rising suspense

By: Tod Caviness


The poem: You have given me hope, love and confidence.

You have helped me through a lot of tough times.

You have brought my hope up higher than it has ever been.

I have found myself since I have been with you.

I have found my self esteem.

I have found that I do care.

Will you stay?

Will you hold me?

Will you love me?

Will you care for me?

Will you make me happy?

By: Jessica Gates


Edwin R Collins

Take a look, Remember me.

Take a moment, what do you see.

Take a minute as years where taken from me.

Look around but where are we. Who is here, that I can not see.

I feel your presence but I can not see your contrast, that is felt inside of me. Feelings of someone from my past, who is it? Whom could it be. Looking back to remember the one I lost that night beneath the trees, where the rocks throw down upon the trail. That knocked her to her knees. As the brushes on her fragile skin looked so awkward and unreal to me. I can not remember the pain, has it come back to haunt me, Does she see me now is that what I feel inside of me. Time was lost as time will remain nothing changes except the dream. It fades in and out upon the scream. It lowers and raises inside of me. TO only be free, to only know she would forgive me. Hold it against me. Why let it be. Take time from me. Not to me, The more the time has slowed the more it will haunt me.


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A sin


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By: chandler

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