December, 2001

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Up-dated December 2, 2001


Come live with me and be my love.
Then Earth shall be as it is above.
We'll recreate paradise as it was in Eden.
What is this love that has been forbidden?

Can love be utilized for gain?
Is it shelter from rain?
Or a place where sleep can be found;
Where happiness, joy, and peace are found?

Then, I would save, collect, and store
All the love a heart has bore through life.
Giving it to you one fine day
Would be the only true way I could say,

    Bill Ball


Signs that Youíre in LoveÖ
Marie McCanless

You know youíre in love when...

You light up when that special some one walks in the room.
You feel a little better just having them in the room with you.
You want to take them in your arms and make everything all right.
You still think they look wonderful in the morning.
You can spend every minute a day with them and not get tired of them,
Then wake up with them the next day and want to do it all over again.
Having them in the same room with you gives you a feeling of contentment.
You would rather yourself be sick or hurt than imagine them in pain.
You would tell them anything they wanted to know, all they have to do is ask.
You realize that youĎve memorized the mannerisms that make them unique.
You no longer notice the bad table manners or the horrible fashion sense.
Even plus a few pounds you wouldnít mind having them around.
You wonder why you would want to spend your life with anyone else.
You catch yourself thinking about what your kids would look like.
Youíve stopped hating the horrible nickname they think is so funny.
You could talk all night and not be run out of things to say to each other,
Or you would be content to sit with them in silence.
They even laugh at your bad jokes.
You are yourself when they are around, they already know you are an idiot.
Their touch eases your pain and soothes your worries.
If youíre upset the first person that you want to tell about it is.
If you have a fight you have to go back to them because
You always talk to them when you are upset.
Everything is brighter when they around.
You think everything they do is cute.
You catch yourself day-dreaming about them, more than once..
You worry whether or not they want you around because
You donít want to wear out your welcome.
You make every excuse in the world to see them,
Talk to them, and be near them.
When they talk, you listen.
You take all of their advice to heart.
You think of them as a security blanket
You love that they canít dance.
You care what happens to them.
You would drop everything for them.
You finish each otherís sentences.
You finish each otherís insults too.
You only fight about stupid things.
You are always happy to see them.
You miss them when they are away.
You canít imagine life without them.
You would follow them anywhere.
You would go crazy without them.
You never want to be without them.
You canít think of a reason not to be with them.
Youíre lost without them.
Thatís how you know youíre in LoveÖ


by boomer iles

         I know how it feels to be a scarecrow, your only companions are the ones your meant to scare
         but even in your loneliest hours not even the crows seem to be there
         every time i get used to my surroundings i get moved to a different place
         every time i find joy or i crack a smile they paint over it a scary face
         day after day stuck on this damn pole, my legs? no use here
         when all i want to do is find another like me and hold her always near
         so i sit in this field watching children in the distance play
         and every once in a while they  come to stare and i ask them to take me down to stay
         and well run off to the hills  and together we'll play
         but every time all they say is "someday , scarecrow, someday
                            "just not today"!



Livin' In the Basement
Carter Tachikawan

Livin' in the basement tryin' to make all ends meet
Livin' in the basement tryin' hard to make ends meet
The ceiling's gotten too low, no place to take a seat

Eatin' all the crumbs left behind by the mice
Eatin' the dirty crumbs left over by the mice
No fruits or veggies left for me, not a single grain of rice

No light shining down on my body, no window in my room
No light shining down on my face, not a window in my room
Cause a basement's too dark and cold, it feels just like a tomb

Still livin' in the basement, tryin' to make all ends meet
Still livin' in the basement, tryin' hard to make ends meet
Gonna die here in this basement without a single bite to eat



Solomon's Sorrow
Daniel Tose

I have found the perfect peace,
In a perfect sorrow.
I sit silently, watching the sands of an hourglass,
And the days drift on,
Falling on distant beaches of a millennia.
All is forgotten.
Still I sit waiting for the crumbling mountains,
To cover me.
I wait for the rough tide to swell as it did in days of old,
To wash away this world.
The stars will fall and the sun will fade,
As monthly moon slips away.
Even the most precious jewel returns to dust when its time is spent.
All things pass away,
Yet, I think my sorrow may not outlast this place.
So I go on my way.



Andrea McEntire

Remembering the times
When we fell but mama
was there to kiss the
little skinned up knee. . .
And to wipe away
those precious tears.

Remembering the times
When mommy would hear
the cry of her little
angel when awakened
by a nightmare. . .
and she would come
and smooth the moist,
ruffled hair and comfort
the little one.

Remembering the time
when you walked
down the isle,
And your poor mama

Remember the time
of the first born.
Remember the pain
and then so much joy.

Remember the times
you sat on the back
porch and played with
those precious grandchildren.

As life wears on
And death makes
Just Remember all
the good times from
childhood on into adult-
hood and all the smiles
youíve come to know.

But most of all,
Remember the Love.



If I were a dancer
would you love me then
if I could sway as
gracefully as waves
roll in the ocean
if I were beautiful
would you finally
say the words
I've waited for
for all my life
if I had all
of the answers
would you love me then
would you ever hold me close
would you ever let my head
rest peacefully on your shoulder
would you answer yes
if I asked you the question
I've always wanted to ask




a son has been allowed in

he has entered into our homes
he has committed sin
yet we choose to live in domes
now that he has shattered the main
we go out with one thing on our mind
to kill him and cause him extreme pain
this is how the government binds
us together to achieve this feat
the american spirit is alive and well
but it took this horrific defeat
we are vulnerable, so into hell
we go to fetch the man
who has committed these crimes
against humanity, and the "top" brand
a son has been allowed in



~Margaret Arseneault

Inspiration is a wind
blowing at your back
turn around to catch it
see your world spin off the track

inspiration is a tunnel
sweet waters streaming through
jump in headlong to get your share
then it overtakes you

inspiration is a dream
tracing images in the sky
gaze up - look to it in a daze
as too much time slips by

This is but my fiction
it tells you what I see
when inspiration is elusive
and it's clouds swirl over me


Rachel Kennemer 

I strive for Peace
For Sanity here
In this barren place of open pain
I tighten my grip on the Love that didn't exist...Ever
Not Here, at least

I find myself in a waste(ed)land;
Disillusioned now
I used to see a Garden
A Garden of Love
Where is the security that you once offered to me?
Where is My Father?
Where is My Peace?

I don't understand how this dream became my nightmare
"Growing Pains"--
Is this what you mean?


Katy Loesch

I had never thought I would ever find love,
And when I did it came from the most unusual place.
I never thought I would find love and comfort in you.
When you hold me in your arms, the rest of the world disappears.
You never leave my mind and it makes me feel so safe.
Every time where together, every minute gets better.
But I hide myself from you afraid of being hurt.
You don't think I care, But if you only knew.
I don't want to face the world without you by my side.


Nic Fit
NicK S.

What a crave the world would wonder,
to take a drag from the tobaccos thunder.
I want a cig. and I want it now,
or the whole dam world will fall.

Nicotine, oh nicotine,
where thoust you lie.
Nicotine, oh nicotine,
without you I will die.

From cigarettes to cigars,
I can smell you from afar.
from pipes to a role-me-own,
oh it dose make my mouth foam.

Nicotine, oh nicotine,
where thoust you lie.
Nicotine, oh nicotine,
without you I will die.

I want a cigarette, or I want tobacco,
or I will bite down and rip out your soul.
Without a cigarette here I sit,
nicotine will only cure this nic fit.



  Kym Jepsen 

I awake to darkness,
I awake to pain,
I awake to sorrow,
I awake to shame.

I arise to the moon,
I arise to the blood,
I arise to the devil,
I arise to thy love.

I summon up my courage,
I summon up my strength,
I summon up my hopefulness,
I summon up my breath.

I walk towards the flames,
I walk towards the space,
I walk towards my destiny,
I walk towards my faith.

I start to float upwards,
I start to feel free,
I start to feel that after death,
I start to feel free.


Wild Cat
Michelle Dickerson


There is something
Something down deep inside
Something so wild
You should probably hide
An anger this powerful
A hate this great
I don't want to hurt anyone
But I can't control this state
There's a wild animal
Trapped so deep inside
Sometimes she gets free
Like those times you lied
You're always hurting me
It really hurts so bad
The way you tear my heart
Now it only makes me mad
Now the tiger is set loose
Her red eyes are glowing
All the hatred at the surface
Through her veins it is flowing




Susie L

What happened to the times we spent together?
What became of the promise, Ďfriends forever?
Is this the way life ends,
A relation between two friends?
Iím finding it hard to understand.

Gone are the days we spent together,
Gone is the promise, Ďalways foreverí,
Gone is the love shared between to hearts,
That just seemed to fall apart.

Unbelievable the way it has turned out,
Iím still wondering what itís all about.
Youíre gone, how can I hold on?
You were my guide, in you I could confide.
Iím finding it hard to understand.

Gone are the times of you and me, itís too hard to believe.
You were my light in the dark, part of my heart.
What did we do, what did we say,
To make it all turn out this way.
Iím finding it hard to understand.

What happened to such a strong love?
Of friends, that just came to an end?
What happened to me, what happened to you?
We never knew our nightmare would come true.



"Born Too Early, Too Late"
Judith Armstrong

This is not my time, for I was born too early, too late.
There is nothing here for me, but loneliness and hate.
No love, no happiness, nothing to make me want to stay.
Just pain, torment, and anger that blocks my every way.

Gentle winds whisper to me, this is not your time or space.
Come with me, come away now, this is not your place.
Come out of the darkness and despair, for this is not your time.
You were born too early, too late into a life of sad rhymes.

The tears that you cry can only hurt your sad lonely soul.
And the saddest part of it all is that no one will ever know.
That I was born too early, too late in a world that doesnít care.
That I am alone and unloved with looks none too fair.

No one can understand, whatís deep in my sad heart.
Existing is not living and breathing is just a small part.
I was born too early, too late and I canít change my fate.
The question remains, do I continue, this option I now weigh.



Emerge unseen
By Adan V. Baca
October 2001

Emerge unseen through a veil of sunlight
Blinding frozen eyes blue with indifference and indoctrination
Comfort erases the need for faith
And revenge shatters peaceful night
As calls for blood are much more inviting than love
I sit in cushioned chair and breathe
As I watch images inside  the tv screen
Anger rises not from hatred but from greed
Greed fueled by selfishness which is found as
The root of all desire
Desire slowly kills the soul
And I walk down empty hallway
Looking for my fix
Economics replace God power is the life we seek
Destruction of all sovereignty  awakens sleeping nighttime stare
Intelligence is obsolete
And darkness flows beneath the happy sky
Everything is permissible and almost never free

Acts of terror struck the U.S. of A.
So much innocence has been victimized
What a dark, gloomy and horrendous day
Fear and destruction we can't realize.

Police and firemen so caring and brave
And man's best friend lending noses and paws
Lives they are all determined to save
All for an important and worthy cause.

A nation so strong and resilient
Freedom and liberty both standing tall
A president angered but brilliant
Goodness will conquer and evil will fall.

A country hurt and feeling betrayal
But firmly believing justice prevails.

                                      -Courtney Grondin-





I spread my arms but I canít fly away from the pain
I look through my eyes but I canít see the love
I listen with my ears but I canít hear your voice
I try to understand you but the words donít come clear
I try to help but nothings enough to repair all the hurt
         Feelings You Have Inside



Bollimuntha venkata ramana rao

It's on me
Itís on my room
Where ever I am
I am  an unknown face
In between  the mob.
A dark shadow draws
Swinging in my mind
As an aloner
The words are dumb
Relations are artificial
When ever a smile blooms
It moves away in split second
Expressions and feelings
Doesnít explain to any one
Doesnít share any one
Each and everyone
In their selfish motive
They are in their war
They are in their dreams
Hours of time melting
They are in their despair
Castles may be figured
Remains as a white paper
As a fantasy ,as a question
Itching as a thorn
When ever artificial smile blooms
They are not ready to throw words
Chit-chat is an interruption
They says that-
You wander in your dreams
We are busy in our work
We are busy in our dreams
Tears may disturb
Donít spoil our time.



Waiting - 
Michelle Ballard


I see your spirit in the eyes of our children. 
I hear your voice in their joyful laughter. 
I see them looking for something I cannot give them. 
I hear them crying for something that isnít there.
I dream of you only to awake alone.
I reach for you and youíre not there. 
I look around and all I see and hear is you.
In the whisper of the wind.
In the setting of the sun.
In the silence of the night.
And the roar of the surf.
You who are such a part of my very existence.
I cannot get away from reminders of you.
I rage against the injustice of the system.
I push against the bars of a cage.
Built by lies and incompetence.
When you come home, I will be here.




Blaze blasted ways sarcastic sticky stone the waver save your majors for the casket or get broken like my basket,,,,full of hope full of screams broken promises empty dreams,,cementing forces concrete to live it
detail the picture it sure is vivid be sure to live it or die to try therefore it contradiction like a swim that flies. its him that lies for the lady is standing(under) wonder if the man continues planning with the intro that he's usin' before the mending, ending the conclusion...


  Troels Hundtofte

Scraping on the future, digging in the past.
trying to remember, trying to make it last.
Shattered dreams before me, unlike I used to dream.
Today's itís so much harder,  nothingís what it seems.

All of this reminds me. All I cannot do.
None of what I told myself. None of it is true.
Canít live inside a framework. Canít breathe an air thatís fake
Your story is a fairytale, your world i cannot take.

Put the pieces back together.
The image of divine.
Created certain sentences.
Repeated in my mind.

Although Iím quite familiar, with all of this around.
Iím tied to transparency, tied to what i found.
Secrets Iíve forgotten, memories I own.
Scarred for life, Iím certain. Damned to be alone.

Put the pieces back together.
The image of divine.
Created certain sentences.
Repeated in my mind.



- Sunil K Bhagvandas

You belong to the home of my heart ;
but on a frosty winter's night, the chill entered an unclosed window.



"A Word from the Gifted"
By Duane Hunter (Mr. Nobody)


Divine Intervention. 
Souls wandering and running into one another. 
Planned coincidences, 
with journeys unknown. 
Feeling the rhythmic pulse of God. 
The constant gravitation 
and pushing of one brother closer to 
the other. 
The Believers. 
Soldiers of truth. 
Deliverers of souls. 
Through the ministry of music, 
we touch 
and change 


When We Found Us
Rob Martin

Time had reversed itself,
on that cold, embracing night,
when a sudden snowstorm
animated the hibernating land.
We became children again,
on that cold, embracing night.
Within our minds we played,
so far away from Death,
wrapped within
the warm shelter
of a newfound innocence.



There you stand, so proud and tall,
Here I descend and continue to fall,
There you are thinking you are the best,
Completely unaware, your just like the rest,
you hate me make me your hoe.
I fight so hard, yet I'm still a retard.
You call me a bitch and laugh with your friends,
I sit here alone, the pain never ends.
It's you I despise, if i had my s*it together
i'd smoke you right between the eyes.
  Dalyce Urban


September 11th
stephen foster

"Lost in a world of thought
dazzled by your specters
like juggling clowns
and dancing jesters

Jittering around
in some random pattern
looking for that bastard
they call Bin Laden

But never fear
we've seen it before
the Anthrax crap
it's only a lure

Open your eyes
and take our hand
Our kingdoms, our castles
it's our holy land"


God, where are You? Are You here?
I know You said that Youíd stay near.
Why canít I feel You? Why canít I see
The love You said You had for me?

Usually I can see and I can feel
That all You said to me is real.
And yet, sometimes, I feel of falling.
I feel like You abandon me.
And then You say, ďChild, I am here.Ē
And then I know that You are near.
I know this time of pain and need
Is when You stop to carry me.

So help me, Lord, help me please!
And when Iím down here on my knees,
And when I ask You heal, love, save,
And when I tell You what I have
To give to You in prayer and sorrow,
And what I want to do tomorrow,
Then grant me these few things I ask.
I know, for You, Ďtis a simple task.

And now, when I feel You and when I donít,
And when I ask but think You wonít,
Then remind me, Lord, of all Your love.
Help me feel you from above.

                    ----Nicholas Williams


All is black till the eye can no longer see
Here I am where never did I think I'd be
The Great Waters are around me
And increasing
And incoming
With every moment and night that goes by
The Great Waters get deeper and deeper says I
And now when everything has come to be
I have to see
I am afraid of drowning
And swimming
I dearly do not wish to drown
For I want to see one more dawn
To see the dawn once more, a desire so great
Increasing with incredible rate
But yet still moments come when I am
ready to swim and survive
That the fear takes over and I stay and wait
to die
As the Great Waters upon me commense
I think and feel like an ass
Why oh why can I not attempt to live
And on this eve
I think the Great Waters are to at 
last drown me
So I see that now is it, in order to live
But how oh how can it be done,
What could never before be done?
But it must be done or I will no longer be
And it must be done by me
So now the act that was impossible
Becomes the act that is likeable
To come to be done
But why does it seem so hard for me to turn
it on?
Whatever the cause
Whatever it may cost
I must
for the Great Waters are a comest
On this eve
Of all the eve
The time is here
And I must live
Redon Cabej


Shadows do not play
Al Majko

Shadows do not play
But flat lay along the street
Or bar their way obliquely across a path
Like blades black but not the blackest,
Not the sharpest, and yet this play
Is beauty where the thinnest line
Reflecting pole by pole
Points away from the light
That smarts the eyes or seems soft
Along the edges
Like lashes on the eye.

Where a bright glass is sharp:
Along each side is drawn a curtain
Whose lace-edge is a net for the light--
By the blade of black edge it seems less bright.



In the backyard, nestled between two giant oaks,
Rests a large sliver of the moon,
Silvery and luminescent in the humid night air.
It is there that we fish, and laze, and swing our legs,
Over the shallow edge,
Disturbing the frogs and crickets.
Behind us, we stand out against the pitch
Of the latest evening,
Silhouettes in our theatrical lighting.
Though the moonrock slope is steep,
We enjoy our own gravity,
And stick like bugs to paper, dangling arms.
The storms, volcanoes, and lightning in our Da Vinci landscape
Are distant worries, for we know that at anytime,
We can levitate back up to the sky.


"Blinded by the broken glass"
NurJahanshadid Akbar

See through the blood of this instant rage
let your mind go from this confusing maze
too many times we are blinded by our fate

it is time
it is time

for us to see truths life
i do not soar with the eagle
the dark bird of despair
to many times it has left its misery
and now it asks why?
after the ones have stolen some of its young from its nest
now it has no rest
and following illusions
like the blind walk behind demons
give me the reasons

too many times
too many times

blood, and death brought on boats
songs of bombs dropped from the air
lies and devils everywhere
wake up and smell your lair
the devils stench and truths death appears

too many times
too many times

and now we see the eagle stare
in the mirror of judgment
seeing no soul there


This is Love
Sarah Bilby

I lean down to kiss

his temple after a cold
trip outside our bedroom
for a drink of water.
A small sound escapes his lips,
a sort of unconscious sigh.
And seeing him sleep
in the semi-darkness of
this early Saturday morning,
knowing he needed
that little touch
as much as I needed
to give it, I realize:
This is love.


The dead son (part 1)
 Cr aig Atkinson 

There, the image of another face
the reflection is deluded,
no longer promises sense,
logic or any sort of comfort.
 The familiar face is exactly
the opposite from that in recollection,
the opposite sex.
I don't remember her,
no, not the same eyes.
It's not her
cold and white,
heart lifeless.

To find her living well
with out the fear or care
of the eyes of those she once
I wonder if they'll bother call me
when she's truly lost or gone.

God My True Friend
sarai longoria


When I was sad, and almost in tears
In need of someone to bring me up to cheers,
You were the one that would understand
Who would lift my spirit up, and lend me a helping hand.
I was an outcast, until the day I met you.
You never left my side and you help me get through.
You were the one who taught me to love,
to avoid hate, and to stay pure like a white dove.
You made me realize how special I was
that you gave Your One and Only Son for us.
Now I know that you were always there,
not far away but close to my despair.
And now that you made me into a new person
You've cleansed my sins and buried them down below an
I Thank you Lord for always being there for me,
and for answering my every single plea!!
And to show you how much I appreciate
I want you to know that will always be my soul mate.
If when you wake up in the morning
and the hurting is so great,
You donít want to get out of bed
and face a world of hate.

If everything in life goes wrong
and nothing you do seems right,
You just try a little harder
and soon youíll see the light.

For every person who puts you down
and filled your life with pain,
You must strive to achieve greatness
and show them you can win.

For every disappointment
for the times you are let down,
There will be a better moment
and your life will turn around.

Because everyone feels heartache
and everyone feels pain,
But only those who have true courage
can get up and try again.


    by Kimberley Borle


To be alone isn't an awful thing
It can make you think
You end up looking at your life
Asking yourself "What am I doing?"

The isolation, it can be fun
You can let your imagination run wild,
Have the time of your life
With no one around to make fun

You can think about yourself
Theirs no one to say your selfish
You can do what you want
With no one to tell you no

If it's not awful to be alone,
Why do I feel like screaming?
If it's so much fun,
Why do I feel like crying?

You all may think it's not,
But it's fun being alone
To scream and cry
alone, alone...



  Zac Woods

This monsters name is Groor

He lives behind my closet door
When you see him you'll surely roar
At the monster behind my closet door


Go to bed, Ed,
and tell your brother Ted, Ed,
To also go to bed,
because he's been fed. What Ed?
You hit your head?
On the pipe, Ed? That thing is lead, Ed!
You'll be okay, Ed. Go to bed.
What now Ed?
It's turning red?
It's turning your bedspread red?
I'll send in Ted, Ed.
Ted will help your head. What? Ted's in bed?
Oh, you'll be fine, Ed.
We'll fix your bedspread
in the morning, Ed. Ed? ED?!
Ed is dead.
Ted's no longer asleep in bed.
Shut up Ted!
  Craig Power 


As I sat upon the sea blue grass,
I gazed up at the purple sky,
A blue sun setting, giving time,
A crown here, a shoe there,
Even a face smiling down at me,

I stood and stretched my golden wings,
And took off for those stars so inviting,
Yet, despite all around me,
I was lonely,
Like a child, lost, forgotten.


  Trace  Cates

               Ill paint you that picture
               to hang high above your mantle
               In deep Reds, Yellows, and Blues
                          Deep colors
                           For Deep women
                Deep under the Persimmon Tree
                Where i found that picture of you reading Bible in Hindi.
                 High above the tree tops
                  Waiting for me
                    with your songs and stories of that old Turkish market
                you used to love so much when you were a girl.
                 Running up and down the streets of Istanbul

                  Old Constantinople!! you start your song by the sink
                  Washing Greens Like a true American woman
                                                        That we know your not.

Heart Break
Athena Marshall

Guys line up to beg and grovel when she winks
She has a different date everyday
She knows how to walk and what to say
Spellbinding eyes so they can't look away
Your heart goes weak and your brain goes numb
You lose control and turn helpless and dumb
Then ask me what you should have said or done
She has the style of a queen
But inside she's evil, heartless and mean
I have to close my eyes not to look
When she rips your heart out and adds your name to her book
She plays with peoples minds like they were toys
Turns a crowd into stupid baby girls and boys
Her smile can bring mountains to their knees
If she controlled the world nothing would be free
There is no number to count her sins
She plays with the devil and wins
And sometimes she's all I want to be
So your emerald green eyes will fade from her and one day look at


  Rudianto Sjahril

A beauty of life, never forgotten

But why can't I feel this blessed world, with joy?
Clear my mind now but can't liven
The memories, what are those if crippled toil?

Said that I have learned this peace of mind
But it is all gone now and danger soiled
Firm in my belief now it is shaken and blind,
If only a chance to reborn but life is not a toy.

Sinking deeply with myself and I wish the light
Would bring me peace and eliminate the night,
Filled with uncertainty and fear I can't fight
This is life I wonder and no more cries.

As southern suns rose and feel no more pain,
The desire to forget can never achieve,
But I will try and the sorrow will slain,
I will try to forget and at least forgive.

I am broken, torn to pieces,
Life is a memory but mine, blotted
Like an ink I have to erase
Or at least release my pain.

I am broken.



Eyes of a Cat
  Jared Head

The Cat's eyes project a fierce gradient of luminous glow.
It is this glow that warns other animals of its presence.

The glow is like a force field.

The smaller creatures scurry.
There are things you just don't understand
The hatred buried inside
The resentment hidden in the sand
The sorrow thought to be left behind

And you don't even care

I need someone to hold me
And chase away my tears
I need someone to help me see
That there are no real fears

And you don't even care

With each and every kiss
You make me sore
But I can't live my life like this
You only hurt me more

And you don't even care

You keep leaving me behind
With no one to blame but myself
Strength I cannot find
Even though it's in oneself

And you don't even care

Maybe you'll care one day
When you finally understand
That we both have a say
In how our life is planned

I know  you never cared
But I thought one day you would
Nothing can replace the love we shared
I can't leave you-even though I should

I know you never cared
But I thought someday you would

Angell Rhoads 


A Common Stranger
   Belinda Woods 

It is a pleasure to be here!
Thank you for letting me begin.
I cherish this special honor,
for those who knew me better would have never let me in.

I guess I should confess I have no purpose for landing in this spot.
I just ramble on compulsively, endlessly .... checking for doors with no locks.

Since I caught you unprotected, it should seem only fair
that I remain with you a moment and help you to prepare
for those who might come later and catch you as unaware.

I couldn't be the only soul lacking in knowledge, direction and grace,
for if I was then surely all would recognize me instantly and divert me from their space.

If I remained here a moment, would I then belong among the merry multitudes of those already home?
The answer is unnecessary since I am already gone.

* For if I had such a purpose, I wouldn't get to roam. 


The evening storm....

 In these hours yet in the evening, the wind
 with strong shoulders shakes the trees.
 The old maple speaks with the child;
 as the swaying grass sends out its song.
 Gone are the stars that watch over the night
 on the peak of the hill where I often sit.
 Mine is the cat-eyed darkness, as the crickets
 under the porch steps deeply cry.
 Mine is the realm of a warm tranquil breeze
 with its touch riding the milky dark sky.
 Within the yard, behind a gate, comes the
 howl of a rain beaten dog.
 I listen to the voices in the storm as they
 come to rest on my knees.
 And the evening storm with her gray glance falls
 on me, while the slumber slips into my eyes.

City Days
Alison King

Borrowed skies
Stare thinly from the streets
And I
Hear the mean stuttering hum
Of busy trains on which
A distant sun
Distorts the reflections
Of the busy busy inside people
Rush heedless, step-and-start
Into days
They spend like copper coins
Thrown at nuisance beggars
Who ply their trade of sobs and pity

The only sign of life
Is impersonal pigeon lust
Aflutter in a swirld of dust



_conversation of thought_
Nikolaus Voelz
Would you care to join me in a
conversation of thought?
Please come, and observe the
solitude of two open minds.
Speak nothing and I will understand everything. 
Share with me the moment of silent glance,
and leave no trace of shade upon expression.


Catastrophic Ignorance

I look, for someone, but they are never there

For a presence, a friend to bear
I insist,
You resist,
How did I lose control of this?
I'll ignore everyone, since everyone ignores me
What you are, is what I'll never be

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