MAY, 2006


is anyone out there?
can you come over and tuck me in, you see i'm feeling like there is a hole in my soul through which every emotion drains away into an abyss that i have yet to reach the bottom.

can anyone hear me?
cause i have been screaming so loud that i've lost my voice, so in a fragile whisper i try to call out to someone who has yet to come and save me from this solitude.

Can anyone drive me?
can you give me a lift up to a place where i can find a key that i've lost, it leads to my heart and without it its open to thieves that might try to take what little is left inside.

Can anyone see me?
cause i've been wearing this mask so long that i doubt anyone has seen the real me and im about to forget who i was in the first place;

can anyone find me?


Tossing and turning again and again,

I just can't sleep; I want to get you out of my head.

You make my heart go "bump, bump" when you come close, It's something that I've never told and no one knows.

To you I'm just a friend nothing more,

But to me, youíre that and so much more.

I wish you could open you eyes and take a look, That no one can love you the way I could.

Your smile is the light of my day,

No one can take that away.

My biggest fear is that you'll capture my heart, I just don't want the pain and tears to start.

And then hurt because I want you to care, And want you to always be there.

Helping me to go on and get through,

To hold me tight, and say I love you.

Some think that you and me are meant to be, But I'm not that naive.

They tell me to let my feelings go,

That it's better for you to know.

But they don't know how it is to have these fears, And to have cried so many tears.

It takes a long time to heal,

And to once again feel.

That special feeling that just wont hide, Like the relaxing star filled sky.

After so much thought I've decided not to give up on you, Maybe in the end it'll pull through.

If it does then you break my heart and say goodbye, I wont regret it, even if the pain and the tears never dry.

Sandra Lopez


-Leah Larson

You let them surround me

Just left me alone

With no one to turn to

Nowhere left to run

No more fun

No more sun

No more anything

You wouldnít listen to me

In my time of need

You took it as a joke

Said it wasnít important

But it was.

So why canít you see my desperation

My call for help

Only one will answer

And that wonít be you

The one I trust the most

I always listen to

But when I need it most

You werenít there.



by:Cecelia Pousson

This is my life

My pain is real

the disappointments

The heartache

The hurt I feel

Like a leach on my soul

It drains me

And consumes the happiness

That should be

I long to be free

To feel full joy

To know a life lived with no pain

A dream to be seen

Only known when I sleep

But then I awake

to what is called



The Tear
Loneliness creeps
into my skin
as the walls shift in
closer and closer.
Darkness threatens to
swallow me whole
and tangle all my thoughts,
into a web of confusion.
My heart pounds loudly,
as I stare at where
there was once something,
but now there is nothing.
my eyes blur
and my breath
becomes ragged.
A tear,
slips down my petrified face,
because I know
nothing will ever be the same. 


Life is just a timetable

Life is just a timetable

Monday, Friday, Sunday

Everyday the same

Get up, get ready

Go to school

Go home, deliver

Saturday and sunday

The weekend, time off...away

check the homework diary

rully booked for the day

Missed deadlines, late

Bogged down, stressed

all work and NO play

just another day

Life is just a time table

every day the same


By T.M.Burrows


I Cry
By Emily Sherrill

Why do i cry?

You ask me.

I cry because

I alone in this dark world,

no one to bring me to the light.

So why Do I cry?

I just told you

and you didn't listen.


Save me
bye: gina gabb

save me from myself.

My mental healthÖ

is in fear of dying.

I canít stop myself from crying.

Listen to me, when I tell you

that Iím tired of crying myself to sleep.

Iíve just realizedÖIím just a creep.


Sandy Irving

Open my eyes, take a breath

Roll away Ė to the edge of the bed - sit up, take a breath Shuffle to the bathroom, like old women I see in movies I am so heavy, Carrying all this pain with me, Could I flush it away with the rest of the waste from my body?

Boiling water for tea, I wonder how it would be if there was only me and the cat and the bird Happiness only a food dish to fill Accountable for only my own pain and my own guilt Fixing tortured souls are for those far stronger than me

Take a breath

Take stock

Keep in check

Red and purple flowers beckon from the patio But I have no time to smell the flowers Good morning sunlight burns my eyes walking to my car To begin another day.


Waterfall of Soul
~*~Jackie F.~*~

She thinks she's bigger than herself
Which drives her to depression...
She stands in the shadow of herself
But she can't escape her own mind

She tries to control the flow of tears
But they leak straight from her soul...
How dark her soul and
Her creators' must have been

She thinks this day-dream is really a fantasy She's painted herself a picture of Utopia...
Only oil runs when wet

And now her dream turned into a nightmare And she can't stop the flow of tears That comes from the gap in her soul...
She wastes away a little at a time
It's amazing how profound a person's spirit may be When the dam to their soul finally cracks...


             BY: TAMA CONLEY   
since you've been gone my world has turn around. things have changed and so have i. i'm lonely and it's hard to say goodbye.
tears have fallen from my cheeks as i lay in my bed thinking about you in my head. something still tells me you'll come back, but sooner or later i have't to forget the past.
i can't except that your gone it just feels so wrong. your what keeps me safe and filled with pride i use to think someday i'll be your bride.
your the only boy who makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time, keeping you in my heart you'll always be mine. 
your what keeps me in one piece. letting you go was something to regret. 
the pain is still here, the bruise in my heart pounds more and more.
just to let you know since you've been gone my life has changed and forever my heart will be sore.
Lost Girl
ClŲe Dawn Calvet
You should have left behind those schoolyard taunts and rhymes You let hateful words define you the rest of the time
Check that line on the balance compulsively each day Let the results dictate how you act and what you say
Lost little girl what did you swallow
Did pain and abuse leave you hollow
You went through boys like there was no tomorrow
I know you thought you were in so much pain Taking in all that poison only made you insane
Lost little girl make you head twirl
You can't drown yourself and make your own world
I wish you were rubber and that I was glue I know all my hurt words never got through
I laid my letter upon your breast
Telling you everything is wrong
Why did you leave me this mess
Lost little girl I hope you were found
The trumpets are calling as I lay a flower on the ground
I Said Goodbye
Dead, shot, killed
Gone from my life forever
I hold you in my arms and your blood rushes down to my soft white hands 
Red, fluids of red, gashing everywhere from that one little bullet hole 
Your Choking, trying to talk, even breathe 
Gurgling blood spits out of your mouth splattering little dots on my dace 
You take one breathe, one last breathe and you let you throat muscles relax 
Your drumming heart beat gets softer and softer 
I kiss your soft red lips one last time as if I was a vampire 
Goodbye I say and you answer in silence


these scares you can not see for they are not ture to your eyes. I can see them becouse i look at my self and see what pain you have caused because. you talk about me like i do not matter at all . i do you have killed my soul you have never seen. what i am . so you have killed me

so thank you for taking away my life


VAnessa Finisse

A life without you is a life in prison

A life without you is a life in hell

A life without you is a life without hope because my hopes are you I respected you before i knew you I loved you before i was loved I would never trade you for gold, silver or diamond because what you offer me can't be replace You are a dream come true I'm your princess and you're my prince and we should live happily ever after A life without you is like a world without oxygen If you are not by my side, i do not exist Don't ever leave me, sweetheart because love is life and life is living a life without love is a life in prison.


When life isnít fair.
I stood there oblivious to what was about to occur He followed me round and round Unaware of the circumstances I ignored him and kept to her
Sticking by my mothers side
Wanting to hold her hand deep inside
She left for a split second
Still watching he made no beckon
As she walked further away
He came more my way
He said it was an accident
But the truth is it wasnít
You placed your hand on me
And torn I would forever be
I was an innocent child
You made me such a mess
A symbol of childhood innocents swept away
The pain Iíll always bear
Placed by someone who doesnít even care
He couldnít see the pain on my face
The pain that can never be erased
As each day goes by
I continue to cry
I canít think straight
My heart is forever in ache
Every man is a similar image of you
As that moment has stuck to me like glue.


he doesn't love u
by:Fatima Lopez
 love is a thing that is just a dream and is hard to believe in that person that u r living with 
sometimes he take u to the stars but then he let u fall he can tell u that he loves u 
but he loves u so bad that u just cry 'cause u r mad 
i'm just gonna tell u something leave him it doesn't matter what 
you're only trying to get ur  liberty back and to have the family that u always wanted to have.

Jessica Martin 

This is the time we say our goodbyes, one watching in silence as the other slowly dies.

Her eyes are glassy, her spirit low, they look right at her but don't really know.

Her heart has broken a little more, shattered pieces fall to the floor.

She stops and thinks how this must feel for him, would murdering her emotionally be the ultimate sin?


why is life so hard
no job no girl no car
wake up wishing i was dead
i see no future up ahead
they say good things happen to good people
they must be wrong all that surrounds me is evil
my time is running out
nevermind my time is out
a nice life is o so far
why is life so hard

Me & You
Melinda Mulllins
Even though there is no me and you,
I still see us together,
everytime I wake up from falling to
sleep I think i'm still with you.
But i'm not, see you
left me now i'm just
lost in my own sadness.
As though you have no feelings.
Don't hide behind those doors
as though to show everyone
your so tuff.
I know you have feelings
and you can't lie.
There's no lying about the
feelings you have.
All you can do is show them..
I see when there was
a me and you, you weren't
afraid to say I love you to me,
you weren't afraid to kiss me,
you weren't afraid to hold me.
But since you left me
you act as though you have
no feelings, your just afraid
to show them.
I know because you know
I'm telling the truth
you just don't want to face
you were wrong...
for a second time.
By Sarah
Our period of silence ended today
I walked past and we both said hey
For some reason I had butterflies inside And felt as if I just got off a crazy ride I keep thinkin I'm over you Then I keep wanting to be around you I have mixed feelings and emotions When are you going to get the notion?
The notion that I'm waiting for you,
Waiting for you with nothing to do,
Except dream about you while lying on my bed, Wondering if I've gone crazy in the head.
I'm getting tired of waiting,
But everytime I think of giving up, I think of us dating.
Remember when you would put me before yourself?
It was like it was you, me, and no one else.
I felt so special then.
Will it ever happen again?
If you're waithin for the right time,
The right time to drop the line,
Then every hour, every minute, and every second is the right moment.
If you keep waiting around I'm gonna find someone Someone just as spectacular as you. Then we'll be done.
But right now you're the one for me
But that is something you just can't see.
I constantly daydream of you.
Even when I have other things to do.
Please don't wait,
Because then it might be too late

symantha pearce

The pain and death you put me in was so great i fell down dead with pain. You said that you would love me until the sun never rise. But you never meant it you just said it to oput iin this hell i am in. Why you put in me pain. i will never know why you did this to me and i do not car but i swear that you will pay for it. i will love you all the time i may hate you but you will never know this. for it takes a little bit if my heart away each day because even though you may hate me and never love me again i will wait right hear for you even if it takes me the rest of my days for like the sun i need you to keep me alive for the rest of my life......... Burt you still will never know the pain i am in.......


Everyday she runs and runs-
Her scars will heal-
While the feelings feaster-
A sacrificial lamb,
To cater to his every whim,
With whip or belt he'd beat her.
Day after day,
Strike after strike,
She suffered in silence,
But she was not alone,
There are millions-
Around mother earth,
Their cries go by unheard.
Of her pain she refused to share-
But secretly we were all aware-
Of the many ways in which she died-
Day by day the pieces crumbled,
Night after night she decided to stay.
Until one night she took her life.


The thick gloom hangs about my balcony with no place to retreat, the trees scream looking for a place of concealment from the wind, they suffer like the warm beds that cry out for someone to take them in their arms, in the fog I suffer in silence, melted into the city as one big circus of pitiful clowns that hide behind their masks of joy with no release until morning, and all of the sudden through the tattered shutters that pained for years reveal behind them a day that dawns bright and full of joy, but my sadness has kept me prisoner in this hall of sorrow.

Robert Nelson III 


BY: Melinda Lawrence

When I look into your eyes I see how much pain you have and how much you have been through, but you look happy, like nothing has went wrong in your life. how can that be? you are always smiling like you have just won the lottery. I see people looking at you and they wish they could be as happy as you are, but i know the truth. I get it now, you aren't happy, you are hiding, hiding from the pain you don't want to face alone. You don't think any one will be there when you you need them, But your wrong there are so many people that will help you get through this and want to see your eyes sparkle again!!!


by Randy Lane

Insanity itís just a state of mind,

for those who claim to know it all.

Know it all they claim, I know it all!

The faces of those who think they know, may be your next door neighbour or a friend, who claim to know it all, they claim they do.

Insanity...insanity, itís just a state of mind; the prisons are full, of their kind, oh so blind!

Needlessly confused, from all of the abuse, what's the use.

Insane but still alive.


 This Is The Hardest Thing,
I Think I Will Ever Have To Do.
Being Completely Alone,
Being Happy Without You..
No More Holding Hands,
Because We're Done.
Those Sweet Gazes,
There Are None.
I Don't Think You Understand, 
How You Made Me Feel.
So Loved And Cared For,
Like I Finally Found A Love That Was Real.
I Used To Love It When You Stared,
It Made Me Feel Happy And Shy.
But Now When You Do,
It Just Makes Me Want To Cry.
This Is The Hardest Thing,
I Think I Will Ever Have To Do.
Being Completely Alone,
Being Happy Without You.
Tori Houseman


Leaving the Past
Even though I am out of site to you
It doesnít mean I am gone
We all eventually fall asleep
But the night lives on
The past is the future
Thatís gone away
Just know that I am here
And Iíll always stay
Everyoneís leaving
And we stand here alone
I donít know what to say
Because youíre almost gone
And now youíre leaving
So we canít go back
Again as I said the past is the past


He Has Risen 

Disappointed by what life truly has to offer I search for a better offer One filled with dreams and reassurance And passion for the unseen But truly what is life without a dream Iím talking not dreams of dough But the dreams you will always carry Pass your reality and way after time My birth my calling as a king To move the world like Exodus Traveling across sands with no signs Of water or civilization Running with eyes closed to the end of distance And visions of being set free from my mental prison He has risen


Dueling Violins (Yanni's Song) - Sonnet
By Tamara Beryl Latham, c 2006
Anticipating each half-note he brings
to life, her fingers stretch to find the grooves.
Perfection springs as sound is bounced from strings, then quickly as Barishnikov, she moves.
His chords, a hurried sequence, devil's notes, seduce her hand, then challenge fast her bow, which glides across the bridge, the music floats, beyond the Parthenon, but so few know,
this duo, he in Black, and she in Red,
sleek racing cars, fine-tuned, pumped full with fuel, who drive life into wood that's long been dead, while savoring each aspect of the duel.
Smooth liquid notes of eighths slake all who thirst, evincing Grecians, once again, are first.

Amy Kriozere 

You can say Iím all washed up

And I will believe some of your hype.

With fluttering wings soft so grey

I ride the sea of rejection easily soaring high As one whose faults catch pockets of air lifting it high My ego is always waiting for a slip To be at a place befitting to its self-imposed stature.

And so I go on with life as such

Flying high, beating myself down again.

Mistakes hurt more for my soul so damaged And faults lag behind, my leg attached to that ball and chain so near.

To unlock the lock that holds them there Reminds me that I do not know freedom from another life And that my history will repeat itself Again and again.

If I could know love would surely find a way To right the wrongs, to undo the damage that Iíve scoop up in a pile I call my life Iíd buy a bouquet of the finest roses addressed to my lover And sprinkle pretty words on my notes to him.

But here I am again

Hurting and hoping

Attached to my chain

Always wondering if egos have a shelf life And when does this one expire So I may start fresh with no mistakes And no sorrow may fill my basket again.

I met the love of my life but in the real; he is illusive.
A feeling we once shared turned me into a fiend.
I yearn for more every minute of the day.
I try to hold on to this dream as long as I can; hoping his feelings will come back to me.
I try with all my heart and strength, but my hands just keep slipping.
Now I sit in his shadow of shame; desolate and dejected, trying to be strong and leave.
ThenÖ. He kisses me, his venom runs straight through my veins; killing any strength I have left, leaving me weak, confused, and insecure. 
His words fill me with hope, desperation, and affliction.
He makes my heart melt then boil into a roaring fire.
How can he make me feel so complete and empty all at the same time?
I gave him the purest of me and was forsaken.
Every chance he gets he breaks my heart and takes a piece of my soul.
My hearts shattered pieces fall into my hands.
I watch in horror as they begin to bleed, blood pools around my feet, and I canít help myself from crying..
God how I love you so,
my heart just won't let go. 
Day after day I'm still holding on
even though you're gone.
I thought we'd go on and on,
thought we had something strong. 
You pulled my world out from under me,
look what you've done to me.
I guess it was there in your eyes,
I guess it was there in your sighs. 
I guess it was there in your lies,
I was blind then, and couldn't face the end.
Sam Frisina
Against The Shadow, I Wait
Dark grey shapeless clouds winning
Turning into illusions
Casting endless dancing shadows
Over the field across the sky
As I now sit suspended, waiting
An endless river of tears flowing
Silenced by the night, in solitude
I watch the clouds devour the night
A profound, impregnable hollow of loneliness, transcending I feel myself falling into a depth My heartaches I am hungry
Feeling as if this has happened before
If we could start all over
We couldnít do any better
As it is time to get off this emotional roller coaster As you know that I hurt Your stoned eyes could careless about the truth It has never been true
Drifting, my mind is my vision
I see my heart as a shadow
Striving to go beyond tomorrow
Suspended forever, I wait
Against the shadow, I wait 
Jeanine DeJesus 
We must have emancipated on Halloween
Black and orange, the usual scene
Did you convey something you didnít mean?
The limousine made perception unkeen
In anger, trivial words I spoke
Which you merrily provoked
2 years ago I picked up a smoke
You warded me off, no Christian does so
So which costume are you wearing today?
The goblet you hold looks a bit vein
Donít you know fear? (Synonymous to shame) With you any word can be interchanged
You forged your subtlety now this one is bright Moon one day and sun at night Our lives unparallel Unvarying, this fight
Iíll be courteous of your pet peeves
So I will make sure my costume is clean
I am actually an advocate of your dichotomy Donít cry when yours splits at the seams
Who am I to you?  Not last, not first
Sans that mask will render hurt
Iíve already assigned your hearse
Goodbye my once ally, itís November 1st 
Talia Camarda

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