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First Week of September, 1999

Old haggard Wind
By Angela Hatfield

Old Haggard Wind

plucked the trees

Like pheasants, held

between her knees.

In rows she hangs them,

bare and neat,

They're brilliant plumage at

her feet.


The Little Brown Bear
Mark Manis

A stuffed brown bear lies on a couch,

for a moment, you think it gives a smile.

Admiring its look of innocence,

although its only for a short while.

Staring at its face long enough,

he seems to say "Everything is all right."

The worries that one may have,

drift away as one prepares for night.

A sweetness permeates this little fellow,

that everyone can adore.

Although his figure is inanimate,

the joy he gives is something more.


Silence In the Beach House
Waheed Popal

We walk towards the water as I pull you through those hands
Breathing in the air, but we hear no more sounds

We say no word till the beach we get near
The waves hitting the sand is the only sound we hear

I pull you back as I kiss you on the eyes
To watch the stars, we look up through the really highs

You walk me back to my house across the beach
Your body in the only part my hands want to reach

We haven't said a word, yet, to each other
Moon shinning through window, but it doesn't matter

You lay down across the fire from the place
Glowing through black hair is your pretty face

I lay on top to kiss you as I begin to shiver
And break the silence when I say " Be mine forever".


Hidden Lives
Wendy De Bodt

A smiles hidden

in the shadows of my mind,

my happiness lingers

so very far behind.

A look of anger

stricken across a face,

a broken heart

left to be erased.

A soul with a cavity

that has no end,

a heart abandoned

that doesn't seem to mend.

A life where hate

is dominant above all,

and my smiles are left

left to fall


Obio Ntia

Today is the anniversary of my surgery.

The year went by very fast.

As if I have been growing in a cacoon

and I didn't even notice the time lapse.

It seems like I have gone through some kind of


In the spring I will be a


and fly away.


A Life On Drugs
By Crystal lee Martinuk

Immaculate visions of such vivid color

Fill my unconscious mind and force me into another world

A world of peace and serenity a world of endless dreams

I feel no pain, but I feel nothing

Like a cage door opened and sent forth were two white doves

I remember the feeling of being alone, like no one cared, like no one was around

I remember the thoughts that passed through my head, am I alive or am I dead?

There was but one thing that concurred my pain, if I did not have it I'd go insane

Like a cage door opened and sent forth were two white doves

I decided to get help for the problems ahead, I no longer able to comprehend

It took 16 long months before I could look in a mirror, Now that I had over came my fear

I can now walk in long strides not feeling the urge to hibernate inside

I see the world in a hole new light, I have won the fight


by freebasedbeats

the moon

round pale eyes

iris of silver

spotted face

adds to character

slowly arching


the pines




the wind howls

machinery of

the night

then drops


disguised as

pine for your pale

pale eyes.


by Paul Bagley

There is not so endless a sea

As a heart empty of me,

Or days so stale and dry

As when I lose sight of the I

I try to keep inside,

But lose,

Oft times,

When sunrises go awry.

But I dare the endless sea

To find the other shore,

To seek, perchance to dream,

The dreams that poets dream

In rare,

Diamond filled moments

That make the journey real.


One apple on the tree,

a million tears.

Edith Velásquez


Start - Shutdown - restart
Alexander G. Rubio

Descending through the soldier's heart

and the soldier's shattered brains

and monopoly-war ("return to start!")

dissolves all guilt in equal pains:

And whipsharp boys in summersun,

howling, beautiful and free,

with tin-foil sword and plastic gun,

enact the last war on TV:

And mighty Caesar, in the mud,

astute enough to really know it,

but still surprised to see the blood

himself, is puzzled as the poet:

Torn between indifference and lust

My broken eye is staring at the dust.



Poets are a special breed

They have feelings buried and deep

Some as simple as a secret greed

Greed of something they cannot keep

Maybe poets write for fun

Maybe some write for glory

But I know that when I'm done

I can feel that I told my story

MY purpose is to expose my feelings

Meaning not, that if you write

You must discuss of all your dealings

Remember this, and you'll spare you're soul a lot of spite


³Daylight Moonshine²

O¹ Pale moon why do you shine

During the hours of daylights time?

To shine so beautifully, yet out of place

Your soft ether glow devoured in waste.

O¹ Pale moon have you lost your way

And stumbled out during the hours of day?

Wandering wishing only wanting to be

But a vision of beauty for all worlds to see.

O¹ Pale moon is your soul lost as mine

With misplaced beauty of your daylight shine?

All the while floating, strange vision of sight

Struggling to be seen with all of your might.

O¹ Pale moon, please, cannot you see

The fruitless waste to shine through to me?

A strange beauty, in day, the moon shine

For moons glow I am, during the daytime....


"Frisbee Love"
By Blair Simmons

Pain and pleasure mingle closely in a smoky, purple haze
You toss me out like a frisbee and watch me stumble back through your maze.

I love you deaf and blindly - without knowing how or why
I love you even when you wreck my heart and make me cry.

Dewey tears spill over the lashes that line my eyes
As I sit her and ponder the reality of not - so - good "good-byes."


My Heart Speaks Out
By: Mable Benton

My heart speaks out

And it says your name

With every beat and pulse

I know it's not a game

True feelings and real love

Guidance and faith from above

You are my destiny, my soul mate

To spend eternity with you

I just can't wait

My heart speaks out

And it calls to you softly

Telling you to come closer, don't be afraid

Open up and let me in

I know that we've got it made

I am your shoulder, your best friend

I'm here for you through thick and thin

You are my man, my love, and my shining star

A generous man with caring ways

Near you I will always be, never too far

My heart speaks out

And it tells me to trust in you

Let go of all insecurities I may have

Because whatever happens, we'll make it through

You are my strength, my endurance

You give me love and reassurance

I am a good woman and to you I'll always be true

I knew to listen to my heart

Because it lead me straight to you!


By: Leila Nix

Confusion is all over the place

Tears glisten down my red face

The world I will never understand

I'll walk the world with no one to hold my hand

Open my eyes

Show me what I can not see


Let happiness rain on me

Drown me in love I so long

Teach my soul to sing a happy song

Let my heart free

Release these heavy chains

That link me to all the pain.


Hurtful but subtle hopelessness envelopes me

21 years and already feeling trapped in one's own life

realizing that time is not all about crumpets and tea

living each monotonous day trying to avoid turmoil and strife

attempting an existence not being an earthbound nonentity

but in the process visualizing that i am but one

In hope that along the way i will fall in love with a destiny

while running so long and hard yet never reaching the sun

sometimes wanting escape but never taking that tour

choosing to live, because there just has to be something more

(Tom Durst)


together in the endless void again and again spinning uncontrolled throughout

the lifeless times of never all i want to do is cry out in agony

and roll myself up in a small

ball and scream

john marshall


A New light in the Sky

so what is it that makes it so hard?

so why don't you be like everyone else?

because i don't want to

I want to be like the mountains

hardly ever immovable

staying strong to their place

I want to be like the ocean

that has so many varying things

that are so free

I want to fight for their rights

with more than a pin that says free Tibet

to feel their anger

I want to express my self freely through my art

to make my point scream

yet speak as soft as the sunset

I want to be careless with my hair

comfortable with my pants

to be nicely fitted

I want a smile that tells all about me

an essence

that draws people to me

I want to be poetic

but all I can be is a flower in a cluster

nothing to do to change it

no there is something

yes yes yes

A new light in the sky



Rejection is a feeling deep in side your heart.

It is the way when you don't get a part.

I have felt this way so many times.

Not often people say "Great job on the song and those difficult lines"

Not once has someone said "Stephanie your a star"

"Keep up that work and your sure to go far"

Why can't it be me smiling while taking my bows.

And just listening to the applauds and all of the wows.

Every night and day I dream of the time.

When I know the lead role is sure to be mine.

Will that dream ever come true?

After auditions will I ever feel proud and not sad and blue?

Some days I think I should forget all of my dreams.

For get all of the acts and all of the scenes.

Rejection is something I will always fear.

Until "Congratulations! You made it!" are the words that I hear.


-Tina Marie Martin

If people are who they are when you first meet them, how come I didn't know you?

You were astute, charming and most of all innovative.

You filled my head with all the ingredients of a chocolate bar,

Overflowing with sweetness.

You poured the wine.

The room was dimly lit with candles.

You played soft music, something sultry.

The ambiance was exotically woven together

Like a quilt, it had a story to tell.

Your body loomed over me like my shadow.

You gently kissed my eyelids, my forehead, my nose, my chin, my neck, my breasts, my navel and my ...hmmm, don't go there!

Please don't go there!

You went there, again and again and again.

I thought I was melting.

My juices were flowing and,

My body became one with the wine as you continued to sip me slowly.

Damn, you were good!

I can hear the songstress singing, "un-break my heart".

And I am thinking, why this song?

I don't know.

Then the next day, it hit me.

Another song was playing.

This time, I can hear these lyrics:

"You took me riding in your rocket and gave me a star.

About a half a mile from heaven,

You dropped me back down to this cold, cold world"

Now, I know.

You played me.


C. Scott

It started with his isolation

The hate and pain it brings

The absence of such a faith

Started with his everything

Sure he had some second thoughts

What good is that, he never fought

Covered with bruises, broken and sore

The part you knew don't come around anymore

All pain soon disappears

The nature of his new circuitry

This, his new consciousness

The one they gave to him

They have got a lot to prove

Nothing to lose

And they made him believe

The living end

To the world he now deceives

He tries weakly to get away

But he's strapped himself in

And it's just killing away

All the good parts in him

So he sews his eyes shut

Because he is afraid to see

What has become of him

He is what he never hoped to be

The raping of the innocent

It ruins everything it sees

There are a rare few left

Everyone is wearing this disease

It took him to a place

No one should ever go

F**ked him up

More than he will ever know

Teaching the lesson to the world

It manifests in children

Who cannot see the beauty

In their hateful swirl

Stuck in a long bad dream

It's changing him

Replacing what you though you knew

Guess it was never as it seemed

Just hold a little tighter

Still he'll slip away

Losing ground

This world can really beat you down

He's made of clay

Not the only one who thinks this way

Below the surface, see his face

Reach out and maybe he could leave this place


Deep From Within
by:Outlaw 3
Dedicated to M. P

Tears, I don't know what they mean.

Tears are from a divine despair.

Tears rise in the heart and join in the eyes.

Fresh as a sail.

They can be sad or happy one after another.

They leave us with all we love.

With the sad and joyous days that are gone.

Strange in the dark summer dawns.

Funerals and weddings make them pour.


Universal Man
Courtney Elizabeth Smith

that man was like god to me

I saw the universe in those eyes

the flecks of color grew to galaxies

full of beauty

from dwarf stars to supernovas

the pupils as deep and dark as black holes

many times I lost myself in those eyes

found myself engulfed by the depths

those eyes knew so much

and they spoke to me softly

told me things a thousand words could not say

and those eyes

great and powerful

would fall upon my flesh and my hair

and gaze with awe and admiration

those eyes!

that stood aloft filled with meaning

looked at me and loved me


_a memory is like time travel someone said_
by amanda jo slone

it is clear, here in what little

light bathes me that i am plainly


human - plain.

struggling and



what drift i catch out of here.

i smoke because i like the way my

throat feels full with smoke.

only half awake when i dream.

wishing that the absurdity of my

tongue on words were visible. touchable.


Flapping my quicksilvery pristinial wings

up over the riotous caps of jumbling, tusked waves,

flapping myself henceforth in search of that

seasoned mermaid of repressed bliss, yearning

for the crystal-clearness of spacious blue skylines

of freedom, liberty, unencumbrence -- this the eagle

searches, roving amongst this omnipotent shield

cloaking the beateous beauticum of the


the radiant, whirling mermaid for which I yearn

Kyle Foley


Under The Rain
Muna al Shaibani

under the rain there is no


under the blue skies

I wonder why there is grief

and tears filled eyes

I wonder why there are starving

children in a world where people

eat caviar and dance till dawn

under the ashes of wars flowers will


under the blue sky there will always

be human souls fighting for their rights

under the rain there is no pain

under the blue sky

a baby is born and the other

is dying without a care.


Loss of understanding

A gnawing pain that won't go away.

A sadness that never ends,

To smile and be thrown into the oblivion

of that which truly is.

Or is it?

Is it what you want to see fading out?

What you dream of becoming slowly more and more lost in what

you are forced to believe.

A smile. A broken promise hides,

beneath the glassy, happy face.

A scared, uncertain future,

is what you bring upon yourself.

To know and fight for who you are,

or to lose yourself in what is wanted of you.

Hide yourself behind those walls!

Keep yourself at bay!

Otherwise you face a feeling of

utter aloneness.

Keep your mask on, you risk all

with it off, you lose who you are, or

more appropriately, who they want you

to be.

Jaclyn A


You to Me ------------ KiAnd Kuit

When first I saw you crossed me by

Like an angel you blind my eyes

My hear was blessed and also my soul

Never again shall I be cold.

Your voice it sounded fine to ears

Any a word it brought some tears

May forever you near me by

So that I may never cry.

Every moment I had to spare

Your eyes were gazed and darkest hair

Sweet were your lips that were so full

Moment gone, it was so cruel

Now we may and always will

Bound together with strong a seal

A tie so firm but keeps us free

Forever as we wish to be.


written 8/8/97, Portal of Residence, GG park, SF CA
by: b_e_robinson

Cracked and chipped

Covered in grime

The pillar today more treasured

than when newly sculpted

Time and incidence

Battered throughout the years

Steps hold more meaning than yesterday

Every crack tells a story

Shaped like a soul

Infused with life

Growing in glory

Decaying through generations


"Dragon in Flight"

The most majestic thing,

That I have ever seen,

Is the all-encompassing splendor,

Of a dragon in flight

With wings spread wide,

Riding through the thermals,

And those same leathery wings,

Knifing into puffy clouds of purity.

Golden scales flashing,

Neck arched so regally,

And tail twining with the wind,

Lethal claws and head held high.

Eyes so enchanting,

Great golden orbs,

Able to see through the mists of time,

And piercing the veil of worlds.


"I Do"
Jennifer Poole

When you came along,

I really was not looking to find anyone special,

But when I looked into your eyes,

Everything changed for the best,

It was like I could see the future awaiting us,

I could see us falling deeply in love,

Spending every waking second together,

Saying the words "always" and "forever,"

I could see the sweet and honest person you are,

I could see passion and romance,

I could even see us making love for the first time together,

I could see all of this and more,

All with just one look in your eyes,

Now we are getting ready to say the words,

That will change our lives forever,

That will truly bond us for life,

That will make us a whole instead of two halves,

These two words will complete us,

You complete me,

You make me, who I really am,

You brought happiness to my life,

You changed me for the better,

You came along and loved me inside and out,

You are so very special to me,

I will be with you through richer or poorer,

Through good or bad,

Through thick or thin,

I will try to make you a very happy man,

I will love and honor you always,

To you I say with all the love I have for you,

"I do."


By Dee

Some lonely little purple flowers

stood out from all the rest

shaded under blossoming trees

and the ancient robins nest

blowing gently in the breeze

they lean again one way

and in the spotlight they now stand

the light of natural day

apart from oak and herbs alike

they gather in the sun

and in each year they bloom again

like when they'd first begun


One Grammar
Alonzo Patrice Bolden

my similes taste vicious and my metaphors are nutritious

with agile adjectives hot as soup dishes

food for thought as if you had three wishes

onomatopoeia like Batman crack Catwoman's whip

oxymorons like a fat man only taking one sip

of that soup at Catwoman's demand so he purses his lips

absolute, his hunger moving him beyond his limits

the etymology of this work is African for brilliant

written in English damn roots are resilient


By: Denise E. Horn

One Person

Two sides to me

One happy the other sad

one glad; the awful one so MAD

I only show one side

To the world

My true feelings

Are mostly kept inside

Two personalities and one person

Weird doesn't it sound

The real me

Few people have found


"Memphis Blues"
By Blair Simmons

It's raining tonight in Memphis

On a gray feather pillow atop my bed.

I am reminded of his kiss

As snapshots of him swarm my head.

Tears of pain flood my sheets

And choking Teddy struggles for air.

It feels like someone's dancing on my heart with metal cleats

When I remember the entrancing way he'd stare.

My mangled heart loves him even now

With my crimson eyes nestled in this pillow

It loves without knowing why or how

But I still cry beneath this weeping willow.

Through cloudy, blue eyes I see him

Framed between 2 glassy, cracked walls

I close my eyes as pelting tears brim

This bed in Memphis is now Niagra Falls.


Kirk Jones

The merciless comparisons,

that we forget to show ourselves,

we critique the poor uncommon,

and self-awareness in good health.

But from ourselves we keep our deepest dreams,

our desires and out yearning,

some creatively deny their thoughts,

by continuing and learning.

Some forbid their homeliness to be seen,

by trying to prove they can grow,

but the things that they deny to themselves,

to others, they still show.

And as borrowers of the night,

we divide ourselves from one another,

to see ourselves in dead respite,

as we hide ourselves from each other.


by Buddah

Even now seeping its electric fingers into this work...

it clogs up the ears and minds of everyone I know...

Brought on by the abuse of power and the ignorance of youth...

Past cleaning or logical reasoning, as long as its dark fist clutches our throats and hearts...

Fooling our every thought and crushing our every word...

There is no longer a purity in our world.


Unearthed Mystery
-Brandon MacSuibhne

Blood trickles down the spectrum of my spine

And spouts up to the light of the sky

My body is forlorn and I think I am dead

Yet I'm conscious of my being and I'm burning instead

Inside my skull lies an intricate web

Woven from the rope, that soul-sorrow thread

Madness takes over, envelopes my mind

I'm trapped in a labyrinth and my heart is quite pined

I'm dying and crying, I just want to leave

I'm hurting and yearning, please let me grieve

Ice cascades throughout my eyes

And I turn to stone as time goes by

Wandering and wandering throughout this void

The stars are laughing at where I once stood

There is no beginning, there is only and end

But how could that be if I just began?

Infinity excels at boggling the mind

Eternity perpetuates a reflection of time

As the hourglass drops the totality of itself

This bleakness of meaning just passively dwells


Kristin Green

hold me until I die

and whisper to my heart

don't give up on our love

experiment with me

and find new things

I am here


I don't mean to hurt you

please forgive me

my blood is yours

my eyes see you in my heart

I would give up all of my privileges for you

my sweet love, my soulmate

I wish you could hear and see me now

I wish you had compassion for the tears I shed in your honor

I know you feel me now

an ache is hitting your heart

feel it

know it is me, please, know


*Anuradha Rath

When we parted, I knew

it was all over for me;

something in me had died.

all that was left of me were

a few shreds of my being

scattered here and there.

The sun had set over my life at last

and my pyre was lit,

slowly, menacingly, reducing me to ashes.

Yet, somewhere deep within, I still love you...

deeply, unselfishly, divinely.

I still trust you and believe,

You'll never desert me;

When I breathe my last, you'll come,

and your loving touch,

will transform my pyre into a garden;

-only then will I attain salvation.


beneath the roadways

was the certain taste of green

the scent of purple

and every hue that lie between

all i could see

was our hands meshed together

our forefingers dancing

your palm listening to mine

we walked on

silver grass and broken glass

and rainbows of the shouting mass

your caressing eyes

hearing putrid skies

was all we had

to taste the size

preston holston


What will come...
Pavithra. R

What will come will come

what will be will be

They shall stay and live

like the garden of Eva

From the sky to the trees

from the ocean to the seas

What will come will come

what will be will be

but never give up faith

never give up hope

for if you believe

bliss will fall upon thy

with heaven's delight

for like ones belief is by far the gift of...

What falls will rise

what sinks can float

for if one thinks so one can do so!!


The Sum of a Day
Mark Manis

Darkening sky after sunset,

day surrenders to night.

People come in from their day,

windows become filled with light.

People settle into their homes,

families get together and talk.

Some relax with comfort inside,

while others go out for an evening walk.

Precious moments spent together,

for these days they are hard to come.

Later on, as we grow older,

they are the parts that became the sum.



We consume our days one by one,

as though they were steel cut from an iron template.

Die-cast days and nights, unable to tell one from the other,

each one with the same polished surface.

A splinter in the well oiled machinery called society,

unconcerned with tradition, the individual,

the malcontent.


She & I

She is a spellbinding sunset

You love to behold in wonder

Hoping her colors shine for you

I am just the blue sky

That greets you everyday

Loves you in every way

Gives you little white ideas

So I can watch you form and dream...

She is a storm that

Thrills and thwarts you

Makes you powerful

Makes you too weak to stand

Run and hide

I am the whispering wind

The air around you

Something you take in

And put out

Part of you one moment

Nothing to you the next

A constant caress you never notice

She is fire

Heating your dazzled blood

Blazing frightfully

Blazing beautifully

Daring you to burn alive

I am the sun

Rising with you

Falling with you

In love with you

Warming you

Lighting anywhere you want to go

So tell me, love

Who loves pain--

The one who cannot receive

Or the one who vainly gives

The one who cannot believe

Or the one who simply lives for

True Love?


Witty Charmer
Laura Osgood

" Tonight I'll make my appearance", You say,

" As the man who knows my mind,

playing the part of the witty charmer,

mentally strong but kind"

So you don your jeans and trainers,

tuck your childish self away,

script set in your head

for the part your ready to play.

" I'll make you fall in love with me,

because this is what I am"

Your naive self will wonder

in any way it can.

" I am an adult, I am set in life

doing what I want to do"

These lines are so familiar,

It's all so old to you.

But you're weak inside, that's the truth

A school boy born to be wild, You say:

" You know I mean it I love you"

and inside you're still a child



More often then not...

I find my mind drifting...

back to a time when he was mine.


A single tear drop...

builds in the corner of my eye...

the travels to my trembling chin.


Why can't I move on with my life...

get over him and take control...

of what is left of my dismal life.


When will he stop haunting my dreams...

let me get a good nights rest...

before facing the morning sun and starting over again.


If only I could forget about him...

Perhaps my life would be worth living...

Yet for now I just can't face life without him.



i wish
by caitlin williams

i wish i could tell you so many things*like how youre on my mind*all the time

And i wish you onlu knew the things*i think about*when youre not around

maybe if you knew these things*you wouldnt be so insecure

and maybeyou wouldnt worry so much*wondering if i really care*because you would know*that i do

I wish i could tell you how much*i love youre embrace and how*your touch warms my heart

and i wish you knew how much*i long to be with you*when you arent here

I wish you could understand*how hard it is for me*to let you know*just how much you matter*to me

and it hurts me so much to know that* youll never know*how i feel

all i can say is that*maybe some day*all of your insecurities will be diminished

and we can both be happy



People don't give me the respect I need to BE who I want to BE, who I need to BE in my life, but the holding my back, like a jack---hammer, pounding me to the ground, not letting me get up.. and FIGHT for my RITES, not as a man, woman or child, but as a human. I stride to survive but the lies I have been told can fill a book. Just take a my life, and what I go through, in my life everyday. You say, hey,.......things will change, but its strange how people tell me this- you getting this?. People telling me this but nothing will change it stays the same. Some people call my style free style. But I call it being true. This is from my heart and its just a part. Of how I feel, its the real deal. Punching people out like Evander Holyfield. What I write may just seem like words, but they have meaning, and I want you to be seeing how I have been feeling. The pain I feel is mine, and for you its not the same. But one day I see the light. And I chose the path that is rite for my life. The path that will let me live. And you give all that you can give. But with only one persons actions nothing can change. We have to rearrange the way people think. People say that evil is black, and pureness is white. But the devil is wrong, and god is what's rite. So don't give up the fight, and fight for your life. Do what u can to try and stay alive. Its survival of the fittest, only the strong survive.

Danny Macedo


By: Sueaco Harrigan

It is you that I am thinking about

when I need someone to hold me

someone to kiss me

and tell me everything will be all right.

It is you that I am thinking of

when a smile appear on my face

when my eyes glows with the

and when I can't feel pain.

It is you that I think about

when I need to get away

Needing someone to run to

when the storms of life tries to prevail.

It is you that I think of

when I need a sun to chase the rain

someone who will be my lover

and who i can give all my love...freely.


Bruce Warren

Let your emotions go on unchecked

When you revel in pain that's all you expect


Life and all it has given is suspect

Your heart and soul, they have you all wrecked


Your heart and your mind

You may never get over it this time

You hurt, moan, and whine

You slide in and out of a fading existence only to slide out of the illusion you know as time


Intervention is all you have to want

But slow down on the front

You want

Immeasurable pleasure, you still measure

Your deeds have gone undone forever


Open yourself to attack

Step back

Throwin yourself on an emotional rack


Emotions under your belt

What you felt, did your heart melt

Get a grasp on the hand your dealt


Meghan Davis

When things gone wrong all turn right,

And the real dark places turn to light,

The fears go and fly far away,

That will be an awesome day.


My day will come when my thoughts disappear

of all that has happened these past years.

When my day comes I will be happy once more,

The day is near as God told me before.

Troubles and pain both turn to ash,

That's all that is left, except for the gash.

It's a big empty space in the middle of my heart

And I hope these things will soon depart.


The things gone wrong all turned right,

And the real dark places all turned light,

The fears and troubles have flown away,

Because today has been an awesome day.


by Mary Peterson-Bagley

I would not love

Your touch so much

Did not your mind

Make mine go higher;

And I would not love

Your mind so much

Did not your touch

Set mine on fire;

It is the sum

Of all your points

That weaves a circle

Round my grin,

And leaves us touching

Thought to thought,

As well as

Skin to skin.


Caught between two different worlds

And all I ever do is think

For no matter how I try

I can't escape my tortured mind

I look ahead to what's in store

And fear it with intense desire

And yet in it excitement grows

And burns in me like fire

And yet in this I look behind

And memories do fill my mind

For I can see the past so clear

And reminisce and shed a tear

For all of you will soon be gone

And I will see you not again

And I wish I could cling to you

For now is when I need you most



Forgotten Memories

You're out of my life. At least more than before. Yet you invade my mind still.

How do I rid myself of you? I'm much happier with someone else new.

You tell me how you lost me. And I tell you I agree. For you and I, just aren't meant to be.

If that is so true; Why do my thoughts always seem to drift to you?

It could have been your little bombshell. You know, the one you dropped on me so recently. Oh why do you have this affect (on me).

All I know is that I am happy now. And I could not ask for more. So go away, damnit! Leave me alone!

Did you hear me?! I said Shoo! Scatter! Depart your whole self from my being!

Maybe then and only then will be when I can say my final goodbye. At last.

Why must it be this way? Why can't we be just friends? Because you and I both know we are anything but harmless friends.

We've proved that time and time again.

Not friends. Not even acquaintances. Only memories, soon to be forgotten...



shopping, jumping

sweet, kind, smart

baby, woman, man, child

mean, gross, ugly

fighting, running


Marisela Gallegos



You are my wildest desire

When I see you, in my eyes I feel the fire.

Burning inside is this urge,

Being near you I feel my energy surge.

I want to grab you and hold you,

Hoping to be your love so new.

Dreaming of embracing you, placing a passionate kiss,

Thoughts of kissing those lips, I can't resist.

Sometimes showing me that you care,

I would like to do more, but I wouldn't dare.

One minute I'm with you, the next I'm not,

Baby,I want to be with you, you're making me hot.

I want you so,if ony you knew

The one I want is only you.

I'll love the day when we entwine under a rainbow,

Thus creating a rhapsody of love that will glow.

We'll make love on a bed of roses,

Holding hands and rubbing noses.

Everyone will know our love is true,

It will be just me and you.


Hangin On

I am hanging on to you

You're holding my heart

I am scared

When you hold me

You hold my love

My heart

My soul

And last, my life

The sky is my limit

When you are in my heart


One and Only
-Leah Jacoby

You look and me with loving eyes,

And everything bad just dies.

Every single minute of the day,

I think of you in that Special way.

Waiting to see you all week long,

I just know that we belong.

My friends don't know how much you mean to me,

But your heart is just the key.

When you're around, there's nothing in the world,

Just my thoughts that get twisted and twirled.

I don't know why I like you this much,

I'm just waiting for that special touch.

I hear your voice, and my heart starts to thump,

And I no longer feel down in the dump.

Whenever I feel even a little lonely,

I think of you, my one and only

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