Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


    1. The mind is for play; its antics like toys.
      The heart is for love: 'tis the fount of all joys.

    2. Locks can't break, nor probing seep
      Into the secret thoughts that people keep.

    3. Thought is beyond touch or sight;
      Its speed far more than that of light.

    4. We know lots of things, but never can find
      What's going on in another's mind.

    5. Logic can expose stupidity;
      Yet can't prove its own validity. *

    6. Trying to prove that logic is great
      Is like giving oneself a certificate.

    7. Arguments are just for fun;
      Truth isn't oft with the one who won. *

    8. Even if logic can atheism prove:
      From head to heart God can move. *

    9. More wondrous than stars and electric trains
      Are complex systems known as brains.

    10. New ideas flow from the human brain
      When a break there is in the logic chain. *

    1. Cure for body's ailments is medicine
      It's not redemption from moral sin.

    2. Aspirin relieves the pain, it's true,
      Of good and of bad people too.

    3. For body's health from sickness, medication;
      For the mind's peace and saneness, meditation.

    4. Which is stronger: matter or mind?
      See effects of medicines, and you can find.

    5. Alternative medicine is a good deal more
      Than what's found in ancient lore. *

    6. Love and caring also can
      Alleviate the pain of an ailing man.

    7. Doctors, when they cure a man
      Alter God's plan for that life span.

    8. A doctor treating with a medicine
      Is like a mechanic repairing an engine.

    9. Doctors, when they save a life,
      Are engage with God in a bitter strife.

    10. Medicines may even improve you health.
      But the ultimate cure for birth is death.

    1. Phenomena in the world around
      Are but energy changes that abound. *

    2. Force makes bodies move, is a wrong notion;
      Force causes only change in motion. *

    3. Light reveals to us many a scene;
      But light itself cannot be seen. *

    4. A perfect engine there never can be:
      In physics they call this the SLT. *

    5. The universe is just one unit
      'Cause of the weakest force acting in it. *

    6. Space-time and matter's mystery
      Were born from broken symmetry. *

    7. If gloom and doom you wish to find
      Get astrophysics into your mind. *

    8. With finite facts found from the earth
      We still can talk of cosmic birth.

    9. When all the fields are unified,
      There still will be things unverified. *

    10. Space and time, young Einstein found
      Are each to the other for ever bound. *

    1. Science is not wheels and springs;
      It's search for the how and why of things. *

    2. When and how the world began
      Can but be guessed by the mind of Man.

    3. Curiosity may kill the cat,
      But there's no science without that.

    4. To puzzles plaguing the human mind
      Science tries coherent answers to find. *

    5. The sun and moon we all have seen;
      Yet, to know them well, so few are keen.

    6. Science isn't just eating the cake;
      It's how the cake we manage to make.

    7. The grandest notions of science's great
      Have been revised: That's their fate. *

    8. Tomorrow's finding may throw away
      A science's doctrine of today.

    9. We try in vain to all explain
      Bad and good and joy and pain.

    10. To enjoy the fruits of science, they too try
      Who know naught of science, or science decry. *

    1. The sun will be dark some distant day.
      No life will be here, so they say.

    2. The atoms in what today is you,
      Were elsewhere once, and will leave you too. *

    3. Green plants spring from light and mud;
      And make our body's bright red blood.

    4. Computers do not new things make,
      For pure logic cannot make mistake. *

    5. Coal and gas burn only when
      There's around some oxygen. *

    6. The world looks the way it does
      Because of the scale of each of us.

    7. The air we breath, this we can tell:
      Has been through others as well.

    8. The ancients thought that it was so:
      But Man wasn't put here in toto.

    9. The forms and names of any constellation
      Are products of human imagination.

    10. All the energy of stars and sun
      Come from the acts of nuclear fusion. *

    1. Technology becomes evil indeed
      When it stirs up the basest human greed.

    2. Technology is an unwitting sin;
      It has put us in the mess we're in.

    3. When first we had science's taste
      No one knew of nuclear waste!

    4. Technology is not a blessing pure;
      For many ailments it's both cause and cure.
    5. Industry moves things so fast
      Life may become a thing of the past.

    6. When a great invention has been made,
      It causes newer ones and jobs and trade.

    7. What once a luxury was indeed,
      Soon becomes a thing of need. *

    8. Technology is much like sin;
      Enjoyable, but it'll do you in.

    9. Machines do their jobs so well
      Because they have no stories to tell.

    10. We should all great respect feel
      tes beauty from words alone.

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