Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


    1. Lives and seasons come and go
      All that is part of the cosmic show.

    2. Every change is caused by a change
      And itself caused another change.

    3. The world evolves when changes come;
      yet, some people's views don't new become.

    4. Time makes changes, it would seem.
      But it's change that causes time to stream.*

    5. To see the world as time flows back
      Just run a movie on the reverse track.

    6. No Man-made rule or authority
      Is meant for all eternity.

    7. Too many changes can ruin a nation,
      Too few can result in stagnation.

    8. Who their habits suddenly change
      Appear to us as rather strange.

    9. Not every change does progress make
      But every progress some change does take.

    10. All kinds of changes are possible
      Most of them irreversible.*

    1. Pearl Harbor seems like a sneaky way
      For Japan to get to its riches today.*

    2. The sun that gives us life and breath,
      If too close it is, will spell our death.

    3. The blood by Aspirin is made thinner,
      Whether of saint or of sinner.

    4. God, they say, is everywhere,
      Yet churches, temples and mosques are there.*

    5. "Kill Rushdie!" He made that ugly sound.
      Now he too has gone underground.

    6. That land has been by hatred torn
      Where the Prince of Peace, they say, was born.

    7. Shadows of all by the sun are thrown;
      But not a shadow of its own.*

    8. Astrology has failed again and again,
      But credibility it does still retain.

    9. Science has awakened the human mind,
      But its impacts on thinking hard to find.*

    10. "Love, be kind!" all religions state:
      Yet religious enthusiasts fight and hate.

    1. Life is but a bumbling blast
      From unseen future to changeless past.

    2. There's something wrong, something bad
      If one can't be happy or even sad.

    3. Life is for crying and for laughter,
      We know not what comes in the hereafter.

    4. In human commitment, this much is plain:
      One cannot take on another's pain.

    5. When people fight to get some food
      They can't be in a romantic mood.

    6. The urge to eat keeps each alive;
      That for sex makes species thrive.

    7. If humans had just fingers three,
      Our counting mode would different be.

    8. Not always smooth, life presents instead
      Conflicts between heart and head.

    9. So many things are not our choice:
      Like parents, birthday, and our voice.

    10. Intrinsic worth is not in face,
      Nor in one's religion, height or race.

  4. OLD AGE
    1. It's sad when folks of a certain age
      Are treated like some old garbage.

    2. Retirement is the boss-less chance
      To read and write and play and dance.

    3. Old age doesn't mean the day is done:
      Just time to give up physical fun.

    4. When mind is gone and body spent,
      What use is it to death prevent?

    5. Old age is bad when there's none to care,
      You are alone, no friends are there.

    6. Don't worry about your aging face:
      It'll all be gone without a trace.

    7. In old age bring to a child some joy:
      With songs and stories, or just a toy.

    8. In retirement, teach someone to read:
      Answer to someone else's need.

    9. Lucky are the old who are wealthy;
      And blessed the old who are healthy.

    10. Lose not zest for life, even when old.
      That should happen only when the body turns cold.

  5. TRUTH
    1. Fact is what there seems to be;
      Truth is how it seems to me.

    2. Truth is not a thing you own,
      It is a view of a precious stone.

    3. Things aren't always false or true;
      Much may be there half way through.

    4. To claim I alone the Truth do hold
      Is being more silly than being bold.

    5. If you possess the Ultimate Truth
      You'll have at ninety every tooth.

    6. How can one with a finite mind
      Truth not finite ever find?

    7. Truth is an image which in mind is formed
      By what and how we are informed.

    8. The truth that we by thinking find
      Is a concoction of the human mind.

    9. Who claims all truth, isn't just an ass:
      He can be vicious, if power he has.

    10. We'll never know what It's all about;
      It cannot ever be here found out.

    1. May the food we eat be well prepared!
      May the joys of life with friends be shared!

    2. May hateful thoughts that mar our lives
      Be shunned no matter what arrives.

    3. As a body needs a soul for fun.
      May our home have bodies more than one.

    4. No matter how much we think or know,
      Let's always to others respect show.

    5. No matter what our cause or creed,
      Let not hate and rage move us to deed.

    6. Let's be good and kind 'cause it's swell,
      Not because there's a heaven or hell.

    7. Let's pray for the good, and hardships face,
      For everyone of the human race.

    8. Each day let's do an act that is kind
      To anyone whom we happen to find.

    9. Let's remember there is nothing gained
      If another human is in some way pained.

    10. Let's do our part to make come true
      All our prayers and wishes too.

  7. DEATH
    1. Death is the last and mute retreat
      From work and care and drink and eat.

    2. King or saint, bird or fly,
      All earthly creatures must some day die.

    3. The one who is dead and forever gone
      Cares not for those who continue on.

    4. We can't recall our days in womb;
      Nor hear the wails at our own tomb.

    5. When death arrives, we all do wail
      Though we know it is of no avail.

    6. Where are the smiles, and where the sighs
      When one at last lies down and dies?

    7. The departed do not care a hoot
      If all their wealth one tries to loot.

    8. May whatever we leave behind
      Include words and actions that are kind.

    9. We stand up to walk, sit down to eat;
      We lie down at last our Maker to meet.

      10Is death a trip to heaven or hell,
      Or the end of all? No one can tell.

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