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On Stage

in less known corners                    curved meeting
back on stage the dark                  most of an evening
dancers straddle                            split

the harp reconciled                        paper shine
strings span and jasmine               the link located
trespass gently                               in service

garden tendrils                              characters
growing they become                    trapped
part of the house                           within their stream

snake skin bent                             the pair
a laughter moves it                        making eggs
almost shedding                            alike

silently                                           the pantomime
wires connect                                like in taffy
parts of a skeleton                         walks and freezes

leaning into the room                     inside
netsuke’s carved light                    bathing
changes ivory                                I suppose flexible

the young hand                             choices
it holds the tea cup                        their numbers differ               
not engaged                                  from observing them

The poem is composed so it can be read vertically and also horizontally like in a spiral from the left to the right side. Therefore it is named a Helix, because the inner poetical relations seem to keep spinning each other around.



In One Space                    Chill of Split

almost misguided                          not yet my gate
boomerang                                   but I will pass
out to permit                                  grape yards’
air to meet in curves                     snails under rock
a windy thrower                             close to sweetness

much slower                                  since I am isolated
tide-mothers hurry                        mineral
night-pale                                      in flint
ears half lit                                    river-wind does not
craters to neap-tide                      blow me further

moon –herbs                                 may parting
sap disappears                             chill of years
on chambered light                       vertical split
blood                                             cliff-garden   chalk
the skin clothed cycle                    bee the glory’s morning

polished silver                               always hiding
mirror do I swim                             the host of holes
a body of water                             goblin-brown
in one space                                 its slow trembling
or into another                              vole-motion under a hawk

soon we                                        measurable
afternoons on meadows                eventually
realign                                           not quite the fluids noise
cushions full of                              waiting for it to ring
wind mill hours                              with knife-sharp looseness


A Helix, as introduced here, looks like a parallel poetry stream that carries the methods of a sequence. It is composed of paradoxes juxtaposing each other.
The composition is to be understood as part of an expanding framework of Language Poetry - the emphasis on the fact that the poem can be read both ways, first vertically and also horizontally. This approach is supposed to stimulate the recognition of different mental spaces, related and active to an innermost poetical construct.


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