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Two Complementary Short Stories


We have been invited to a grandchild’s heyday. After the wedding ceremony, dinner was served at the community room of a church in Oakhurst, California. The guests have been placed at twelve round tables, each of the tables equipped with a digital camera for taking pictures of relatives or friends, resulting in over four hundred photographs to choose from.
    One of our grandchildren, age sixteen, a first prize winner of the National Horse Riding Competition for Juniors, seemed to appear at the party very absent-minded. Where was she? Suddenly she pulled out a tiny computer and started typing. I asked her what she was writing about. Her answer: “Want to read it?” -  “Yes please” I answered rather shy, and she showed me this:
                                          r no 1- 6
                                          (  ) e Mon
                                          luv u 24/7

This means short for:
rents not home from one to six o’clock pm
‘moon-cycle’ ends Monday
love you twenty-four hours seven days a week

‘Instant message’?
Secrets of shortest poetry, reduction-madness?
Bon jour math-distruction?

(rents: a rented couple of grown-ups, all mixes of genders available)




Some time ago, a Newspaper reported about the last part of the end game of a Chess World Championship: Lautier / Kasparow

Lautier could not
well answer Kasparow’s
sharp 14d4 with 15de?!

because 16Ne4 ed?
17Qb5 Bd7 18Nf6 Qf6 19 Qd3
Og6 20 Qg6 fg 21 b5 Ne7

22 Be4 c6 23 Ne5 Be8
24 b6 wins
for White

in this hypothetical line
16 Bc4 is also bad
because of 17 Nf6

Qf6 18Qe4 Rfe8 19Rfe1
Kf8 20 Ra7!
Ra7 21 d5 Ne7 22 Ne5 d8

23 Ng4 Qd6 24 Bf4
Qd7 25 Qh7 Bd5 26 Qh8
Ng8 27 Nfg! Gh28 Bh6 mate.


One can’t help but to admire the highly calculated links and shifts reflecting here the Chess players’ ability to adaptations in a similar way as we are all asked for in everyday situations.
At the same time, doesn’t one feel that those lines somehow fulfill most of our expectations about writing a poetic sequence? Please look at the ‘leaps,’ deconstruct where and when they come into effect. In this game, done by partners, and likewise elsewhere experienced by persons catastrophically in love and put on the spot, still hesitating to decide for a move but finally almost absent-minded paralyzed acting, and becoming a mate or getting ‘made’ - do they react by choice, or not quite?


Two Complementary Short Stories, exercises two stories as appearing integrated by strong shifts or leaps, thematically or otherwise composed.
A modification of this term could be called a symbiotic short story, referring to two or more authors involved composing the work. 
To make the occurrence of those forms even more sophisticated and spiritually enlarged, one may think of integrating - but not adding - pictures of all kinds of visually media or well, sound-components, in case one wants to burn a DVD.


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